Home Remedies For Semen Leakage II धात रोग़

Home Remedies For Semen Leakage II धात रोग़

Welcome to health care at home One of our viewer from UEA, he has requested to not disclose his name He has written that he has problem of semen leakage and for that he is asking for remedy. See the problem of this semen leakage is called ( Dhatu Roga } And a greasy liquid is passed out sometime with urination and sometime like that See, for this if you could do some exercise by doing exercise only you will get relief in semen leakage For this let me tell you an exercise which is called Kegel exercise. Bend yourself forward you have to stretch your anus and penis towards inside when you will stretch then you may feel tickling, Moment you start feeling tickling there only you may hold stretch with full force and hold it for 2-3 seconds and then leave and be normal again bend and stretch and then pull inside and leave so, you must do this exercise for 10-15 times and do this 2-3 times means 3 sets in a day so that you will start getting relief the problem of semen leakage Along with this do swimming if you can do with this also you will get relief the problem of semen leakage surya namaskar is a yoga, if you will do Surya namaskar then your whole body exercise will be done. So, those who have problem of semen leakage if they will do surya namaskar then they will start getting relief. Along with this do kapalbhati pranayama for 10-15 minutes. in kapalbhati you have to breath out the and your stomach will be stretch inside , this way so if you will do like this, then those who have problem of semen leakage they will get relief in their problem. Along with this do Bahya Pranayama What you have to do in Bahya pranayama , breathe in and then breathe out completely. and after that , you have to stretch the portion below belly button to upwards with this your anus will be shrink Bahya pranayama is also a form of Kegel exercise and it is very much effective. So, if you have problem of semen leakage then you bahay pranayama in morning and in evening for 11 times you will notice that you start getting relief in the problem of semen leakage Now, let us talk about remedy. Let me tell you a simple remedy. Take 3 medium sized onions, peel them and roughly chop them If you got white onion then well and good else you can use red onions as well. after chopping the onions, take 250 ml of Cow’s milk Mix the onions in the milk and put it on the low flame for about 10 minutes When the onions are completely cooked, take out the onions and take some Clarified Butter made from Cow’s Milk and put those onions into the Clarified Butter made from Cow’s Milk and roast it on low flame. When it is nicely roasted then add some jaggery And once jiggery is melt, then this onion mixture will be ready and let it cool down till the time its ready to eat then only consume these onions and that also 2 times in a day so take this mix two times in a day half in morning and half in evening. And you will notice that within few days you will start getting relief in semen leakage. Along with this do one thing, take 50 gm of Indian Chik pea soak them from over and make sure that chick peas get soften properly in case they are not soften through out the night then let them soak for another 8-10 hours and when they are completely soft means you can easily chew and have them, so soak them for that much of time Along with this take 8-10 almonds Soak them for overnight and next day peel the almonds Mix them into 50 gm chick pea along with this mix a small of jiggery in it and also add 50 gm of Dates, Now this entire mixture is basically your breakfast. Now take 1 -1 spoon of this and eat this by chewing it thoroughly Along with take 1 glass of cow milk (HOT) So, you have to consume this mixture along with having milk And you will notice that with this your sexual power will be increase, you will get relief in semen leakage Semen get thicken with dates, so those whose semen is thin with this it will start getting thicker. So, just use this remedy and you will notice that your problem is solved Along with this do one thing Go to any nearest herbal store and purchase all these items from there take 50 gm Ashwagandha, 50 gm Shwet Mushli, 50 gm powder of kaunch ke seeds and take 50 gm satagri and now mix them all After mixing use 1-1 spoon of this powder along with cow’s milk in morning and evening also. with this you will get relief in semen leakage, your sexual power will be increase And it works really good in sex related problems And its a natural supplement, it has no side effect and you will found your whole body energize with this, so consume all this And whenever you pass urine, so follow start and stop method while urination. stop your urine in between its a kind of exercise of our penis. And you got your penis exercised then automatically you start getting relief in the problem of semen leakage So, every time if you will follow this process of Start-stop, start-stop and stop for 1 second. and if you will hold it for 1 second then with this also you will start getting relief in semen leakage Along with this take 4 walnuts and 4 Currant. By using them also you will get relief in semen leakage. Walnut contains Omega 3 Fatty acid and Currant has lots of Iron which increases blood So these all things helps you to get relief in semen leakage which is also called precum. So, just follow these easy remedies and you will found that your problems are solved. Rest our wish is only that you stay healthy, busy, carefree and be with us. And to meet us you have to subscribe this channel. Tell to your friends & relatives To subscribe this channel. Get the health benefits by sitting at home. And do support us in our motive. Our motive is that maximum number of people Should get the health benefits by sitting at home only So, don’t forget to share our videos as much as you can. Thank You…

