Home Remedy to cure Stammering/Stuttering II हकलाने का घरेलु इलाज

Home Remedy to cure Stammering/Stuttering II हकलाने का घरेलु इलाज

Welcome to Health care at Home We have a viewer Mr. Nikhil Chawla He has mailed us that he i suffering due to stammering problem Stammering means stuttering, and because of this he has a low self esteem He gets inferiority complex in office meeting and social gatherings he feels very low in confidence to attend these meetings So please suggest some home remedies for it Mr. Nikhil I’ll suggest you a very good home remedy which will effect you very nicely Along with this you have to do some voice exercises too Try Ujjayi pranayam and Udgeet pranayam where you simply chant Om with closed eye OM wake up before sunrise and chant it for 21 times This will help you to get rid of stammering up to great extent And in ujjayi pranayam you have to inhale the oxygen And then exhale it out And then keeping you mouth close chant OM as you inhale the air in, I’ll show you how to do it. You inhale the air Then exhale it This way, fill your lungs with full of oxygen may be in between you’ll get cough But this will exercise your full neck And your stammering problem will get solve upto great extent Now I’ll give you a home remedy for it In its season, have one gooseberry everyday chew it very nicely gooseberry makes your tongue thin This will give you relief in stammering problem It also helps in cooling down the heat in our mouth One more remedy you have to do along with this is Keep black papper in your mouth and suck it twice in a day chew it little bit Keep sucking it, and swallow the saliva which come out of it, do not spit it do it twice a day One more amazing remedy Get 7 Almonds and 7 black peppers, soak them overnight and mash them in the morning You can even add some sweetener or honey into it And lick it twice a day empty stomach, it might be 1-2 spoon of mixture Try it for 3 months And you’ll see that your stammering problem is solved Apart from this, do one more remedy take 5 grm of fennel seeds And make a fine powder of it and then boil it in 300 ml of water, until it remains only 100 ml of water in it Then in this 100 ml of water, add 250ml cows milk And then add some 25 grm sweetener in it mix it well and consume it once in a day And you will see that your stammering problem has solved in just 2-3 months from its root cause Apart from this do Ujjayi, udgeet and bhramari And in just 3 months you will get free from the stammering problem I’ll show you how to do bhramari pranayam Like this, do this bhramari pranayam 11 times early in the morning Not necessarily to do empty stomach, you can do it anytime It also helps in controlling blood pressure And mostly it will help in stammering problem Wasn’t those an easy remedies? Do all these remedies and pranayams And there’s a Simhasana i.e Lions Pose You can learn it from any yoga teacher Simhasana helps a lot in stammering problem In simhasana you have to open up your fist full and have to come in lions pose and lean on kness If you can sit in vajrasana, open up your fist fully Inhale and immediately exhale and throw your tongue out, and enlarge your eyes with a sound of lion, all at a time By doing simhasana this way, will help you a lot in stammering problem I’ll show you how to do it, i will not be able to sit here But I’ll show you only the head and hand position of it Open up your fist and keep them on your knees Inhale You each and every nerve should be stretched by it, when you make this sound Throw your tongue out as much as you can And with in 3 months your stammering problem will completely get healed So, Wasn’t those an easy remedies? Try these remedies and get over of inferiority complex You don’t need to feel low at all Wish you a great health wealth wellness & abundance, keep watching our videos Subscribe this channel and tell your friends also to subscribe it Get health tips at home and keep the doctor away Thank You

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  1. thnaxx sir…..aap ne meri nahot badi problem solve kar di …mujhe to lagta tha ki ye thik nahi ho paye ga….aako zindi bhar yaad rakhunga….dil se bahot bahot shukriya….

  2. सर ये ohm शब्द के दिनेमे बि कर सक्ताए या नहि लेकिन सर आप्ने ये दबा बाताए व खानेसे भि ठिक हो सक्ताए

  3. This was great, thanks, been searching for "i talk too fast and stutter" for a while now, and I think this has helped. Have you ever come across – Rincaas Stammify Blocker – (just google it ) ? Ive heard some unbelievable things about it and my mate got great results with it.

