Herbs in Chinese Medicine : Herbs in Chinese Medicine: Bitter Melon

Herbs in Chinese Medicine : Herbs in Chinese Medicine: Bitter Melon

The next herb we’re going to talk about is
both a food and an herb. That’s Bitter Melon. So this odd looking vegetable is something
that you’ll actually find in an Asian market. Don’t usually find this in your local grocery
store, so you do have to shop around for it a little bit. It’s very distinctive from its
somewhat warty skin on it and, given that it is called bitter melon, it’s an honest
portrayal of what it tastes like. Bitter melon is without a doubt, to our American palates,
very bitter. Oddly enough, it’s a very common food in the Philippines as well as southern
China and some other places. So normally when we prepare it, we do want to go ahead and
scrape these seeds out as we might from a squash or a zucchini, and then we can saut?
it up with some peanut oil and add it to some curries, we oftentimes put some spices in
there. What’s really beneficial about this is the fact that it strongly lowers the blood
sugar. It has a wonderful positive benefit for diabetics. And so we can use this both
as preventative as well as for treatment. But for the diabetics who are already on medications
or people who may already be struggling with low blood sugar. you do need to be careful
because it will lower your blood sugar. So if you are changing this, your diet to include
this into it make sure that you closely monitor your blood sugar so your blood sugar doesn’t
go too low. This is actually a staple in the Philippines. Every morning they have this
for breakfast. It is an acquired taste so go ahead and start with a small amount and
work your way up. And if you’re familiar with the local plants, you’ll actually find the
leaves also grow in almost every area of the world that you can find any kind of vine growing.
So, find an herbalist who might be able show you where it’s growing in your own backyard
so that you could enjoy it.

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  1. If we turn on captions, they take up the whole screen of the video (and apparently have more that appears off-screen that we can't see). You should re-write the captions so that it shows a little bit of the info at a time.

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