Home Remedies for Prostate Enlargement Part 1 II घरलू नुस्खो से कम करें प्रोस्टेट की बढ़त – भाग-1 II

Welcome to health care at home One of viewer has e-mailed us He has written that we should do any episode on Prostate Enlargement So, let us talk about Prostate Enlargement This problem has been seen in people of age between 50-60 People less than age of 40 are not seen with any type of symptoms of this problem. Its symptoms are that you will feel pain while urination and in night you will repeatedly feel like doing urination you have to wake again n again to go for urination and while passing urine you don’t feel like that your bladder is empty yes, you won’t feel like a empty bladder and sometime you will fell like you have to go for urination immediately but when you will go for it then you won’t be able to pass it properly apart from that at the time of sex, at the time of ejaculation you feel pain this is also one of the sypmtoms Now the question is that how can you prevent form this See, you must drink minimum 8-10 glass of water then you can get some relief in prostate englargement if you will walk for at leat 1 or 2 two hours in a day then also you will get some relief in prostate enlargement Now the turn for home remedy what you have to do for home remedy, you have to take pumpkin seeds peel the pumpkin seeds and after peeling them chew them properly to eat and that also at least 4 spoons and after that drink one glass of water you will notice that you are getting relief in prostate as this contains good quantity of Zinc in it that this Zinc gives very much relief in prostate apart from that if you will drink the soup of water melon seeds that will also help you very much, what you have to do for that whenever you have water melon seeds, whenever you eat fresh water melon then collect all its seeds and wash them properly and then pur them in grinder grind it very well and later add two glass of water and let it be boil very well after the boiling, strain the water and let the water cool then and that stained one glass of water, you have to consume that one glass of water you will notice that you will get so much of relief in prostate. There is one more remedy which is very effective Fresh corn which we usually use, its silk means its hairs, you have to take our corn hairs and that hairs to boiled very well in four cups of water you have to boil the water till then it is reduced to two cups in quantity after that , this water you can take it one-one cup thrice in a one week and you will notice that you will get very much relief in prostate Since this corn is seasonal, and you will its hair in season but what will you do otherwise no problem, you take keep the hairs in their dry form dry them and if you want, you can make its powder and like the same way you can boil this powder in the water, stain that water and you can consume this water and you will get so much of relief in prostate Rest out wish is only that you stay healthy and be with us. To meet with us you have to subsribe thiw channel Tell to your friends and relatives to subscribe this channel Get all the all home remedies while sitting at home only and do support us in our motive Our motive is that maximum number of people should get health remedies while sitting at home So, share our videos as much as you can and help us to get success in our motive. Thank You…

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