Home Remedies for unwanted Hair Growth II घरेलु नुस्खों से पाएं अनचाहे बालो से छुटकारा II

Home Remedies for unwanted Hair Growth II  घरेलु नुस्खों से पाएं अनचाहे बालो से छुटकारा  II

Welcome to health care at home One of our viewer Ms.Yogita Kannojia. She has written & asking home remedy for permanent removal of unwanted hair So, Ms.Yogita , the remedy i am going to share it with you today If you will regularly use this Then you will permanently get rid of unwanted hairs with in 3 months But, first of all its necessary to know that why these unwanted hairs occurs. You, see. In females generally due to increment of males hormones, unwanted hairs occurs. And due to hormonal imbalance also unwanted hairs occurs Generally when you are growing up then males got beard , mustache & in females body also started getting different changes But when hormonal imbalance happens then its been often noticed that females do having unwanted hairs So, as i said that the problem of unwanted hairs This is due to hormonal imbalance, so firstly what we have to do that we should get our body fit internally internal fitness means to have fit hormonal imbalance So what to do? Very simple things to be done for this & your hormonal imbalance will be rectified. Just like you must use Tofu which is soya paneer, & you can use Soya milk as well Take 2-2 spoon of flex seeds after lunch & dinner and let me tell you one more remedy, take 1 spoon of fennel seeds (Saunf) Take 1 Spoon of Brahmi powder and add 1/2 Spoon of Mulethi powder in it Mix all these 3 ingredients & take twice a time in a day, empty stomach in morning & before bed time also. If you will use this then the hormonal imbalance of your body will be rectified. And when your hormonal imbalance will be alright then you won’t have unwanted hairs any more Now let us talk about the present unwanted hairs & how to cure them for this I will tell you a remedy which is been following since our ancestors For that, what you have to do, take Alum (Fitkari) & rose water Here I have Alum, I have grind it & make its in powder form And along with this I have rose water, so what we have to do now Now, you have to take ½ spoon of Alum powder And here will add 3 spoons of rose water in it And now will mix this And after mixing, this water Dip a cotton in it & apply this on where you have unwanted hairs After application let it dry, when it is dried Then dip the cotton & apply again on the area of unwanted hairs Let it dry again , repeat the process & then apply again Just like if you have applied one layer, when its dry then you have moist it with another layer You have to do this process for almost 1 hour & after that take bath And apply some sesame oil, as skin can be bit dry with this So that to make it moist, apply sesame oil on your skin And if you will use this remedy for 3 months, then you will notice that These unwanted hairs will be permanently disappear. Remember one thing, that if your skin is sensitive then Then you should do this remedy for 15 minutes only, not more than that. You may take extra time, but your unwanted hairs will be ruled out Now, some of will hesitate to do this remedy, for them I will tell an easy remedy What we have to do for that? We require Raw Papaya ( Kacha Papita) I will tell you the advantage of raw papaya its contains an enzyme called papain And papain has its advantage It breaks the hairs follicels & Stops the re-growth of hairs How to use this? Let me tell you that Cut the papaya And after that we have to grind it, we have grater over here, so will grate this. Take out its seeds & after that basically we have to prepare its paste So, this way we have grind it, you may put it in a grinder and grind it And almost 2 big spoon of papaya paste Here you have to add Almost ½ spoon of turmeric Mix it well Take the seeds out Mix it well & now what to do? Message for 15-20 minutes with this paste to the area of unwanted hairs And after that wash it off And if you are going to waxing then message it prior with this paste And after waxing also message with this paste And you will notice that slowly-slowly the re-growth of your hairs will decrease And after some time growth of hair will be totally stop Means you will permanently get rid of unwanted hairs In a week, at least 3 times it necessary to do this remedy You can even use this regular, & within few days you will get rid of unwanted hairs So, isn’t the remedy was easy? Although there are so many remedies are remaining, but that I’ll share in any another episode Presently our wish is only that you stay healthy, busy, carefree and be with us. To meet us you have to subscribe the channel, tell your fiends & relatives to subscribe this channel, get the health benefits while sitting at home and support us in our motive, our motive is to maximum number of people should get the health benefits while sitting at home So don’t forget to share our videos as maximum as you can And if you have any problem, you can email us Thank You…

45 Replies to “Home Remedies for unwanted Hair Growth II घरेलु नुस्खों से पाएं अनचाहे बालो से छुटकारा II”

  1. Plz tell me phatkari wala private parts py use kr skte hain or kya ic ka result kb tk ho ga or kya yai b permanent ho ga plz reply me plz plz

  2. Sir muje bataye jo apne bataya hai sauf brahmni nd malathi vo alag alag khane hai ya teno chejo ta ik he powder bna kr khana hai

  3. hello sir Im a boy of 17 I started rubbing all five nails and I am getting a lot of hairs in whole body….Can u plzz tell me the permanent solution to stop it and can I use those ingredients…..

  4. ye remedy face aur hands pe use kar sakte hai naa kyu k aap is vdo me apna hath face per hi laga rahe ho, kya turmeric ko replace nahi kar saktay ho , isse hairs white toh nahi honge na,……..plz plz plz plz plz reply me soon?????

  5. Sir i have one request…meri age 25 hai/ merko perids last 3 yrs sy bahut km aata hai khul ky nhi hotta 1 2 din hi rahtta hai..Sir hum baby planing kr rahy hai so please give me some advice . waiting 4 reply thnx

  6. sir flax seeds kaise khana hai or saunf bramhi or mulathi powder kis quantity tino add krna a plz rply

  7. Sir mere hand or chest par hair removal cream use kar ke bal bahat moti ho geyi to app ka a tips bal ko patli or kam kar payegi plz sir reply dijiye

  8. Kya fitkiri and baking soda use karne se upper lip ka hair hamesa ke lia dur ho jayenge ya kuch din baad bapas aa jayenge…kitne dino tak e remady use karna hoga..pls reply

  9. Thank you soo much sir me kafi time se flaxseed kha rahi hu PCOS ke liye and it's really work mera pcos bilkul thik ho gaya hai abhi bina doctor ke dava se only eat flaxseed ☺☺

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