HOME REMEDIES & TIPS FOR INCREASING HEIGHTS II कद बढ़ाने के लिए नुस्खे और घरेलू उपचार II

Welcome to Health Care At Home One of our viewer Yash Khambkar Says he is 19 years old he is from new mumbai and his height is 5.5 feet My younger brother is taller than me I want tips for increasing height Best solution to increase height is exercise How to do it I will tell you But firstly I will tell you home remedy to increase your height Take 60 gms Calcium Hydroxide in glass or earthen vessel add 1200ml water in it Mix it with a stick nicely After every 3-4 hours mix it Do it for 12 hours to make water white Keep it overnight So Calcium hydroxide will settle down Filter that water Refrigerate this water Add 4 tsp of this water in your milk in the morning and have it You can drink it with milk or water daily Approximately for 6 months Your height will increase in natural way as your age is also 19 years you will have a good height This will increase your height As I told you exercise is must to increase your height You can do tadasana stretch your hand straight up and pull your body upwards Your feet should come on toes Swimming is also best solution to increase your height Your apatite as well as your height will increase by swimming Your height will increase 3-4 inch within a year if you have that water and swim You will get rid of your complex You have to eat calcium food Have banana milk and honey 4 bananas, a glass of milk with honey Also have spinach and carrot with banana milk and honey This will help you increase your height Have pineapple juice twice a week Also do the pull ups Height dont increase because we stop playing ancient games Our games are computerized now So be natural play cricket, badminton, hockey, football Play the games which exerts your body Within 1-2 years your height will definately increase Dont play games on computer keep your body active then only your height will increase Swimming is must for you with that calcium hydroxide water Also do cycling 1/2 an hour daily Do swimming cycling and play natural games Do this simple steps to increase your height Rest we wish to see you healthy fit happy and keep meeting us You just have to subscribe our channel to meet us Ask your friends and relatives to do the same Keep away doctors and get good health at home itself If you are blackberry user then find bbm pin on our description and subscribe us on that You can join us on facebook or twitter Keep away doctors and get good health at home itself Thank you

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