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  1. Sir me 18 sal ka ho or me ne onion ki remidy use ki he ek dafa to mujhe bar bar urine ane laga tha sir kya me is remody ko jari rakho ya chor do?

  2. सर मेरी उमर 30 साल है अौर सर बात यह के जब मै अपनी बीवी के साथ हमबीसतर होने के लीए जाता हू तो फोर पले के बाद जैसेही लीग की अनदर डालने की कोशिश करता हू तो वीरय बहार ही नीकल जाता है .अोर अब मै सवदी मे रह रहा हू तो बीवी से फोन पर बात करते हूए 5 से10 मीनट बाद मेरे लीग चीकना चीकना पानी सा नीकलता है कोइ होम रेमेडी बताइये

  3. हा वीरय बाहर नीकलने केबाद लीग सीकूड. जाताहै अोर जलदी से कामनही करता

  4. Guru ji.how to stop night fail help me….5year I'm fasing ,,,solution,,,,,
    Full weakness I'm medicen use no result….I'm waiting

  5. Sir i am using this remedy from 2 months but did not get any relieve from semen leakage and night fall. Please help me. I tried many sexologist but did not get any result .

  6. sir app ke solution se dare agaya sir jarrurse istemal karunga keep making more vedios thanking you lots of thanks

  7. please Doctor upload the video… i have taken a lot of medicines but no positive result…

    i am suffering watery semen problem from 1 year,,, and only 1 month left for my marriage…



  9. Sir i am masturbating from age 12 now i have stopped and i have nightfall problem and also my sperms comes out in just 2 to 5 seconds how can i cure it please help me

  10. Thanks sir ji lekin safe Musli wala powder subha khali pet leni hai ya khana khane ke baad aur yadi khana khane ke baad le to kitne time ke baad

  11. hye Sir.thanks I listen ur words.
    Sir mujhy many years say semen leakage ka masla hai.actually my anal size is also big due to some gas problem.plz help me thanks

  12. sir aap ki baato se koi fark nhi pada…aap kyo chutiya bana rhe ho..zamana bahut aage hai ab farzi ilaaj nhi jisse thik ho paye usse fark padta hai

  13. Sir I'm suffering from semen leakage and it's very disgusting
    I didnt understood the exercise
    And I've started a healthy diet how much time it'll take to see the results?

  14. sir mein excite hone ke bad penis erect hua but meine masturbation nahi kiya. uske badh thodi der badh mein toilet gya waha mujhe thick urine aaya kya mujhe semen leakage ki problem hai. plzz help sir thanks in advance

  15. when I think about sex my penis is hardness it most to be process of natural sexual process. but whenever the maximum falling fluid from my penis what happen?? you have any suggestions to me??

  16. sir agr mai handpractice nhi krta ek do weak tb muje yeproblem hote hai agr kr lo to km se km 4 din nhi hote

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  20. sir meri age 24 hai meri body me maturement nahi aa raha.body week lagti.puri uvawastha ni aarahi.jese dadhi ni aa rahi body me tightness nahi hai.face bacco jesa lagta hai.sir koi answer de

  21. Semen leakage after or during urination is due to the disorders in your reproductive system. Some of the reasons for semen leakage include anxiety, stress, over sensitivity in reproductive system, disturbed sleep, weak body and weakness in erection. visit http://www.hashmidawakhana.org/seks-max-power-for-semen-leakage.html

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    Wo kysai control hoga. Plz tell me sir g

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