Home Remedies For Fatigue & When You’r Feeling Tired – Weakness and Body Tiredness.

fatigue can be due to physical and mental
reasons besides the tiredness the most common symptoms I extreme weakness no motivation to do anything and lack of
energy and concentration the physical manifestations include
headaches dizziness aching and sore muscles but fatigue could be a symptom of
some other serious issue so get a check by a physician so what
causes fatigue it is mainly caused due to inadequate
sleep which is a very common thing today and strenuous physical activity other
reasons are vitamin deficiency and dehydration which leads to the loss of
body fluids due to vomiting and diarrhea mental fatigue however is caused because of stress and
depression here are some home remedies to boost
your energy and help you get on your feet first take some Indian gooseberries
about four to five of them they also called amla’s make a paste out
of it and keep it is site now put some water in a pan about 300 ml of water and once it’s the
little hot then we can add the on amla paste to it mix it well and let it boil once the boiles let it simmer for about 15
to 20 minutes and then take this liquid and strain it once you strain the liquid
then add a little bit of honey to it mix it well and now you can have this about three times a day to give you that boost of energy a well-balanced diet is very
important to prevent fatigue but it is equally important to not skip breakfast have an egg for breakfast as this can
give you energy throughout the day coffee is also a good energizer so have
a cup or two of coffee to revitalize yourself but remember to have it in
moderation drink at least eight to ten cups of water a day fruit juices green tea
and milk to keep yourself well hydrated and keep tiredness at be if you enjoyed
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