HOME REMEDY FOR SLEEP APNEA II अत्यधिक नींद के कु प्रभावों का घरेलू उपचार II

HOME REMEDY FOR SLEEP APNEA II अत्यधिक नींद के कु प्रभावों का घरेलू उपचार II

Welcome to Health care at home Ashwa. D has mailed us he writes he has problem of sleep apnea After waking up in the morning he feels sleepy the whole day It has increased so much that once while driving he slept in his car Give me the solution on sleep apnea Your position is very critical while driving car you sleep that means oxygen supply to your brain is stoped Due to which you fall a sleep in this case it is common that person dont sleep at night but is sleepy the whole day I will tell you 3-4 solution on this Do whichever is possible for you You will feel relaxed and you will get rid of this problem Take Poppy seeds and water melon seeds in same proportion and make its powder Have this 3gm powder in the morning and at night with a glass of milk this will solve your problem For sleep apnea its important for you to do ujjayi pranayama I will show you how to go for it Pull in the breath and then leave Now close your mouth and breath through your nose and there should be a sound of your breath like this Once you breath in like this put your chin on your neckline and hold it as much as you can Now close your right nostril and release the breath with your left nostril After releasing do the whole procedure again do this 11 times after waking up in the morning on empty stomach You will get rid of sleep apnea within 7-8 days you will get rid of snoring as well So try poppy seeds and watermelon seeds powder as well as this pranayama Apart from this while sleepy try this add 10-12 mint leaves in 250 gms of water boil this water then filter it Now Add 2 tsp of honey in it drink this water before going to bed you will fall asleep very quickly If you dont have Hyper tension or High Blood pressure you can do sarvangasana or shirshasana If you have high blood pressure dont try this and if your fit go for it this will increase oxygen supply to your brain One more pranayama I will show you that is called nadishodan or it is also called as anulom vilom Do this asana half an hour before you go to bed This will increase oxygen supply to your brain You will have good sleepy and you will be fresh in the morning I will show you how to do anulom vilom Close right nostril with right hand thumb breath in from left nostril fill in the oxygen in your lungs completely Now hold the oxygen and close the left nostril continue holding it release it from right side again hold it Breath in from right side hold it and release it from left do this for atleast 15 mins this will increase oxygen in brain Ujjayi pranayama and this pranayama Apart from this take 6 gms of poppy seeds add it in 250 ml of water and grind it and filter it Drink that water in the morning on empty stomach This also helps in sleep apnea problem And if you feel restless and dont feel sleepy at night then try this Take nutmeg scrap it and make it in a powder form Add 1/4th of this nutmeg powder in 2-3 tsp of milk and have it You will have a good sleep with this Try this simple solutions nowadays many people are facing this problem due to stress and bad eating habit Apart from this avoid junk food, Fried food, Tamarind and sour meals and drink 3 liters of water regularly Avoid Smoking this increases sleep apnea due to smoke your lungs also dont get oxygen thats why stop smoking Your problem of sleep apnea will increase due to smoke So stop smoking and try the solutions that i said and you will be free from sleep apnea Rest we wish to see you healthy, fit, happy and keep meeting us And you just have to subscribe this channel to meet us Ask your friends and relatives to subscribe this channel Keep away from doctor and get a good health at home Thank you

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  7. There are several ideas for relieving insomnia quickly
    Try to keep it quite around you
    Stay as calm as you can
    Stick to the same sleep patterns every day
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  8. sir namaskar. aapka advise bahot aachchhe hote hain, mujhe behad pasan sir. sir mera bhee sleep deprivation ki samasya hai aur mujhe blood pressure bhee hai. raat ko khana khane ka baad halka garam dudh pitahun jo aapne hi diya huwa tricks hai but kabhi kabhi nid aati please sir if you have any others idea……

  9. Sir mje raat me neend achi ati hai but subah 6-7 gym kr k ata hun to dobara neend ajati aur 12-1 baj jata h koi upay btaye??mere aur dost ko nid nhi ati jo mere sath gym krte h. Iska koi upaye btaye. Exam time bhi arha h. Study me proper time nhi ho pata.

  10. Thank you! Is there a certain period of time that one should do these/any in particular (such as 1 week, a month, a couple days, etc)? Is it something you can try, and if it helps with sleep apnea, you can maybe stop doing it? For example, do I have to drink the seed mis=xture everyday for the rest of my life if it works? 😛

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  12. Hi
    I have been suffering from Day Sleepiness for about 10 years. I consulted many physicians and was of no use. Also I had allergies and indigestion for which I consulted skin specialists and of no use. With all these I could not participate actively in my business which was day-by day going down. For compensating financial needs I took a Taxi for Uber / Ola and tried to work hard. Even then I could not do because of sleepiness. Twice I met with accidents also. I could not even eat bread due to gastritis. GOD also could not help me after praying.
    Finally on march 23rd I consulted an ENT specialist, Mrs.Anitha Krishnan in Koramangal, Bangalore. She confirmed that it is Sleep Apnea and she estimated 1.4 Lakhs for operation which I was not prepared to spend. Finally I watched your video on 24th and tried to follow your few tips and today is 27th. I found a 70% recovery in all the problems. Me and My family members are very happy about this. I am very thankful to all your team, specially SrivastavaJi. SAADAR PRANAAM.

