Home Remedies for Acidity (Acid Reflux)

Home Remedies for Acidity (Acid Reflux)

Heartburn of any nature be it at your work place
or in your domestic circles can be quite frustrating. But there is another kind of heartburn which can
make your day (even night) miserable… that is acidity in the stomach. Heartburn or Acidity is a symptom of acid reflux disease. It is triggered when the digestive juices or acids
are secreted in excess or are not utilized properly. Among the leading factors that fester acidity are Spicy and oily foods, Irregular eating habits,
Intake of caffeinated, carbonated, and alcoholic beverages, Stress and Anxiety, Pregnancy, Obesity,
Lack of exercise and Excessive smoking. Acidity leads to: Abdominal pain, Heartburn and Chest discomfort, Nausea and vomiting, Loss of appetite, Bloating and Sour taste in the mouth. Unlike other digestive system ailments, acidity is easy to overcome with simple home remedies. Try them to believe them… So to overcome your acidity, you can chew
fresh basil leaves or drink basil tea. To prepare basil tea Take a cup of water in a pan. And boil about 3-5 basil leaves in it for about 15 minutes. And drink it. You can sweeten
it with honey, but do not add milk. To try the next home remedy. Take a cup of water in a pan. And add half a teaspoon of cinnamon powder in it. Boil the solution for about 15 minutes. And drink it. Drinking cinnamon tea helps dispel gas. When dealing with stomach ache due to acidity: Take about half to 1 teaspoon of fenugreek seeds. Add a little water to it and grind
the seeds to make a paste out of it. Now add this paste to a glass of buttermilk. Mix them both. And drink this to get relief. Now time for some quick tips to
help you deal with your acidity issues. Do not drink water during or immediately after a meal. And chew a clove after meals. Chilled milk, plain yogurt and ice cream
are also good for relieving digestive disorders.

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  2. Just subscribed, love your videos so simple! now no more running to the doctors! I have everything at home! thank you x

  3. Ice cream?! shure it's great in that moment but after some time it make's it worse just like cold milk so dont try it!

  4. It is possible to get rid of Heartburn in 48 hrs and get rid of the real cause of Acid Reflux Heartburn permanently.

  5. my acid reflux was acting up worse than usual, but then I drank milk and I feel much better. thank you. subbing to you guys now. 🙂

  6. do i have acid reflux if when i burp and (this is kinda gross…) then its like a little bit of vomit comes up. But its only a little bit. i usually dont have heartburn, but i do sometimes..

  7. Milk makes acid reflux worse!!!!! I'm going to make a video on what works for me and it won't involve gross teas.

  8. Obesity surely makes the symptoms worse, but spicy foods, for instance, cayenne pepper is proven to cure the acid reflux disease. Just google it out.

  9. i have promble acidity for burning sensation and belching. i don't have acid reflux. i please anyone i help me cure to acidity

  10. well I just had a teaspoon of manuka honey and not im sipping green tea so I hope to god that works because i feel like my stomach is on fire right now! >_<

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  13. Raka shocking seems like a scam ? and what's up with some commenters saying the Same thing. This person is probably commenting from the same computer with different names and just pasting the same thing over and over ??

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  16. Good and Plenty candy is the only thing I use to control the burn. It is like a little miracle but do not overdo. Start with one and do not chew but suck on it until it dissolves. Just one at a time. Say goodbye to heartburn

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