Home Remedies for Yellow Teeth – Get Shiny White Teeth

Home Remedies for Yellow Teeth – Get Shiny White Teeth

Pearl-white teeth could be anybody’s dream, especially of women. People normally have off-white to plain white teeth… depending on the colour of the dentin lying beneath the enamel. However, tooth discoloration is widely prevalent among a large number of people… The stains do not affect the functioning of the teeth… but are most likely to make a person self-conscious. Strange as it may sound, things which people like the most… are things that have taken away the smiles of many…. Excessive intake of tea, coffee, wine, colas, chocolates and other acidic foods could cause staining… Heavy smoking is another. Ageing as well as improper oral hygiene, too, can mar the beauty of your teeth. A visit to the dentist could be an expensive affair. But there are some time-tested home remedies to whiten and brighten up your teeth. Take a quarter teaspoon of baking soda or sodium bicarbonate. And add the amount of toothpaste you want to use for brushing your teeth. Mix them to get a gritty paste. and brush your teeth with it. Rinse with warm water and repeat this once or twice a week. But there is a piece of caution here! Do not use baking soda in excess, as being abrasive it can erode the enamel. Another home remedy that you can try. Take an orange rind or peel and rinse it thoroughly. Rub your teeth with the inner white portion and then rinse your mouth. You can repeat as desired but preferably, before retiring to bed at night. Unlike lemon peel, orange peel will not erode the tooth enamel as it does not contain citric acid. Another home remedy that you can try. Take crushed strawberries or tomatoes. And rub your teeth with the pulp. Strawberry and tomato work as natural teeth whiteners. So now say cheese and show off that white glow with pride. Keep Smiling 🙂

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  1. You can actually lightening your teeth at home using natural method. I sure that you'll satisfied with the result

  2. Thanks for sharing this great tips of home remedies for natural teeth whitening. Don't brush your teeth for any longer than two minutes, as baking soda is a mild abrasive and may begin to erode the enamel on your teeth.  

  3. I've read from some people who've brushed teeth with Baking Soda (Sodium Bicarbonate) for years now, but I think that they said to dissolve it in liquid entirely before brushing with it. I believe this will lessen the abrasiveness by quite a bit.

  4. For the life of me other than the strawberries, most of the ingredients she talks about contains acid , including the tomatoes that will further damage the enamel. I used baking soda to clean by burned pan why on earth would I use it to brighten my teeth?

  5. I don't have stains, I have off white teeth and not even one home remedy is working to make them milk white. I'm heading to the dentist.

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