  4. Sir Mera dad kobhi stammering problem tha mujhbhi Stammer hai sir genetic Stammering diease ke liye kohi medicine hai ?sir meri tongue baat karte somay Kam nehi korta please help me sir 😂😂😂

  5. Hello, sir.i am simanta Kumar Sahu. I am from deogarh dist ru.my age is 21 years old.me childhood ru stammer kartihe.jab me bad kartahu tab haklana hota bele bele bi Nehi hota but me bahut Parisian hu. friend samna me kam hotihe but other se bat nehi kar pai. please sir mere ko kuchha help kardijie .sir apna mobile no dijie .

  6. Black paper,badam,green amla ka kya kaam…ek kaam kar apna YouTube channel band kar misleading mat kar..nhi to kahi bhi dekha na to..maa kasham maar dunga

  7. Sir me hostel me rahta hu so waha par pest nai bana sakte so kali mirch aur badam dono subah khalu to chalega??

  8. Hello sir. I have been stammering since long. And I stammer only when I encounter with words which starts with vowel letters.
    Like Ali, Om Ammi, Abu, Air, elephant etc
    Any cure for this type of stammering, in particular?

  9. Winner of a video, been searching for "therapy for stuttering child" for a while now, and I think this has helped. Have you ever come across – Rincaas Stammify Blocker – (just google it ) ? Ive heard some extraordinary things about it and my co-worker got great results with it.

  10. This was great, thanks, been searching for "how do i stop stuttering yahoo" for a while now, and I think this has helped. Ever heard of – Rincaas Stammify Blocker – (do a search on google ) ? Ive heard some extraordinary things about it and my neighbour got amazing success with it.

  11. Iska dabai medical me mil jati h kya yadi milta h to us dabai ka nam kya h
    Plz name of this medicine

  12. Halo sir.meri beti ko paidaes ,,(birth)se MOH me ched ta, operation Kara ke Ched Ko band kar diya.ab o school ja rahi he.problem a hai ki o teek se bat nahi kar sakati.matlab Osaka jeeb chota hai. Bat clear nahi ata.esaka koi elaj Raha to Bata Dena.plese.

  13. Do we have to eat all this remedies?… please answer me sir, I have stammering problem its getting bigger day by day

  14. Sir mujhe paralysis ke Karan bolne me dikkat Hoti hai,kya me thik se bol sakunga ,thoda så haklata hur,??? right side me brean clot aaya tha

  15. sir stremmring is genetik problem or not??? maine aisa isliy pucha ki mere dad bhi stemmer hai …. sir plz reply me i need to ur answer..

  16. Thnq so much sir!!
    Jisko citric alergy hai vo bhi amla le sakta hai kya .kali mirch badam ki chatni jyada bnakar fridge mei rakhkar bhi use kar sakte hain kya

  17. Sir main IAS officer banna chahti hu bt Muje es stammering ki problem ki vja se interview dene mein problem ati hai
    To btao main kya kru

  18. Hi sir muje stamering ki problem nhi hai pr main bolte samay slip of tongue hojata hai aur fast bolta hu… Please help

  19. Sir thank you so much. But I have a question which "badam" should I eat? Almond or pea nuts? Please reply sir. Please

  20. Nice veido hai but ap ye bhi kerye himansu Singh saani see mileye thik ho jaoge bilkul 100% himansu ji stammering ke master hai inhe kud bhi stammering thi YouTube per deke pta chalgayga apko ki stammering kis karan suru hui thi YouTube per

  21. Sir pkz bhut preshan hu……pichle char din se mera do sal.ka bbby kuch wrds me atk rha he pr ..dobaraa thik kr ke bolta e……pr kya kru kuch smj ni araa

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