Herbalism Gold Making Series EP3 – Deepholm: How to Make Gold w/ Herbalism! – WoW Cataclysm

Herbalism Gold Making Series EP3 – Deepholm: How to Make Gold w/ Herbalism! – WoW Cataclysm

What’s up guy and girl players of World of
Warcraft. Tarou here bringing you the second video of my Herbalism Gold Making Series – Deepholm!
For more FREE WoW guides, check out my website at tarouwowguides.com In this video, I’ll show you how to make massive
amounts of gold with Herbalism in Deepholm. This is part of my Herbalism Gold Making Series
so check my website for other zones and for leveling Herbalism to 525. To get started, you’ll need to have 475 Herbalism
and be atleast level 82 along with flying. You’ll also want to download the addons Gatherer
or Gathermate2, Routes, and have a Herb bag or a mostly empty inventory. Also, make sure
you have one regular bag to collect all your items from killing mobs and that there mostly
empty. Lastly, be repaired, have some food/water, blare some music, and have fun! To get to Deepholm just take the port in your
faction’s major city. Once in Deepholm, start on the route I put on my map or unhide the
route I’ve given you with my custom Routes addon and hide the other routes. To get these
preloaded routes, check the video I have linked at the end or my website. Ok, so I’m going to be using this Deepholm
short route for 30 minutes in hopes of giving you an idea of what you can expect to herb
up. I really like this route whether competition is high or low or whatever. It’s the small
length one but, it’s pretty unconventional compared to most routes people are using so
even when competition was high in this video, it didn’t seem to phase me the least bit.
It’s kind of a weird route that isn’t very predictable but it hits so many nodes through
so many other standard routes you really throw off the competition leaving them wondering
where the hell you came from. My other two routes for here are like that as well. For
this one I fly around sticking to the route pretty much but do some extra turning when
I get to the Heartblossom & Cinderbloom motherload up here in the North-West. When there’s no
competition I like to really focus on this area shorting this route even further. It’s
pretty much node after node after node and consistently awesome no matter how long you
herb for. As a Druid it just makes it all the more hax
since you don’t need to dismount or anything and can just fly around stopping and going
without any mob killing or mounting that wastes time. If you aren’t a Druid but are level
85, mobs shouldn’t pull very easily since the range from the herb nodes is usually pretty
decent and not near any mobs. As always though, remember if you do have to fight a mob, CC
it, loot the node, and then kill it so you don’t have to worry about anyone coming along
and stealing it. Other classes like Hunters and Rogues can CC, loot, and slighty run away
while feigning death or vanishing to lose aggro. Be creative with your class since others
have different options for losing aggro easily. If you’re geared, quickly killing the mobs
is of course another option. When farming anything, the time of the day
and day of the week can matter a lot when trying to avoid competition. Early morning
or very late at night Sunday through Thursday seem to be pretty low competition times and
days but your server may vary a bit. Even with competition, my routes still work well
since you have a few to choose from and these particular Deepholm routes are designed with
high competition in mind. Sometimes raid times can be low comp as well which is usually 7pm
to 10pm Tuesday & Wednesday. So, if you don’t get a spot in this week’s raid or are waiting
for a spot, try farming a little and see how well you do. Well, looks my 30 minutes are up so let’s
see how I did. I was able to get a nice 158 Heartblossom, 81 Cinderbloom, and a whopping
67 Volatile Life. I’ll put everything on the Auction House for 12 hours undercutting any
competition. Herbalism – Deepholm:
Heartblossom x 158=331.8g (2.1g ea.) Cinderbloom x 81=79.38g (0.98g ea.)
Volatile Life x 67=368.5 (5.5g ea.) ————————————
Total=779.68g in 30 minutes or 1,559.36g in one hour. It took about four hours to sell everything
and my total for the 30 minutes session was 779.68g or 1,559.36g per hour. Keep in mind these are prices for my server
so to see how yours would of done, check the Auction House and plug in the prices. The best classes to use for farming are Paladin
and Druid. DK’s with the movement talent are good as well along with other classes for
different reasons like vanish from a Rogue or Feign Death from a Hunter. If you have
any questions, ask away in the comments. Well, that’s it for the third video of my
Herbalism Gold Making Series – “Deepholm” and I hope you liked it. Please subscribe and visit tarouwowguides.com
for more FREE WoW guides and news! Thanks for watching^^! “Now Go Mine & Herb Up Some Bank or Something!”

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  1. @MrXiph – I'm using routes and if you check near the end or my channel, you'll see a video for setting it up.

