Herbalism Gold Making Series EP4 – Twilight Highlands: How to Make Gold w/ Herbalism! – WoW Cata

What’s up guy and girl players of World of
Warcraft. Tarou here bringing you the fourth video of my Herbalism Gold Making Series – Twilight
Highlands! For more FREE WoW guides, check out my website at tarouwowguides.com In this video, I’ll show you how to make massive
amounts of gold with Herbalism in Twilight Highlands. This is part of my Herbalism Gold
Making Series so check my website for other zones and for leveling Herbalism to 525. To get started, you’ll need to have 525 Herbalism
and be atleast level 80 along with Azeroth flying. If you’re level 80, mobs can one-shot
you so being 82-83 plus is ideal. You’ll also want to download the addons Gatherer or Gathermate2,
Routes, and have an Herb bag or a mostly empty inventory. Also, make sure you have one regular
bag to collect all your items from killing mobs and that there mostly empty. Lastly,
be repaired, have some food/water, blare some music, and have fun! To get to Twilight Highlands just take the
port in your faction’s major city or fly to a nearby zone like Arathi Highlands and fly
over. Once in Twilight Highlands, start on the route I put on my map or unhide the route
I’ve given you with my custom Routes addon. To get these preloaded routes, check the video
I have linked at the end. As usual, I’ll be on this route for 30 minutes.
I decided to pick my medium length route since the competition was pretty heavy and I wanted
to be able to show you every aspect a few times. There were probably about six people
farming herbs. Since this zone is pretty competitive, it helps to farm early morning or very late
at night Sunday through Thursday on most servers. You can also try farming during raid times
if say, you didn’t get in the raid that night or are a PvP’er and don’t raid at all anyway.
This is usually 7pm to 10pm on most servers but tailor anything I say to your specific
server since it can be different. Twilight Jasmine is the main herb you’ll farm
in Twilight Highlands but also expect a decent amount of Cinderbloom and Volatile Life. One thing I like about Twilight Highlands
with this route is you’ll rarely run into any mobs that you need to fight. Of course
if there are any, CC the mob, loot the node, and then kill it, or simply de-aggro it and
fly away. Alright, looks like my 30 minutes are up so
let’s see how I did. I was able to get 144 Twilight Jasmine, 48 Cinderbloom, and 52 Volatile
Life. I’ll put everything on the Auction House for 12 hours undercutting any competition. Herbalism – Twilight Highlands:
Twilight Jasmine x 144=432g (3g ea.) Cinderbloom x 48=48g (1g ea.)
Volatile Life x 52=312g (6g ea.) ————————————
Total=792g in 30 minutes or 1,584g per hour. It didn’t take but a few hours to sell everything
and my total for the 30 minute session was 792g or 1,584g per hour. Remember these prices are for my server so,
to see how your server would work out, plug in prices from your Auction House. I think
I could have done better but, it wasn’t so bad with all the competition. The best classes to use for farming are Paladin
and Druid. DK’s with the movement talent are good as well along with other classes for
different reasons like vanish from a Rogue or Feign Death from a Hunter. If you have
any questions, ask away in the comments. Well, that’s it for the fourth video of my
Herbalism Gold Making Series – “Twilight Highlands” and I hope you liked it. Please subscribe and visit tarouwowguides.com
for more FREE WoW guides and news! Thanks for watching^^! “Now Go Pick Some Flowers or Something! Damn

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