Home Remedies to cure Melasma-Part 1 II चेहरे के दाग धब्बो का घरेलू उपचार- भाग -1 II

Home Remedies to cure Melasma-Part 1 II चेहरे के दाग धब्बो का घरेलू उपचार- भाग -1 II

Welcome to Health Care At Home One of our viewer Adnan Khan from Australia He has problem of Melasma Firstly we need to know what is melasma Melasma is a skin disease where you get brown patches on your skin This problem occur most probably in pregnant woman Melasma is basically excess production of melanin If someone gets malaria and if he has a tablet to cure it then this is the side effect of it People who expose in sunlight also faces this problem of melasma People who takes hormonal tablets also face this problem People who take birth contil pill also face this problem How to save yourself from melasma Dont let your gases and bile increase Some of the things that you dont have to do is Avoid Brinjal, Tamarind, cold drink Melasma increases due to cold drink Avoid Sugarcane, refined sugar You can use jaggery/sulphurless sugar/ artificial sweetner as a substitute for refined sugar Avoid Deep fried stuffs, things that increase your acid should be avoided Melasma is a type of thing that suppose if your body is burning You should never expose to heat or sunlight much Cover your face while going out in sunlight Wear glares so that melasma wont affect your eye sides Control these things and you will get rid of melasma quit alcohol If you cant quit alcohol have it twice or thrice a week dont consume it regularly Reduce the quantity of alcohol intake day by day If you are consuming alcohol then drink water with it Drink 1/2 litre water before consuming alcohol If you are having a party and consuming alcohol in more quantity then have a glass of water in between as well So that will control acid made by alcohol You will get rid of melasma problem if you take water in between This episode will be in 2 parts I will give you many remedies on this so if you are not satisfied with this watch part 2 as well I want to give you such remedies that you get the things in your country If you dont have the things available for 1 remedy you can shift to other Everyone will get benefit from our programme If your diary is burning then what will you do to stop that you will pour water on it similarly you have to drink water to cure melasma Drink atleast 31/2 liters of water daily Your melanin will get controlled through water Vitamin C is good to control melasma so have 50 ml gooseberry juice with 30 ml aloe vera juice twice a day on empty stomach This will control excess production of melanin Your melasma problem will be cured Take trifala powder squeeze 1/2-1 lemon in it to make a paste Add some water to make a proper paste of it and leave for 15-20 mins to mix it well this will act like scrub & facewash Massage this for 15 mins this will deep clean your face & it will glow Apply it nicely and then rinse your face with warm water You also have to take care of one thing to control your sweat Don’t exercise in summer or put on the fan or AC and exercise See to it that you get less sweat while you do exercise Drink a glass of water while exercising and if you stretch it for long time then drink a sip of water in between While going out apply aloe vera gel to the uncovered skin sit for 5 mins and then go This will work as a natural sunscreen If not Aloe vera take 1/2 tsp of Multani powder add 4 tsp of cow milk apply this paste on uncovered skin and dry it If you cant do this apply sunscreen of good brand and then go out You should see to it that sunlight doesnot damage your skin You can cover your skin and go or try these remedies Eat heavy anti oxidant fruit Have Tomatoes, Red Grapes, Blue Berry, Black Berry Anti oxidants also help to control melasma Other remedies for melasma will be there in next episode We always wish our viewers happy and healthy life keep watching us. You just have to subscribe our channel to meet us Ask your friends and relatives to do the same Keep away doctors and get good health at home itself And if you like our video then share it Thank you

71 Replies to “Home Remedies to cure Melasma-Part 1 II चेहरे के दाग धब्बो का घरेलू उपचार- भाग -1 II”

  1. Sir, I am suffering from melasma and it is becoming more worse. If I use vitamin c serum will it help? I am only 31 years old but my skin ageing very fast,please give some suggestions.

  2. i have saw your youtuve clip and i using onion remedy sicne 6 month but not effected if you have other remedy for us.

  3. i have brown little little pimples type under eyes i dont know what to say it.what can i do for it

  4. sirji Maine bahut jagah se suna turmeric aur doodh ka paste lagane se malesma Kam hota Hai par aap ne kaha Hai ki malesma ka asar garam Hai aur turmeric bhi garam Hai too turmeric se malesma cure kaise ho sakta Hai??

  5. sir maine bhut try kiya bhut jyada treatment kraya pr mere face se ye jhai dur hi n ho rha h plsssss aisa kuch upay jo puri trh se is dag ko dur kre

  6. azmaya hua nuksa patanjli ka toothpaste melasma wali jaga par lagaye Pani k sath jhag BNA k 2 din main 50 % se jyada black spots gayab ho jayenge

  7. Hi sir. Mujhe burps bahur aate. Constipation bhi rehta. Trifala papaya doent work. I have mailed you. Plz give solution.

  8. Mje to thyroid Ka hormonal prblm h to tab leti Hu kai salo se ..mje frhead n chick pe bht pigmentation h ..plz reply what I do

  9. Sir Maine do bar papya lagaye tisri bar lagaya to muje skin me bahut jalan huwa aap muje bataye kya karu malasma bahut hay muje chahere pe


  11. Sir kya aap ayurved se kisi ka melasma thik kiya hai? Mai is liye bol raha hun kun ki Elopathy k doctor bol rahe ki eya, melasma thik nahi hota hai

  12. Hi sir … I am a chef 👩‍🍳… and do u think this is the main reason why I have melasma… bcz I spend most of my time in front of the stoves …???

  13. sir g mujy b malasma hy,muj se normal pani pea nehi jata kuo k naak ki hadi bari hy nazla ho jata hy , To neam garam pani peny se malasma sehi ho jaay ga k nehi.plz reply?

  14. Sir me dhup me nahi jati jab bhi jati hu kavar karti hu par muje tension bhot hai isse mere chare par bhot jhaiya hai or pitt bhi bhot hai avla ka juice sir sijan me hi hota hai patnjali ka acha nahi lagta

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