Herbal & Natural Remedies : What Is Holistic Learning?

Herbal & Natural Remedies : What Is Holistic Learning?

You may have noticed in your school years
that you would remember something just by writing it down. And that’s probably due to
your learning style. I’m Isabelle Simon a wellness and work place wellness educator
and today we are going to learn what is holistic learning. Holistic learning is the process
of mixing different learning styles in the process of education. Many of us we learn
by seeing something. We see it, we will have a visual memory of it and we will remember
it. We’re visual learners. Some of us we will just hear something, somebody say something,
we hear it on the radio and we remember it just like that. Or some of us need to actually
be doing something, experimenting something in order to be able to remember it and learn
it and that’s called kinesthetic learning. So holistic learning combines hearing, I’m
sorry hearing, seeing and doing. It also involves different parts of what constitutes the mindset
of what we do. Let me explain. When the mind, the body and the spirit is involved your emotions
are involved. You will tend to remember better. So in holistic learning you combine hearing,
seeing, doing getting involved in what you do. And when you take all this and combine
it and as a teacher I always make sure that I combine all those, these elements so that
my students, the participants in the program remember better. That is what you call holistic
learning. I hope that you’ve learned something today and I look forward to seeing you in
one of my programs. I am Isabelle Simon your personal and workplace wellness educator and
remember good health begins with good nutrition.

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  1. This is something else than the Holisitc Learning which Scott H. Young is talking about. The concept is the same (you can also call it learning through experience), but she teaches Herbal & Natural Remedies. An economics teacher at high school can't keep going to a company to teach you how everything works. That is why Scott's way of Holistic learning also needs some creativity. If you don't get it read his book 'Learn More, Study Less'.

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