Home Remedies II स्तम्भन दोष II (With English Subtitle)

Welcome to Health Care At Home Today we will talk about erectile disfunction or erectile disorder This happens due to age factor Where erection dont last long Most probably it gets loosen in between So what we have to do is let me tell you What is erection and why it gets loosen Our blood flows towards our penis nerves and fills it up that is called erection This erection looses because our blood is unable to flow towards our penis One of the reason is lack of blook in our body I will tell you a remedy for this Take 15 Raisins soak them in 150ml water overnight Eat this raisins by chewing nicely in the morning then drink that water in which it was soaked Blood will increase in your bosy and it will start flowing towards your penis Apart from this whenever you urinate just stop the urine in between and again do this is the exercise for penis You will get rid of erectile disfunction One more solution I will tell you this will also increase your erection power This is called ashwini mudra Contract your anus and make fist of your palms when you release it that time open the fist If you observe a horse while latrine his anus gets contract and release Do this ashwini mudra for 10-15 days 11-12times a day you will get rid of problems witnin a week And if you do this regularly your erection power will increase than your past performance So do this mudra atleast 11-12 times a day And go to a yoga teacher and learn bhujangasana, vajrasana, lotus position, sun satutation, siddhasana This asanas also cure your erectile disfuntionality problem You can do lotus position just fold your legs sit like this Bhujangasana just sleep on your stomach and raise your upper body straight and hands touching the ground You can do pashimotasana, vajrasana means sit as if you reading namaz like muslims Sitting like that also will cure your erectile disfunctionality Apart from this take 2 tsp of gooseberry juice with 2 tsp of honey in the morning on empty stomach This will cure your erection as well as premature ejaculation problem When you dont get gooseberry juice that time take gooseberry powder 1 tsp of gooseberry powder with 2 tsp of honey and have it drink water on it This will cure your erectile disfuction Now remedy for people whose sexual performance has weaken 7 almonds, 7 black pepper, 3 tsp poppy seeds, 2 tsp watermelon seeds, a small cinnamon piece, a bayleaf Put brown cardamon if you have grind this all for better results soak them in water overnight and grind it in morning Add 1 tsp gooseberry powder in it Mix them and add a bit of ghee in a pan add this powder in it and fry it have 2 tsp of this paste with saffron honey milk Your performance will increase 3-4 times within 7 days This works in each and every sexual problem So try this and see the results Do ashwini mudra and vajrasana you can try this and see that your performance has increase from the past You can try this in the age of 50 also If you have diabetes dont use honey in it You will be surprised by this results These were the simple solutions Keep away doctors and get good health at home itself Rest we wish to see you healthy, happy, fit and keep meeting us You just have to subscribe our channel to meet us Ask your friends and relatives to do the same Keep away doctors and get good health at home itself Thank you

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