Home Remedies for Swine Flu II स्वाइन फ्लू का घरेलु उपचार II

Home Remedies for Swine Flu II स्वाइन फ्लू का घरेलु उपचार II

Welcome To Health Care at Home We have one of our viewer from Jaipur Rajasthan, he is saying that Swine Flu if spread out very wide and we have not done any episode on the Swine flu. No issue, we will do today’s episode on the Swine Flu only. See, firstly it is very important to know the symptoms of Swine Flu. Or else your body is aching or you have headache repeatedly having intense cough or not feeling like eating, these all the symptoms of Swine Flu. Now , i will tell you some methods by using them you can protect your self from Swine Flu. see whenever you are coming out from the outside so firstly you have to wash your hands and even if are at home then wash your hands after every 2 minutes, wash your hands properly with soap because if you will wash your hands repeatedly then the danger of swine flu will be very low Along with you have to Cover your mouth & nose with the mask, with this if any other one is suffering from Swine Flu. with this that virus won’t attack you.And if you are suffering from Swine Flu, then it wont spread to any other from you. Apart from this take care of one thing that if you feel like that you are suffering from the Flu Then take 1 Bowl of Margosa Leaves, then you have to boil it in at least 3-4liter of water and after that the steam which will appear you have to take that steam for at least 7-10 minutes what will happen with this, if any flu if going to attack you. Since Neem has such qualities which immediately kills the virus of Swine Flu.So that swine Flu won’t attack you In the morning , empty stomach eat 5-7 leaves of Basil leaves by chewing them well and after that drink some water This Basil will clear your throat & lungs Along with helps you to fight with the infection also make the immune system strong and the danger of swine flu cause on those whose immune system is very weak So, if you will regularly eat Basil leaves then the danger of getting swine flu will be very low Eat Food which is rich in Vitamin C, as it make our immune system very strong. You can eat Orange You can eat tomatoes it is full of Vitamin C , Eat Guava, Consume Gooseberry it has lot of Vitamin C in it So eat food which is enrich in vitamin C and with which your immune system get stronger and you immune system is able to fight with swine flu, and that virus may not attack on you to get rid of swine flu, there is good remedy. You don’t need to have any medicine take 2 small spoon of Cardamom and grind it really well.Along with 1 Spoon of Indian Camphor and mix both of them and get knotted them in a cotton cloth this will be ready like a small baggage and within after every 1/2 hour you have to smell this small cotton ball With this also the danger of having swine flu get decreased,, You can do one more remedy Take 1 Cup of boil water and put 1 Spoon of Brown Vinegar in it and add 1 spoon of sugar and mix all of them nicely consume it empty stomach. This will prevent to get active of the virus of swine flu as well as will kill the virus so there will be minimum danger of swine flu along with this must do breathing exercise, because swine flu majorly attacks on the lungs so make your lungs stronger, so for stronger lungs do “Bhrastika Prayanam” Do Anulom Vilom,do such types of pranayam and breathing exercise with this you get strong lungs along with this you can use wheat grass juice that also make your immune system strong drink at least 1/4 cup of wheat grass juice empty stomach in the morning and in the evening. Your immune system will be stronger and will be able to fight with the virus See, you are suffering from Flu then make Kaadha Tale Tinospora Cordifolia Stick (Giloy), but if you are not able to get this then you can take its powder which is easily available then take 2 spoon of its powder put 4 black pepper in it, 1/2 spoon of Turmeric Powder, 5-7 leaves of Basil , 5-6 cloves And take Margosa Stick,almost this much big piece of margosa stick an you have to mix them into 3 cup of water and oil them and you have to boil them till then the water is reduced to 1 cup and once this water is 1 cup then have to strain it and after staring it you have to consume 1 cup of this water empty stomach in the morning and as well as 1 cup in the evening.You will notice that you will get relief from the problem of the swine flu Along with this also you can also use garlic, in the morning if you chew the 1 clove of garlic and then drink some water afterwards you will notice that you are getting relief in swine flu and at the time of sleeping 1 pinch of turmeric powder in the milk to be added consume the luke warm milk at the time of sleeping this will also give you relief in the swine flu. so these simple remedies and you will notice that swine flu cannot hurt you anymore So, isn’t’ it the remedies were easy? 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  1. Sir mere husband ko kamer s leker knee k uper tak bahut pain h M R I or protein sare test or xry bhi ho gay 4 mahie s drrd wesa hi bana h koi homeremedies btay plz

  2. सर जो उपाय आपने बताये है वो सब उपाय कर सकते है या सिर्फ कोई एक उपाय ही करे

  3. sr tulsi ke patte chabate nhi aap btayei ki kya tulsi ke patte chaba skte hai isse daanto pr koi frak to nhi bdega plzz btayei jrur

  4. Hello sir
    Two yrs back my husband got swine flu n i saw ur video
    It really helped me a lot
    Thnx a ton ??
    God bless u ??

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