  2. sup tarou i have a ponder for you and i noticed that you make some pretty sick gold on your server and i have actually use the AH on your server and stuff sells crazy fast but when i play on my server where my mains are i have soo much trouble selling materials because when people undercut they kill the prices on the AH how do i go about avoiding these massive undercuts so that i can still make good coin. also note im not like you so i dont got tons of gold to buy items…

  3. @Lolleranne – It happens on my server all the time. Heartblossom was 2.1g in this video but its normal price is 5g… If you deal with the item everyday, you may want to reset the price every once in awhile by buying the few out that are cheap.

  4. Gathering professions are for druids only, especially taurens, the time you save by not recasting your mount every 10sec makes them get much more herbs in the same time spent herbing than any other class.

  5. Hey Tarou, may i ask what server are you on?
    because I see you have a pretty good way of making Gold, please reply

    -Sรณpho @ Shattered Halls

  6. i used your route last night and after like 30 minutes i had a ton of herbs, tho i make potions with the herbs, it's more profite on my server atleast, thanks for the Routes!

  7. I plan on starting to play again once I get a better computer but I remember night "after 11 or so" was dead and I would only play at night

  8. Ugh I hate seeing Tauren druids herbing when I'm on my goblin (who also herbs). Taurens need a racial nerf lol.

  9. I start Playing wow for 2 weaks now And I'm Drud 45 lv I lv up only with dungeon finder can u tell me how to boos my herbalism lv fast and easy because its only 45 ๐Ÿ™ and mining if is now too much problem ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. @vampirepunk24 – When I was leveling my Tailoring on my other alt, my Druid was in Wrath greens so, rather than buy leather, it was cheaper and easier just to give my Druid some crafted pieces. This Druid is only for farming and doesn't do anything else so no need to actually have any gear.

  11. @MW2Gangster – I'm doing it on purpose because of your raging angry comment the other day. Next, I plan to do w/e guide you wanted last. No, I'm just kidding but trying to make a point. I do guides when I can do them and w/e you want will be done eventually.

  12. @athiestsshallburn – I think I do think that because that's how Americans and the original word creators, the French, pronounce it (^_-)v. This argument is always fun every herbalism vid lol.

  13. @Ragefire11 – Because I like to play mind games with you. Which one is it really? 2 or 3? Is it important? Muahahahahhaha

  14. Hey Ryutaro, im a Boomking druid and dont know how the rotation are any more, i know you made a video in Warth but i wounded if you would make one more for Cata, please reply (:
    -btw you'r the best (:

  15. Hey tarou, whats the difference between the small, medium and large mounts? other than the size ofc

  16. WTB CINDERBLOOM ๐Ÿ™ I buy around 300 stacks a day and make Cards out of them this is a hell of money ๐Ÿ˜€

  17. watchin this while questin on my new account since last one was banned (same reason as you usually get banned for, and can't get it back :(… )

  18. @athiestsshallburn …in proper English it is silent… You are probably one of those people who says "Inscriptionists" instead of the proper "Scribes"…

  19. @spiderafi – It's an old alt who was lost on a far away server that got reunited with my current alts just before Cata.

  20. @Xmaggot93X – I see an 'h' there but you are clever (^_-)v. Honor, heir, and hour are some examples if you wanted some legit ones hehe.

  21. @TheWorldofsexcraft – People don't buy my stuff faster lol. I would think more that people don't buy it cause they know I'm already loaded.

  22. @pyrilus9 – I always enjoy your comments. You could make them even more useful by saying what you're looking for.

  23. @DragonMedic20 – Yeah, what JxSn1pe13 said. You have to reset prices every once in awhile on something you normally sell cause it happens on all items.

  24. @Neiloconk – I'm doing something similar but not giving him any gold. First vid for my new lowbie gold making series is out tomorrow!

  25. @TheHmmster – I did 12 video recordings in a row and I'm tired from my cute little daughter waking me up several times a night lol.

  26. @SonicKoolLiam1 – I take it you mean routes instead of mounts. Short I like for no competition, med for well med comp, and long for way too many damn botters stealing my nodes!

  27. @kujikj1 – Wow, ok so I take that back. For some reason the annotations aren't showing up. It's on YouTube's side so I have no control over it but am sending a message anyhow.

  28. As an Australian, I always cringe at the odd sound of some words when said by Americans. "Urbalism" is something I will never get used to!

    Thanks for the video!

  29. @RyutaroAkaTarou thank you very much Tarou you actually replies to ppl i like that ๐Ÿ™‚ big thumps up from here ๐Ÿ™‚

  30. @RyutaroAkaTarou Well I use to play WoW back in Wrath, now I play SC2, LoL, CSS and other games ๐Ÿ˜› When I played WoW I thought your videos were really useful =D

  31. Hey I just got your preloaded routes and downloaded routes, I used your Long-Deep Herbalism route and ended up getting 170 Heartblossom 33 Cinderbloom and 57 Volatile life!!! Thanks For this guide!! I am now Subbed ๐Ÿ™‚

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