Herbal Remedies to Boost Energy | Delicious Power Paste

Herbal Remedies to Boost Energy | Delicious Power Paste

this power paste is really energizing
and building to the system every ingredient that I’ve included in this
recipe is a wonderful pick-me-up both mentally and physically it begins with a
cup of honey which is a natural energy boost and also full of nutrients just
make sure you’re using raw honey so that those nutrients and enzymes haven’t been
cooked out of it to that I’m going to add some molasses this is blackstrap
molasses and a half a cup of this it’s wonderful for nutrients and building the
blood and the bone it’s also very good for the immune system and it does taste
good too then we’re going to add our medicinal herbs these you can find at
your co-op or health food store or you can order them online from the resources
that I’ve provided for you this is three tablespoons of each and these are dried
powdered herbs the first one is astragalus astragalus is a fantastic
tonic for the system very energizing and it’s also really good for the immune
system especially for more long-term chronic illnesses but also for the
short-term acute illnesses too then I’m going to add ashwagandha and the
ashwagandha does not taste all that great it has kind of a bitter aftertaste
but with all of these other wonderful tasting ingredients in there you won’t
notice it at all ashwagandha is one of the best herbs
that I know of for brain function clearing the mind increases memory and
learning and also enhances stamina it’s what we call an adaptogenic so it helps
the body respond to life’s stressors and we all have that then finally the final
medicinal herb I’d like to include is ginseng ginseng you want to be careful
of your source you want to make sure that it has not been harvested from the
wild that has been organically cultivated and the resources that I’ve
provided for you they do organically cultivate their ginseng unfortunately
it’s been over harvested in the wild and it’s really
hard to find and it’s becoming quite endangered so we want to be careful
about our uses of ginseng this is American ginseng there’s all different
kinds of ginsengs this is a wonderful adaptogenic similar to the
ashwagandha really restorative to the whole system one of those great building
tonics great for a mental clarity and increasing cognitive function so very
nice to put in our power paste then I have three other I would say culinary
spices but they actually are medicinal in their own right and they also do
boost energy but I’m primarily adding them into this recipe for their flavor
because they do taste really good the first is cinnamon so I’m going to
add a teaspoon of cinnamon and I also have cardamom which is a bit strong I’m
going to only add a half a teaspoon of the cardamom but very good flavor and
then finally I have powdered ginger and I’m only going to add a half a teaspoon
of the powdered ginger because that is also really quite strong then I’m going
to mix all of this together into my paste and it should make a nice thick
paste if it gets a little too thick I also have a fruit juice concentrate here
this one is cranberry concentrate but there’s also a black cherry concentrate
which is equally as good and those fruit concentrates have a lot of the
anthocyanidins in them and anthocyanidins are antioxidant
anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer and it looks like this consistency is actually
quite nice without it if you did want to include the fruit concentrate just add a
little less of the honey and molasses so you can get a little liquid in there so
this is a really nice nummy paste you can store this right in the refrigerator
indefinitely if it dries out a little bit
then just add a little more liquid of either the honey or the molasses or the
fruit concentrate to it and the best way to take this is to spread it on toast
you can put it in tea you can put it in oatmeal or you can just simply lick it
from the spoon for my free herbalism mini course go to herbalismcourses.com
you’ll get quick access to my favorite herbal remedies for cold and
flu first aid herbs for energy and natural medicine found right in your own
kitchen look forward to seeing you there

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  1. Please leave the recipe here as i have no idea of several of the ingredients. I live in a foreigne country so will have to search around for them …xxx n

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