Home Remedy For Baldness & Hair Regrowth|ONION JUICE & Black Pepper Corn for Hair|Sushmita’s Diaries

Home Remedy For Baldness & Hair Regrowth|ONION JUICE & Black Pepper Corn for Hair|Sushmita’s Diaries

hey everyone healthy hair not just adds up to your overall appearance but also boost confidence on the other hand baldness or hair loss can bring about great emotional stress to anyone not all of us know that hair could be regrown with some home remedies easily so it’s time to say bye-bye to expensive clinical treatments and all you need is some patience and dedication so here I am sharing an easy home remedy to grow new hair all we need for this remedy is an onion, 4 black pepper corns and few rose petals I am sure all these things are easily available in all households onions are extremely high in the mineral called sulphur which is one of the main building blocks of hair it improves blood circulation and provides the hair follicle with nourishment it is high in antibacterial content which fights scalp infections and fungus onions also have the enzyme catalase that prevents premature Hair graying here I have soaked four black peppercorn in one teaspoon of water black pepper has a lot of medicinal properties it is rich in vitamin A and C along with flavonoids and carotenoids and other antioxidants however it should be used in a limited quantity or it might cause discomfort by soaking the peppercorn overnight they swell up and are easy to grind soak them in minimum water as I have done here as extra water will make our mask too runny here, I have taken the Indian variety of rose which has a strong sweet smell and is used in making rosewater it has high medicinal properties and is grown in home gardens across Southeast Asia like in India,Pakistan Bangladesh and Sri Lanka we would avoid the farm-grown Rose which has no smell rose not just cancels the pungent smell of onion and pepper but also increases blood flow to hair follicles hence promoting hair growth so I will peel and dice a medium sized onion into small pieces I will now drop all the ingredients into
a blender remember not to add any water also the paste should be really fine to extract out maximum juice so here is the fine paste it can be applied in the hair in this form as well however the pulp of the ingredients here
might be difficult to wash out from the hair completely so we will extract juice from the paste using a strainer now let’s begin the application make sure you have brushed your hair properly for an even application dip a cotton ball into the onion juice and squeeze out the excess section your hair as we have to reach out to all hair strands and focus on the roots begin the application on the roots trying to cover the entire scalp right,left and center dip the cotton frequently into the juice for maximum application make sure the juice doesn’t get into your eyes once the application is over we would
slightly massage the scalp for boosting blood circulation I don’t apply the juice onto the lengths as it makes my hair dry always use your fingertips for massage don’t scratch the scalp with finger nails once the massage is over tie your hair up and wear a shower cap I leave the juice overnight for optimum
results you can leave it at least for an hour or so if not overnight try this out twice a week for a few months be patient as natural remedies take time use a mild shampoo and conditioner to wash the hair if the smell of onion is too annoying try the apple cider vinegar rinse once a week to knock the odours out click on the adjacent link to see my video on apple cider vinegar rinse or
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  2. Al lies…i got bold after usin onion…dis is the 2nd tym dat i trusted dis ppl n used…first tym wen i used dat tym also i lost lot of hair nw after yrs i tried again same….fake u r

  3. Dis girl alwaz cums up wid new recipes n tel us dat dis is gud bolke….plz dnt fool innocent ppl k… Guys to b frank dnt trust dem…hibiscus is the best dnt use onion its dangerous may nt nw bt future u wil lose hair for sure

  4. My hair fall had begun during clg time..Nd during 2yrs front side and top side of head became bald like plain surface…I expensed Mony for many oil ,different remidies..But didn't work a little bit..Finally I found an address of an oldman named sudanmajhi who gave me a bottle of handmade liquid and said to mix it with oil before applying on hair..I used it finally I got 80 % improvement within 6month..Now I have no bald spot…

  5. What are other ways to reduce pungent smell of onion. We have limited access to flowers were I live and they r very costly. Thanks.

  6. दि मेरे बाल बहुत जाता झड़ रहे हैं कोई भी तेल कोई उपाय बताए घरेलू नुस्खे मेरे बाल झड़ना बंद हो जाए

  7. कोई भी तेल से बाल झड़ना बंद नहीं हो रहे हैं कोई उपाय बताए घरेलू नुस्खे मेरे बाल के लिए

  8. Hello I also lives noida and there is really hard water because of my hair is falling regularly and I have dry hair and also have dandruff and i have coloured hair also as of now I used Color shampoo I want to know which shampoo I use for my hair please help me out this it will really help for me to stop me hair fall

  9. Didi meri 1 mahine me adhe se jada baal jhar geyi hain… Meri v aapke jaise baal thi…
    Keya karu…?
    Regrowth possible hain keya?

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  11. Hi there! Thank you so much for your videos! I have a silly question.. (I kind of think I know the answer 😓) ..I boiled the onions before putting them in the blender.. this left me with onion water. Then I squeezed the onion juice in the same bowl where I had the onion water.. so I have onion juice mixed with onion water. Did I messed the treatment completely? Or will the onion water still do some good to my scalp?

    Many thanks in advance!

  12. Apka onion oil use krte h rat me .to kya isko use oil ke bad lga skte h kya plz reply. Or jtamshi oil ke bad bhi lga skte h kya .mere bl 2 inche bd gye h so plz reply

  13. What if i just use olive oil and onion ? Knowing that i am a man and i don't need excessive hair growth, i just want to avoid baldness

  14. in how many days the hairs will regrow tell us truth don't play with our emotions you are also a girl please reply

  15. Hello Sushmaji, I totally lost my hair and am fully bald. Can this hair pack help me to regrow my hair. Plz plz help.

  16. Hello di.. Mere hair day by day white hote jaa rahe hain.. Plzz koi remedy btaye plz plz plz.. Need ur advice alot.. Thanks..

  17. Can I spray it to my hair? pouring it in a spray bottle?
    It'll be helpful if you reply.. I'm surely gonna try this.. ❤ from Bangladesh

  18. Türkçe çeviri yapabilecek biri yok mu? Ne kadar beklemeliyiz soğanlı suyla bir de haftada kaç kez tekrar edilmeli?

  19. hi mam sooo beautifull hair 👌👌thnk for sharing this vedio week mai kittney time use karu mam plz reply 🌹

  20. hai i have one doubt…white trying natural ingredients to hair…if we use shampoo does the natural ingredients work ….becomes shampoo actually clears the natural pack on hair …..

  21. Kya isse Mera hair ka regrowth ho ga….i mean Mera naye Baal ugenge…. I am just 20so it's very important me

  22. Hello mam, I have too much of gaps in my hairs. Is this remedy work? I am really in worry abt my hairs. I don't have thyroid or hemoglobin problem. I want to regrow my hairs. If I will use this remedy then how much of time it will take. Plz suggest.

  23. Didi aapne itna pyaj khrab KR Diya aapke hair meko dedo plz paise le Lena Didi😁😁😁😁😁😁🤣🤣🤣😂

  24. This is just video none of these will work. Baldness is cause by genetic, onion juice is nothing to do with gene

  25. My sister was suffering from depression from 1 year, due to
    which she started suffering from hair fall problem. Her became very fragile and
    thin and started falling. She used so many oils and products but not much improvement.
    Finally one of our friend told us about Planet Ayurveda, we came here, started
    using Hair care pack. Now she is very happy with her hair growth as well as

  26. Wo black paper ka kya karna h m wo nhi samji😭😭😭😭😭😭😭please batou na didi ….kali merch ko kya karna h

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