Home Remedies: Did You Know That You Can Detox Your Body Through The Feet? | Body Detox Through Feet

did you know that you can detox your body through your feet there is an ancient Chinese medicine that can help you detox your body through your feet this is because the Chinese system of reflexology tells that our feet have natural energy zones that are linked to the big and important organ system in our body this means that you can detoxify your whole body through your feet and remove inner toxins did you know that you can detox your body through your feet this treatment is very simple yet effective foot detox pads detox pads can be found in any health store and you just need to put them on your feet before you go to sleep remove them when you wake up and if they became dark during the night then that means you are toxin free ionic foot death you can also use ionic foot bath to detoxify your body from toxins this path is based on electrolysis which is a method that uses electrical current to make a chemical reaction you should use warm water to open your pores and salt is used as an anti-inflammatory astringent ions are absorbed through the feet in your body is getting a detox if the salt water becomes dark that means you are eliminating toxins from your body there are several forms of this math salt detox bath recipe you will need 1 cup of epsom salt one cup of sea salt 2 cups of making soda essential oils optional directions use boiling water and put all the ingredients in leave them to dissolve after that add warm water in the tub and also add apple cider vinegar and essential oils in salt in the mixture soak for half an hour keep in mind that you might experience exhaustion and weakness after the bath but it will soothe the skin irritation and detox your body and increase the magnesium levels clay detox bath recipe you will need one half cup bentonite clay one-half cup Epsom salt essential oils optional directions dissolve the Epsom salt in a hot bath and after that add essential oils mix the clay with a small amount of water and when mixing don’t use metal in the end add clay to the prepared beth and soak for about 20 minutes this bath will detoxify your body and increase magnesium levels oxygen detox bath recipe you will need 2 cups of hydrogen peroxide 1 tbsp dry ginger powder directions fill your tub with hot water and add dried ginger and hydrogen peroxide soak the whole body in for half an hour it will soothe your body and help you with all kinds of I rotations and allergies you

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