Herbal Remedies for Cold and Flu – Elderberry Syrup as Medicine

Herbal Remedies for Cold and Flu – Elderberry Syrup as Medicine

elderberry syrup is one of those recipes
that you might just make for the flavor alone it’s one of those old-time recipes
that was passed down by a lot of our grandmother’s and for good reason
there’s a lot more going on than just the flavor the elder berries are full of
vitamin A and C which really helps to boost the immune system and the
bioflavonoids also help boost the immune system some of the other
ingredients that we’re going to be including such as the honey and ginger
cloves cinnamon are decongestant antiviral and antibacterial and they’re
also very warming and stimulating to the system so it makes a perfect combination
for cold and flu season this is one of those recipes that you
can make once a cold and flu hits or you can even make it ahead of time and the
best time to make elderberry syrup is when the berries ripen in the early fall
just make sure you’re using the black elderberry and not the red ones to make
the syrup I have three cups of water in a pan I’m going to add one cup of the
black elderberries and then I’m going to include three spices
it’s a tablespoon of peeled and chopped ginger three cloves and a stick of
cinnamon this is going to be really delicious I’m going to cover the pan and
just simmer this for about 45 minutes until the liquid reduces by half once
that’s done I can strain out the elderberries and the ginger and the
cinnamon and the cloves and just preserve the liquid to that I’m going to
add the honey and I have here three quarters of a cup of honey some people
like their elderberry syrup a little sweeter I tend to not like mine quite so
sweet so I’ve only included three quarters of a cup but you could certainly
include a whole cup if you wanted to once that is all combined then I’m going
to store it in a glass jar with a tight-fitting lid and it will store in
the refrigerator for several months as a preventative it’s really great to take a
tablespoon a day if illness does strike I would take a
tablespoon every hour or two for the first couple of days it’s good to
start the elderberry syrup right at the onset of a cold or flu for children I
would make that one teaspoon instead of one tablespoon so this is a
delicious remedy I hope you enjoy for my free herbalism mini course go to
herbalismcourses.com you’ll get quick access to my favorite herbal
remedies for cold and flu first aid herbs for energy and natural medicine
found right in your own kitchen look forward to seeing you there

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