Herbal Therapy in Traditional Chinese Medicine : What Is Herbalism?

Hi. One of the things we do in Chinese herbalism
is a little bit different from what people are always familiar with with herbalism. A
number of people are familiar with taking echinacea for colds, where we use a single
herb for a particular Western disease. In Chinese medicine, though, we do it a little
bit differently. We actually base our herbal formulations, that’s a combination of different
herbs that we put together, on a diagnosis. So we can’t just say “Here, take this for
a cold; take that for heart disease”, or some other similar type of thing. We always have
to go through our Chinese Diagnostic System in order to choose the best herbs for that
individual. What’s very interesting is often times, you’ll start on a particular formula
and then transfer over to a new formula as you improve and we create more balance with
that formula. Chinese herbs can be taken in a number of different ways. We can use raw
herbs, such as these down here that can be made into a decoction or boiled up. We can
actually include them into our foods. We can make teas, or more commonly we use them in
tablets or in honey extractions or even in syrups and sometimes topically. So we’ll try
to cover some of these in some of our future segments, so that you can have a better understanding
on how we use these Chinese herbs in creating balance and wellness and health in individuals.

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