Home Remedies & Treatments : How to Treat a Rib Fracture

Home Remedies & Treatments : How to Treat a Rib Fracture

Throughout the course of everyday life, we’re
all going to incur some type of injury. Hi, I’m Captain Joe Bruni. What I want to talk
about is how to treat the minor fractured rib. Fractured rib can present itself in sharp
pain, especially during the inspiration of breathing. If the person is suspected of having
a cracked rib or a fractured rib, pieces of adhesive tape, one to two inches in width
should be placed across the fracture area site by taping from the front of the sternum
all the way around to the back of the spine, taping across the fracture suspected site,
and taping slightly below and slightly above that area. This will help reduce pain and
keep that area stable. After the area has been taped off, the person should be encouraged
to cough to keep secretions and fluids from accumulating and pooling in the lung. It will
be painful, but encourage the person to cough to avoid this secondary problem from occurring.
If it’s a major fracture site it will have to be treated as a flailed chest by placing
some type of device and keeping that person still as they breathe, and keep reducing movement
in that flail or damage segment area. I’m Captain Joe Bruni. Stay safe, and we’ll see
ya’ next time.

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  1. Pleuracy is why you MUST cough. It will feel like dieing e.g. a heart attack.
    You will scream from pain, but fall gasping breathless unable to breath, and trying to scream again. So cough and be glad you're rib is the only problem.
    I went 2 weeks with pleuracy and I the ER couldn't believe it. No drug will stop that pain; however, time and antibiotics are the only cure. *COUGH!*

  2. I had an atv accident and fractured 2 back ribs and 1 front rib. Also fractured my shoulder blade. Can't do hardly anything right now….

  3. i fractured mine a couple days before valentines day and never bothered with any treatment (i did it at a concert and just assumed it was the muscles being stupid from keeping my arms raised for basically 4 hours something which i regret now) it still very painful, think its too late to bother trying?

  4. TIP: To Cough properly, simply start really soft and gentle…and with each cough slightly increase power. In music this is called a crescendo (a gradual increase in loudness in a piece of music, increase in loudness or intensity). Study vocal breathing and use that technique…breath from the diaphragm.
    When you say cough to someone, they might try too hare, it'll hurt bad, and that will discourage them to be consistent.

    Also, move slowly and steadily, so that you don't jerk around and cause that "knee jerk" reaction.

    Happy healing !!!!!!!!

  5. Thank's for the vid. Just a thought: if you ever consider growing out the back of your hair, say just to shoulder's, and turning that stache into a handle-bar stache and lastly dye your hair yellow/blonde you would be a total Hulk Hogan look alike….brother!!

  6. You should NEVER wrap broken or fractured ribs. That is old school thinking. It actually can cause pneumonia because it restricts breathing and fluid can build up in your lungs.

  7. I have a bruised rib and I still play football and I haven't told my coach it hurts so bad at to get tackled I don't want to tell my coach because I don't want to get kicked off the football team

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