Home Remedies For Armpit Lump-1 II बगल की सूजन के लिए घरेलु उपाय भाग-1 II

Home Remedies For Armpit Lump-1 II बगल की सूजन के लिए घरेलु उपाय भाग-1 II

Welcome to health care at home One of our viewer Neelam Gulati from Canada She has emailed us & written us that she has lump in her armpit For that she is asking home remedy Ms. Neelam before telling you the remedy, I will tell you the causes of lumps. There could be lots of reasons behind It could be due to bacterial or viral infection also Secondly the blade which you use to clean under armpit for shaving due to that also armpit lumps can cause Along with this the deodarant you people use due to that also lumps can occur on armpit But need not to worry But we have an remedy which is followed by ancient time Take ½ spoon of turmeric powder & honey Mix them together and apply this on your lump Turmeric & honey both contains anti- bacterial & anti-inflammatory properties. So swelling will be cured with this And the lumps will also be corrected with this After applying this you have let is stay for 20 minutes And you have to wash it off with luke warm water after 20 minutes Do this remedy twice a day for 7-8 days & you will notice That your armpit lumps problem will be solved Along with this what you have to do, Mix ¼ spoon of turmeric powder in 1 glass of milk You have to consume this milk at night, what will this milk will do? This will heel you internally & the problem of armpit lump will be solved. Along with this you have to take care of few things Don’t consume caffeine at all if you Caffeine is found in coffee & now a days lots of energy drinks which contains Caffeine Basically Caffeine is sold out under the name of energy drinks So don’t consume caffeine at all as it can increase the problem And if you take alcohol then take it in a limit If you can stop then well & good. But if you can’t then take it in limit Because consumption of alcohol dehydrate the body & if your body will by dehydrated Then this problem may increase So, what you have to do, to prevent from dehydration At least consume 3 liter of water in a whole day And also take care of one thing, those who drinks cold drinks & think At that time that you are doing water intake But cold drinks dehydrates your body So, completely stop the consumption of cold drinks Don’t consume junk food, what does this junk food do It gives unnecessarily pressure to your body & gives Zero nutrition due to no nutrition value. You only get carbohydrate So, you shouldn’t consume junk & deep fried food. Instead consume water melon Take & eat a full bowl of water melon in the morning Firstly this will hydrate your body. Along with works really well for the lumps related problem You have to consume seasonal fruits & vegetables Along with one more remedy I got in my mind, take lemon juice Take lemon juice, dip the cotton in it and to your problem area Where you have lump apply this there and then let it dry And then wash it off, when its dry this will dry out in maximum 20 minutes So, wash it off after 20 minutes. With this also you will start getting relief in the problem of lump Along with this you must consume lemon water Squeeze lemon in warm water and consume this water Then you will notice that you will get vitamin C with lemon So that vitamin c will heel your problem internally If you want you can even add honey in it Even you can squeeze a lemon & add honey in green tea & consume this This will heel your problem internally Now I will tell you one more method of application Take fresh leaf of Aloe Vera, cut it down and take out its gel. And let that gel applied on You can let this gel applied on for long time You can apply in night, let it dry & be for overnight & when its dried then wash it off in morning This aloe vera gel also works wonder in the problem of armpit lump And it heels really well Along with this you can also consume aloe vera juice Or even you can eat the fresh gel of aloe vera Take out some fresh gel and swallow this with some water This will also give you so much of relief in the problem of armpit Still we have so much and so effective remedies available for armpit lumps There are some remedies which will give you immediate relief. But that I will tell you in next episode Presently our wish is only that you stay healthy, busy, carefree and be with us. To meet us you have to subscribe the channel, tell your fiends & relatives to subscribe this channel, get the health benefits while sitting at home and support us in our motive, our motive is to maximum number of people should get the health benefits while sitting at home. So don’t forget to share our videos as maximum as you can Thank You…

38 Replies to “Home Remedies For Armpit Lump-1 II बगल की सूजन के लिए घरेलु उपाय भाग-1 II”

  1. Sir
    Can we use this mixture of turmeric powder and honey on chest to reduce the gland present under the nipple area-Male breast

  2. Sir mere sarir me kayi jagah pe sujan ho gaya hai ye sujan hard hai isme dard bhi nahi hai iska koi gharelu upchar bataye sir aur iska hone ka karan kya hai ye bhi bataye plz

  3. Thank you soo much Sir for Great relief from Armpit Lump.
    Guys this Method works for Armpit lump
    I used, mixture of 1 tp of Honey and 1/2 tp of turmeric on my armpit and washed after 20 min, and Drink turmeric milk at night.

  4. sir mery armpit ma phory nikalty hen ik ky bad dosra our us ma ghanda madha nikalta ha wo hatam ho jata ha tu us ky sath our nikal ata ha plz sir koi illaj bat dhen

  5. sir how to treat axillary breast tissue,located under arm i don't want to go through surgical method,sir plz plz help me out it really bothers me..kindly reply.

  6. Sir I have lump problem from 2-3 years ,will it help? ,could we take turmeric powder with milk in pregnancy.

  7. I had infection last year then I got lump under armpit area. I took antibiotic course twice , it helped little but it’s not completely gone. Will these remedies help in removing that?
    Thank you

  8. Sir brest limpnode aur brest infection pe video banaye plz..aur Kya ye problem brest cancer ka lakshan hai plz reply I'm in tension

  9. Sir mere bagal me charbi hai sirf usme pain nahi hota hai main ne dr ko bhi dikhaya kuch faida nahi hua plzzzz kuch upaye bataye

  10. air lump hai us cyst Ye pata Nahi mujhe
    Par cyst Kaisa lagat hai yaar lagane Par Aur mild pain hota hai internal hai sir left side armpit se thoda upar near bisceps
    kya karu sir?
    please reply

  11. Sir meri wife pregnant hai or ye problem use pehle se hai.
    Cyst hai Jo k kisi se attached hai.
    Kbhi kbhi bhot badhi ho jati hai or dard bhi hota hai

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