Home Remedies To Cure Stomach Ulcer II पेट के फोड़े के लिए घरेलु उपचार II

Home Remedies To Cure Stomach Ulcer II पेट के फोड़े के लिए घरेलु उपचार II

Welcome to health care at home One of our viewer Mr. Ahmad Javed He has emailed us & written that he is having problem of stomach ulcer & for that is asking home remedies. See, Mr. Ahmad first of all let us know that what is this Stomach ulcer. It is also called Peptic ulcer & Gastric Ulcer. The reason behind this ulcer is. When we eat something then to digest that food our body releases acids, juices When these stomach Acids get released in excessive quantity Then it may happen that problem of stomach ulcer can happen. There are so many reason behind the releasing of excessive juice first of all it depends what are you eating. It is noticed in America that 1 person out of 10 had definitely face this problem of stomach ulcer once in his life time. And what is the reason behind this? They people consume red meat , beef in high quantity And along with this they don’t cook them properly they cook it rarely & due to this stomach acid gets releases in high quantity and due to this reason there most of people face problem of stomach ulcer And its main reason is this, That if you consume lot of pain killers Then you have maximum chances to have stomach ulcer It is been noticed that those who consume lot of pain killers they maximum got affected by stomach ulcer Now, let us talk about that how to get rid of this stomach ulcer. See, the first thing is that you have to increase your water intake That means, it is necessary for you to drink at least 2-1/2 to 3 liter of water in a day So that the acids which are getting released they should neutralized. And there you have to avoid so many things Just like Alcohol, If you consume alcohol in high quantity. Even then your stomach acid can increased. And people drink soda to get rid of this, which is completely wrong. Don’t consume soda at all, as it will only increases the stomach acids . Along with this don’t consume coffee. As consumption of coffee also increases the stomach acids & you could have problem of stomach ulcer You should take Green Tea, As green tea contains Flavonoids which works really good in stomach ulcer So, you can consume Tea but If possible then consume Green Tea. As it will be very good for the ulcer Since in this problem often acidity is felt due to acid releasing. So people often says and even pain happen in stomach so to this people drinks cold milk But in a latest research it is found that during stomach ulcer You shouldn’t consume Milk as in Milk contains a mineral which is called calcium And when this calcium get digested then it makes more stomach acids. So this myth of , like one should take drink milk at the time of stomach acidity to have relief You shouldn’t do this, as it is proven in the latest research That if you will drink then your stomach will not only increase but will be have worst form as well. What you have to do? You have to consume such thing which contains Flavonoids . Like Carrots You should consume Carrots If you will consume Carrot juice before every meal. Of if you take 3 carrots and eat them chewing nicely through out the day then you will get relief in the problem of stomach ulcer Its important to know that what you shouldn’t eat. Let me tell you all the deep fried, spicy , oily & tangy food shouldn’t be eaten. Or you can understand this way, like during stomach ulcer of peptic ulcer the internal wall of the stomach and there you got some wound and sore. And what will you put there if you have some wound and sore inside? Can you put spicy or tangy things? No because they will burn your internal system. So this internal wound which is not visible to you. So, you must treat in a way that internally you have a wound and there you have to put such things in it which shouldn’t worst the things or won’t destroy them more. So in that case you should consume Red Grapes, as they are really good for this. Along with this let me tell you a remedy, Take Liquorice (Mulethi) You have to chew Liqorice thrice time in a day And the saliva which will be generated after chewing Mulethi (Liquorice) You have to swallow that saliva This Liquorice works really wonder in stomach ulcer and gives instant relief in that too. If you have Liquorice powder then you can mix it with honey & consume it. Or you can do one thing, you can nicely boil Liquorice powder in the water Put 1 spoon of Liquorice powder in 1 glass of water & have a nice boil to it. And after straining when this water become light lukewarm Then you have to consume this water thrice a time in a day. You can consume almost 3 glass in a day With this also you will get relief in stomach ulcer Or even you can eat Liquorice powder with anything Or you can take rice, Specifically the broken rice which is also known as (Kani in hindi) Make sure that the rice you take are easy to digest So, boil that rice and add 1 spoon of Liquorice powder in it and you can also add honey in it, as honey also contains very good healing properties. So, if you will consume this. Then within 1 week you will start getting relief. Along with this do exercise, Its very important to do exercise for almost 1/2 hour at least and to sweat out. Do any type of exercise, You can do walking, Jogging . You can even do yoga But make sure you sweat, with this also you will get so much of relief in stomach ulcer And yes, you have to stop smoking, as smoking increases the stomach acids. If stomach acid increases and to that you have ulcer also then your ulcer can become in worst position. Then it can be very painful and problematic too. Along with this consume Bel means Wood Apple Its pulp. Yes. Cut this fruit and take out its pulp and mash its pulp and mix it in the water and after mashing, strain this. Now the juice which you will get, that’s quite greasy. you can consume this juice twice a day morning and in evening, before you eat anything. with this also you will get so much of relief in stomach ulcer Along with the leaves of wood apple Take few Wood Apples leaves, crush them with your hands and soak them into 1 glass of water and you have to soak this mix into copper vessel you have to soak this for overnight in a copper vessel And next morning, strain this water and consume this Use this for one week, you will notice a good amount of relief in stomach ulcer. Even now we have lot of remedies for stomach ulcer There are lots of precautions to share with you, but that I will tell you in another episode. 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