Herbal Remedies for Cold and Flu – How to Boost the Immune System with a Nourishing Stew

Herbal Remedies for Cold and Flu – How to Boost the Immune System with a Nourishing Stew

one of the best things that you can eat
during a cold is a nice warming nourishing stew I’ve included
ingredients that are excellent for the immune system which helps stimulate the
body’s natural defense system and there are also ingredients that are very
circulating warming they are also antibacterial and antiviral so really we
have a lot going on here to make the stew I’ve already put 8 cups of water
into a pan and I’m going to add all the ingredients at once and just let it
simmer on the stovetop for about an hour first I have a half a cup of barley
which I’ll put right into the pan I’ve chopped up one onion next I have very
wonderful stimulating warming ginger absolutely delicious this is about a
one-inch piece of the rhizome which is peeled and chopped up and I also have
four cloves of garlic also peeled and chopped up so we’re going to add both of
those and those are very medicinal wonderful additions next I have
shiitakes shiitakes are one of the best foods for the immune system
wonderful for colds and flu and even boosting the immune system for cancer
they’re just excellent to incorporate in your diet as often as you can
so I’ve chopped these up these are really nice fresh you can see how bright
white these are I like a lot of shitakes so this is actually six mushroom you
don’t have to use quite that much but I like a lot of shiitakes then I also
did include carrots and celery which you don’t have to include but I like my
broths and stews to be really nice and nourishing and even if the person that
is sick with a cold just wants a simple broth and doesn’t really want to eat
very much especially those with the flu might not be very hungry but you do want
to get some nourishment into the system but the rest of the family wants
something you might want to something a little bit more hearty so I did include
the celery and carrots then there’s an herb that I always like
to include for boosting the immune system this is called a astragalus and
you can find it at the co-op or health food store it comes in these long strips
like this and I’m going to put three strips in here you won’t actually eat
this once the stew is done you can actually take these out and compost them
but they do add wonderful medicinal value to the stew you may also find at
the co-op or health food store fresh dandelion roots and fresh
burdock roots they’re excellent you’ll find those in the produce section and if
you can find them definitely include them for their immune boosting qualities
finally we have some spices that are very warming stimulating really help
boost the immune system as well and are also antibacterial so we have three that
we’re going to add but feel free to play with whatever you have on hand and
whatever appeals to your taste first I have a 1/4 teaspoon of thyme and then
I’m also going to put in a quarter teaspoon of black pepper I like to grind
up the whole peppercorns they’re much fresher that way so they will taste
better and they’re also have a better quality medicinal value to them and then
finally to really offer the the heating stimulating part of the recipe here is a
dash of cayenne and you can add that to taste I actually put three dashes in
there because this is quite a large pot of stew and I like mine a little fiery
so I’m going to turn up the heat to high until this gets to a boil and once it
does and I’m going to turn it down to low simmer it cover it up for about an
hour and it will be ready to enjoy by the whole family for my free herbalism
mini course go to herbalism courses com you’ll get quick access to my favorite
herbal remedies for cold and flu first aid herbs for energy and natural
medicine found right in your own kitchen look forward to seeing you there

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  1. Lovely presentation! I notice you didn't add any oil. Is it because it's not necessary for the stew or could it reduce the medicinal output by adding fats for the body to have to process?

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