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  18. Helo sir mera questions ye tha ki agr koi sleeping pills ke overdose lena suru kiya ho… Unko bina btaye unse sleeping pills kese churvaye plz btaye jarure hum bhut problm m hai ???????????????????????????

  19. Hello sir
    Mujha koi bimari nhi ha par mujha bhut Jada nind Aaethi ha night ma bhi and morning ma bhi sir plzz kuchh bato na .sir isa video ma jo diya ha appna vo jina bimari nhi ha vo bhi use kar skata ha

  20. Wah Shreeman, …aapne kitna sateek salah diya hai ..mai zaroor shuru karta hun aaj se ..sach maniye toh mujhe aaj tak kissi ki salah gale hi nahi utari hai parantu jo baaten aapne batai hain bilkul sateek aur sahi lag rahi hain. Aapko ko koti koti dhanywad ..mujh 100% umeed hai ki abb fayda ho ke rahega

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  22. Sir mere Ku Bahat nind ata hai sone kee bad body baht week lagta hai men nahi janpata hu ki ye Kansas rog hai kindly mujhe aap help karenge tu achha hoga. 8093368410

  23. Breathing issue because of sleep apnea , any solution ???? Ujjai pranyam and anulom vilon is good .
    Any food to eat for sleep apnea patient who faced breathing issue ?????

  24. Sir muzhe raat me acchi nind aati hai.mai minimum 8:30 hours sota hu raat ko phir bhi jab me subeh nahake padhai ke liye baith tha hu to eyes focus nahi hote aur automatically band hote hai jiske vajah se studies me concentrate nahi hota.1 mahine se ye problem hai kya ye sleep apnea symptoms hai?

  25. Being overweight is one of the major risk factors associated with sleep apnea. In fact, nearly 70 percent of people with sleep apnea are obese. Similarly, being overweight increases the chances of developing sleep apnea nearly 10 times.

    As you can see, it all works down to body weight.

    In the study conducted by the Finnish researchers, 57 moderately obese people with mild sleep apnea problems were assigned to exercise and diet routines while others in the study were instructed about the general benefits of a proper diet and regular exercises.

    All the patients were followed-up on a regular basis and it was discovered that those who had achieved at least 5 percent reduction in body weight showed significant improvement in sleep apnea. Those who continued to lose a healthy amount of weight had an amazing 80 percent reduction in the condition.

    Put an end to your snoring and sleep apnea using easy 3 minutes exercises. You might even sleep like a baby as soon as tonight…click here : t.co/EmbhmJFTfC

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  27. Many of us sleep for 7-8 hours but still don’t feel fresh in the morning. To understand why, listen to the video A Good Night’s Sleep – Daaji’s Wisdom where he speaks about what is regular, natural and disciplined sleep and why it is highly important for a good physical and mental health. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UHCBXiTWLk8

  28. patient name sabjeet singh age 38 problem sleep apnia start from 2015 address prayag apartment flat no. 149 mobile no. 9818554036 and 2nd no. 8810573132 please type D.R name addrass mobile no. and email.id thanks
    regard sabjeet singh

  29. Hello kya ye 5 saal k bache ko de sakte he k ya mere bete ko snoring ki problem he…bahot dikkat hoti he sone me…plz sir reply kriyega

  30. Sir mera age 25 hai raat ko sota hu toh kuch second k liye sans ruk jati hai ye problem bachapan se hi hai or hamko sir kharte nahi aate hai shirf yahi problem hai jab mai.khub gaheri nind me hota hu toh 2.3 bje k biche sans ruk jati hai aisa lagta hai Abhi dam nikal jayega plezzsz koi upai batao sir iska

  31. Is Saladulux Method helpful to stop your snoring naturally? I've read a lot of good things about this popular snoring method.

  32. Dear sir meri mammy ke nind ki problem h please sir koi upchar bataeya
    1-garmiyo me pankhe ke niche sone per nind nahi ati h or muh per sujen aa jati h .
    2-or jab tak pasina nahi ata nind nahi ati h ,pasina ane per hi nind ati h
    Please sir he bata degiye ki ye kyo hota h or iska kuch ilaj Nata Dejiye

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