Home Remedies For Arthritis Part 1 II गठिया का घरेलू उपचार भाग -1 II

Home Remedies For Arthritis Part 1 II गठिया का घरेलू उपचार भाग -1 II

Welcome to health care at home One of our viewer Ms. Naseem Shauki, she has written us to to an episode on arthiritis So, let’s us do an episode on Arthiritis only See arthritis is an age related problem in which the cartilage of the knees or if i make you understand in simple words so the grease between the knees that start getting reduced. and as soon the grease will reduce then the movement of your knees won’t remain smooth. and when it won’t be smooth then you will have problem in walking when the bones will rub with each other the you will feel pain & this pain can be intolerable at times so, first of all whats necessary for us to do for this with this we have minimum stress on our knees so what we have to do to decrease the stress first of all you have to reduce your weight as soon you will reduce the weigh then less weigh on your knees and when you will have less weigh on your knees & the problem of arthritis won’t remain that much dangerous to you. So, firstly reduce weight & for that we have done multiple episodes you can follow them its very simple, if you will use hot water in whole day then also your weight will reduce Or take trifla powder & soak it into 1 glass of water for overnight next morning boil that water well & when it reduces to half then strain it & consume this water in this hot form and you will notice that within few days your weight will reduce so, once your weight is reduces then automatically stress on your knees will be reduces. and when you will have less stress on your knees then you will start getting relief in arthritis. See, in Ayurveda, Arthiritis is considered in Vat roga. And for Vat Roga, the most finest remedy is fenugreek seed (Methi Dana) What you have to do, take fenugreek see, put it into grinder & grind it and consume 1 spoon of that water with the lukewarm water you will notice that the problem of arthritis or any type of Vaat Roga you will start getting relief in that. There is one more remedy which is very effective for arthritis For that take fresh leave of Aloe Vera & take out its gel And consume 2 spoon of this gel in the morning, this works wonders for arthritis If you will do this for 20-25 days, you will notice that you will start getting relief in joint pains Along with this doing light exercise is most necessary for you because in arthiris your joint beomes stiff We don’t want them to be stiff, instead will make movable & for that light exercise like You can do swimming, its really good as with this whole body exercise got done Also joint exercise, so if you will do swimming for 15 minutes then you will get relief in arthritis If you don’t have facility for swimming then you can do cycling And if nothing then do walk or light yoga Basically you have to do movements like keep moving your feet like this So that movement of your knees & hands should be in active position so keep doing like this You will notice that you will start getting relief in arthritis Along with this you can do one more thing Do cool & hot pad on the effective area on your joints where you have pain This works really well, for hot pad take hot water & add rock salt in it And then soak any towel or cotton cloth, dip & squeeze And wrap that towel on the joint or your hand wherever you have pain So that its heat ness could get into your joints And you can do cool pad for that put some ice-cubes in towel After that wrap it & the area where you have pain Put that cool portion of the towel on the problem area where you have pain And you will notice that with this also you will get relief in arthritis pain Along with this I am telling you one more remedy which is very effective, what you have to do for this Take 1 spoon of royal cumin seeds Take 1 spoon of dry ginger And add ½ spoon of black pepper in it Mix all 3 ingredients together & the powder which is prepared Take ½ spoon of its thrice a time in a day with luke warm water Or take it twice a time in a day & do this remedy for 1-2 months & you will notice That you will start getting relief in arthritis Along wit this doing message is necessary in your problem areas, you can use sesame oil Else we have prepared an for joint pain if you make that oil Then that oil is very effective in joint pains If you will prepare that oil & will message with this & you will notice within few Days you will get complete relief form arthritis There are lots of remedies left that also very effective But that I will tell you in next episode Rest our wish is only that you stay healthy, busy, carefree and be with us. To meet us you have to subscribe the channel, tell your fiends & relatives to subscribe this channel, get the health benefits while sitting at home and support us in our motive, our motive is to maximum number of people should get the health benefits while sitting at home so don’t forget to share our videos as maximum as you can. Thank You…

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  1. Thanks a lot!, sir please please please tell me some remedy about my problem, my problem is with "mucus" if i eat something from outside like (pani batashe) or some other similar food (not junk food) my throat starts producing mucus and if i do not drink enough water for sometime ,i start feeling like throat infection. please tell me some remedy it is very problematic, every day when if i sleep and wake up it almost takes 20 minutes to clean all that infectious mucus, and it is not possible to spit mucus every here and there, also i eat only healthy food ,(non dairy and non oily) but still i am suffering with this problem. please help sir!!! it will be very helpful.

  2. hii mai kiran sir aapke sare vidio really bhut jyada acche iage please aap bataye weak bones ka treatment my email add….pasarikiran @rediffmail.com

  3. sir I like your videos and I'm your big fan
    sir I am 18 years old and i have a problem that mere sirf knees mn hi nhi blke saare joints mn fluid kam ho rha hai and mere hands mn kap pa hatt hai bht zyada plz help me

  4. G hm 17 saal k hai Hm ko Artharites ho gaya hai rt ankle swilling hai Aaj 10 months se hm ko problem ho rha hai Plzz comment kro

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