Home Remedies for HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus) II एचआईवी का घरेलू उपचार II

Welcome to health care at home We have one of our viewer, he has e-mailed us to do an episode on HIV Let us do an episode on HIV. HIV means Human Immunodeficiency Virus when this virus get entered in your body then slowly -slowly it starts getting your immune system weaker and at one stage this converted into Acquired immune deficiency syndrome mean AIDS and when this converted to AIDS then your immune system gets almost to zero level if are won’t be able to fight with any type of infection unfortunately there is no treatment available for this no need to worry, with the home remedies you can make strong to your immune system that much so that it can fight with such infections but first of all you need to take some of the precautions Look, you have to treat the patient of HIV like the way you are treating the small baby or like a new born baby like if a new born is sleeping then you put mosquito net so that he cannot hurt by mosquito bite or get malaria like this you protect the baby, if you going out in winters then you make him wear lots of clothes or the sunlight is there then you will protect the child and then will take out similarly you have to protect the patient of HIV teat him like a small baby Look, you must give that type of food to the patient of HIV which is easy to digest fresh fruits, seasonal vegetables, use them, give high fiber oriented food items give food which is easy to digest and also give seasonal fruits to eat so that his immune system gets strong Now the turn is of Home remedies what you have to take in the home remedies You have to give 100 ml juice of wheat grass with empty stomach to the patient of HIV twice in a day, empty stomach in morning and in the evening also when he is hungry then have to give 100 ml of wheat grass of juice this works like green blood and make your immune system strong and once your immune system is strong then you are able to fight with the infections now i will tell you how to take wheat grass juice you may take normal seven vasks and put at least 50 gms of wheat plan them one by one like on alternate day like for complete one week you have to put the 50 gms of wheat under the sand in each vask and pour water then, and it does not required to be in sunlight you can put it in the shadow on the seventh of the day you will found the little of grass is grown up in the first vask you have to eradicate that complete wheat grass below there wheat will be, you have to eradicate the wheat and throw out and these leaves,grass you have to wash them wisely and put them in blender and add some of the water blend it wisely and strain it with muslin cloth and take out the juice, and you may give fresh juice to drinnk as its nutrients values gets over within 15-20 minutes and within 3 hours nutrients value of this juice gets completely over so that make the patient drink fresh juice daily, morning and in evening and you will notice that his immune system will be stronger apart fromt this when you have this food, after its half n hour make him drink approximate 1/2 cup of juice of basil leaves mandatory as basil’s effect is hot, but it has tremendous power to fight with the germs so first of all you make him drink wheat grass juice and afterwards make him drink basil leave juice at least after half n hour make him drink 100 ml of wheat grass juice and give approximate 30 ml of basisl leaves juice after half n hour you have to give Aloevera juice to the patient almost 50 ml of Aloevera juice, in afternoon before having foodand prior to dinner give him thrice a time of this juice must consume 2 tomatoes in your food because tomato contains anti-oxidants which fights with free-radical and protects you from infections and protects you like disease of cancer Apart from that Gooseberry juice means juice of gooseberry juice Gooseberry contains lots of Vitamin C into it and vitamin C strongs our immune systems so mix honey into the gooseberry juice and must give this twice to the patient so that his immune system gets stronger and once his immune system is strong then he can fight with HIV and other secondary infections So isn’t it was an easy remedy? Rest out wish is only that you stay healthy and meet us regularly And to meet us you have to subscribe this channel Tell this to your friends and relatives to subscribe this channel Get the health benefits while sitting at home and support us in our motive Our motive is that maximum number of people get health benefits while sitting at home only So, you please share our videos as much as you can so that everyone can get health benefits while sitting at home only and you make our motive successful. Thank You…

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