Home remedy for Mental illness & Stress Problems II तनाव समस्या और मानसिक बीमारियो का घरेलू उपचार I

Home remedy for Mental illness & Stress Problems II तनाव  समस्या और मानसिक बीमारियो का घरेलू उपचार I

Welcome to health care at home Today will talk about some mental illness which is quite normal, like getting too much angry being stressed or the children are not able to concentrate on their studies or some of the people have sleeplessness like they have wakefulness or some people are too much sleepy we will talk about all these mental illness specially some people noticed that get too much angry and in the anger they beating their kids and their wife too what should be done by these patients in morning an empty stomach take full ripe two apples and chew them wisely and consume them and this process should be utilized for al teast 15 days with this he will stop getting angry if you are not getting the ripe apples and the season is not for the apples then i can tell you an alternative you have to take an Gooseberry pulp like take out one gooseberry from the pulp and eat it with the empty stomach and in evening one sppoon of rese petal jam with milk, with one glass of milk you have to consume rose petal jam in evening and you will notice that you are not getting angry anymore children who don’t remember their study, or they forget what they learn they must consume apple with empty stomach, they will notice that the problem of lose track of will be gone away now many people have problem that they feel lethargic they are very sleepy, even in the days they are very very sleepy such type of people should do one thing, take 2 cloves and if you get 1 betal leaf then take 1 betal leaf and along with the 2 cloves chew it wisely and after chewing the saliva generates, swallow that so then the problem of lethargic and getting sleepy will be far off along with that those who suffers from headache due to getting sleepy in that case this process will be helpful if you are not getting cloves and betal then you can do more thing take tea leaf and put tea leaf in the hot water and leave it for 2 minutes, after that strain that water and in that strain water, squeeze 1 lemon into it and after squeezing lemon, if you will consume this water then if you getting lethargic and sleepy then that will be gone away such type of people should sit in Kneeling pose sitting in kneeling pose also give so much of relief now multiple people are noticed that they are wakefulness they have complaing of sleeplessness, so what they have to do for sleeplessnell take 50 gms of poppy seeds and 50 gms of peeled watermelon seeds mean seeds of watermelon take them, mix both of them and make the perfect powder out of it and consume 3 spoon of this powder in morning and 3 spoon in evening before sleeping you will notice that the problem of wakefulness is no more affecting you now, some people have problem of stress not some people, now days every body is strressed if you are getting stressed then i will tell you one remedy just do it and you will get relief in the stress start counting from backwards like from 100 to 01 means like 100,99,98 like this you have to start counting 100,99,98,97 like this if you will speak so then when you will reach on 01 then you will notice that you problem of stress is getting gone away along with this do one more remedy, eat raw onion with your meal and after having you meal chew 2 cloves of garlic afterwards almost 5-7 spoon of milk means 1/4 cup of milk should be consumed you will get relief in stress before sleeping dab the cotton into the mustard oil and put it on your navel or if you want you can cover it with the bandage or you can put tape or anyother way you like it apart from this you can do one more remedy to rule out stress take mustard seedsoil and let it be lukewarm and put 4 drop of it in left ear and cover it with cotton and put 4 drop of it in right ear and cover it with cotton do this remedy 2-3 times in a week before you go to sleep you will notice that you are getting relief in stress apart from that before sleeping do wash you feet with lukewarm water with this also you will get relief so isn’t it all the remedies were very easy? Rest out wish is only that you stay healthy,busy,carefree and be with us. And to meet us what you have to do, just subscribe this channel Tell this to your friends and relatives to subscribe this channel Get all the health benefits while siting at home and support us in out motive Our motive is to make maximum number of people healthy at their home only So, share our videos as much as is possible. Thank You…

25 Replies to “Home remedy for Mental illness & Stress Problems II तनाव समस्या और मानसिक बीमारियो का घरेलू उपचार I”

  1. Hello sir.mujhe raat ko neend nahi aati, aur saara din susti rehti he.meri age 27 years he.mujhe headache bhi hamesha rehta he.pls koi solution bataayiye.

  2. for anger i would say … stop eating outside food "they contain some really bad chemicals for taste" and stop eating sea salt ! you can use rock salt "sanda namak" it is far more better than that !

  3. Hello sir mere problem ha I ki mujhe Kai versho se paaron ke talwo me irritation hai jisper koi ilaz asser nahi kar raha..Kya aap ke pass koi home remidy hai jo mujhe iss bimmari se chutkara dila sake.I m very thankful to u please help me

  4. sir meri maa kuch bhi bol deti hai aur o jayada tensan me rahti hai usko rat ko nind nahi aati hai aur kisi pe visvash nahi karti kisi bat pe koi achchha bat kahe to bhi naraj ho jati hai aur gussa bhi jayada aata hai dosro ke bato me jaldi aati hai ye nahi dekhti o sahi kah raha hai ya galt visvash kar leti hai aur uske sar me dard hardam rahta hai piliz sir koi upay bataye

  5. If you wish to become more informed about the psyche (mental illness/suffering, addictions, etc.),
    I highly recommend reading the materials of and/or listening to (via youtube), Dr. Gabor Maté.
    Elise aka Godgirl

  6. sir mujeh eyes me problem jab my book padthy ho to mujeh side ky cheez dundleh dik ta hai is vajay se my hamesha stress me rehtyhu pls side blurred vision ke liye home remedy bateye

  7. Please sir aap mere ko koi cure hai toh bataaiye ki kya agar koi patient apne aap se din bhar baat karta hai useh lagta ho ki doosro se baat kar raha hai, ajeeb harkat karta hai usko kaise theek kar saktey hai jo ki kaafi time se ho raha hai, any cure

  8. samaj nahi aa raha . dusre channel par ek babaji keh rahe the greentea se depression ki problem hoti hai. aur kacha payaz bhi nahi khana stress me.

  9. "I have been hospitalised several times in the past year due to my anxiety attacks. doctors just keep filling me full of medications and telling me it's all in my head !
    But I took home remedies too. So now I feel better. You too take home remedies for stress at #livealittle longer"

  10. My father had depression from last 2 years and he took several medications but got no relief. Now he is taking medicine from planet ayurveda and it is very effective.

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