Herbal Hot Chocolate :: Romantic Valentines Drink

This herbal hot chocolate is a romantic Valentines
drink that can be made with or without alcohol. Either way, it’s a nice warm drink that
enhances fire in the body. The herbs included in this recipe are certain
to spice up your day. Here’s what you’ll need and how to make
it. You don’t have to include all of the ingredients
if you’re not able to find them. Feel free to mix and match the ingredients. It will turn out amazing no matter how you
choose to make it. Start with two cups of water and bring to
a boil. You’re then going to add a few ingredients. The first herb you’ll want to include is
a heaping teaspoons of damiana which has an ancient reputation as an aphrodisiac. It really works by tonifying and strengthening
the hormonal system, the reproductive system and the nervous system. So there are a lot of benefits to this herb. Look for it at your local health food store
or you can order it online. While there, also look for dried roses. I like to add these for the intoxicating flavor
and aroma and also for the pure romance of it. Roses have a long association with passion
and sensuality. Roses happen to also be one of the best medicinal
herbs for the heart. Just be sure the roses were grown organically
because they’re often sprayed with chemicals and there is nothing romantic about that. That was also a heaping teaspoon. The other ingredients you’ll easily find
at the grocery store. The first two are optional. We have ginger which is a fiery, warming herb
that improves circulation and energy and also invigorates the reproductive system for both
men and women. I like to use two thin slices of fresh ginger
which you can peel if you wish. I find that powdered ginger doesn’t strain
out and simply sinks to the bottom of the cup. I’m not going to be using the ginger today, but I am going to be using the other optional ingredient, which is cinnamon Cinnamon boosts vitality and also stimulates
circulation in the body. Use a cinnamon stick versus the powdered cinnamon
for the same reasons as the powder ginger. I’m going to put that right into the boiling water. turn off the heat, cover it and let it steep
for five minutes. Normally, I would boil roots and barks such
as the ginger and cinnamon to get the full medicinal value from the herbs, but here we
are not treating something, were after something else so we just want to release aromatic,
warming and circulatory properties. Once that is done steeping, I can strain
that into both of my cup into a strainer. For each cup add the following ingredients. Add 2 tablespoons hot chocolate mix or cocoa. the darker the better. Chocolate not only increases circulation,
but it amps up the endorphins which signal the brain to releases those feel good hormones
creating a bit of a euphoric rush. It’s no wonder we all love chocolate so
much. Then finally I’m going to add a dash of Cayenne which is is
a heating spice, I call it the fiery remedy, It’s great for the circulatory system and one of the best
pick-me-ups that I know of. Cayenne was historically added to hot cocoa
by the Aztecs so I call it Aztec cocoa. And then the last ingredient is a teaspoon of vanilla which was also used by the Atztec and Mayan
civilizations in hot cocoa for its intoxicating aroma and flavor. Vanilla also has a reputation as an aphrodisiac. Just be sure that you are buying real vanilla
and not something made from vanillin which which is an artificial flavoring that mimics vanilla. Finally, you can optionally add an ounce of
dark rum or brandy and it will taste just fabulous. For my free mini herbalism course, go to herbalismcourses.com

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