Homeopathic Medicine For Lipoma | Homeopathic Treatment

Homeopathic Medicine For Lipoma | Homeopathic Treatment

Hi friends,I am doctor Ritu Jain. I am a homeopathic consultant. And I am continuously been sharing medical information, if you like it, please subscribe to my channel. Today I am going to talk about LIPOMA. What is LIPOMA ,what are it’s causes it’s type, and along with that I will talk about homeopathic treatment. I have already uploaded a video about ‘what is LIPOMA’ if you want to know about it then you can watch my previous video. Now we will talk about LIPOMA.Generally it is a growth. It is not a dangerous growth. It is a non-cancerous and non-tubercular growth. You don’t have to fear about it because usually people panic after seeing unwanted growth on the body If it is growing, is that because of some disease or is it infectious, or if its cancerous or is it tubercular . But LIPOMA is nothing like that. Even if you don’t treat it then you can keep it for life long.There is nothing like that. But it is better to treat it . People who have LIPOMA Then you might have already googled about it, you might have researched about it, or consulted a doctor of allopathic medicine then they will suggest you for an operation. They will tell you a particular name that you have ADENOLIPOMA. So all these names, there are a lot of names like HEMORRHOID,CORPUS or NEUROFIBROMA. so all these names are particularly area wise. If they are related to neurons and fatty tissues NEURO-FIBROMA If they are in auditory canal then it is ANGIOLIPOMA cerebral means that it is in your brain CEREBELLAR PONTINE so all these names are area wise.You don’t have to fear about it. you don’t have to panic after hearing the names that you have some chronic and incurable disease Because LIPOMA generally is a common disease that can happen to anybody at any age and the causes for this are unknown. Mostly it happens in post-operative tissues. Tissues grow in that area It happens there and treatment is not necessary.But if they are painful and infectious then treatment is important.And treatment for this homeopathic treatment which is best for this Because in allopathic, generally they operate it, there is no medicine or anything else. If you go to the doctor he will suggest you to go for an operation. But generally they are single or multiple. If you have multiple nodules then how will you operate it. You will operate in the neck, thighs, trunk and arms also.How many times are you going to undergo an ope ration . For one single nod,there is different operation, but in homeopathic treatment for all the nodes only one medicine is required. which will dissolve the nodes slowly. Now let us come to homeopathic treatment I have already told you that homeopathic treatment is a bit typical because it works on he constitution, For every constitution there is a different medicine because of constitution,medicine varies from person-person But in homeopathic if there is any node or extra growth then the medicine is THUZA.And along with that if you are fat or obesity is present then for that medicine is CALCARIA KAB. And some medicines work on the conditions and types.So homeopathic medicine is typical because of all this. people don’t understand what treatment to take particularly so it is important for you to consult your homeopathic doctor. If you consult a homeopathic doctor and take the treatment then it is much better. Because it will identify what type of LIPOMA you have very soon. And also what is your personal constitution. And also your body reaction.so for that accordingly the treatment is changed. In homeopathic treatment in prevention generally the risk factors are observed that the people who have LIPOMA they have increased cholesterol level, or changes in B.P and is seen in people who have obesity. So weight loss is also important. And if you have stress then you should avoid it. You can use homeopathic medicines which i told you but consult your doctor before taking the medicine. You can consult me also and if you like today’s viseo then please like and share my video. Along with that like my facebook page because my live clinical events are updated there .Thank you.

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  1. Dear Ma'am kya aap medicine ki home delivery bhi karte ho kya
    Aapki medicine ka charges kya hai or medicine ka results kaise hai
    I am from Haryana and I need your medicine

  2. Mam I ve a pea sized bump on neck…. I feel no pain, no irritation, nd it is not red in colour…. Plzzz mam prescribe me some med… Becoz I feel so scary, I m 19 year old…

  3. mam mery sari body pe lipoma he jab main 15 year ka tha tab se pehly to 2 lipoma thy ab sari body pe ban gay hain size me bhi bary ho rahy hain , ab meri age 32 year he high 5.6 feet or weight 85 kgs he plz mery liy koi medicine btain plzz

  4. Hey Docter am from Sudi Arabia .meri west k left or right side Pye ye pass pass kafi he.or mere bazoow Pye b pass pass.yaha sudia me medison nhie multi.plz aap ilaaj name Bata deye mein India she mangwa leta hoon yaa Pakistan se

  5. Meri age 30 yr hai.Mujhe pasina aur thakavat bahut jaldi aata hai. Kya iski wajah ye lipoma hai? Meri pure sarir me 25 se 30 ganth hai .I am slim body type. Please suggest homeopathic medicine

  6. Mam muje problem hai multilaypooma hai kon sa wala hai pata nhi par mere back pr or hend par or bamp par Hu va hai plz reply and report too me kya karu

  7. mam mera beta 21 yrs old having lipoma on his arms and legs he isn't fat normal body kindly suggest me medicine

  8. Mem… Mey west Bengal se… Mem please help me and save me….. Mera all body mey Lipoma hoya hey.6 years ago…. Mera age 26, weight 72,hight 5feet 9inc,… Mem mere ko keyse medicine mil sekte hey…???? Please mem help me…. 8609690712 my whatsapp….

  9. मेडम जी लीपोमा की गांठें है तकरीबन उसे एक साल हो गया है अभी तक टीबी की गांठ समझ कर इलाज कर रहे थे लेकिन कुछ फायदा नहीं हुआ गांठें धीरे धीरे और बढ़ रही थी तो हमने दुबारा जांच करवाई तो रिपोर्ट में लिपोमा आयी है अब उसके सिर में, छाती पे, पेट में, गले पे, पूरे शरीर में गांठें हो गई है ….. कृप्या कुछ समाधान बताए

  10. Appreciate Video! Forgive me for chiming in, I would love your thoughts. Have you thought about – Mackorny Destroy Tumor Blueprint (google it)? It is a great one of a kind product for getting rid of lipoma lumps without the hard work. Ive heard some decent things about it and my good mate called Gray got amazing success with it.

  11. Aap July ko Maar ke baare mein Bataye mujhe bahut accha laga main Jana Chahta Hoon aap ka number mobile main Suratgarh Rajasthan se bol raha hoon mujhe Dawa ki jarurat hai 8825303704 shtrudanmukhiya

  12. What Will be the treatment for HEMMATOMA…I am having Himmatoma of about 5Cm × 3 mm with SWELLING but NO PAIN on my left thigh..

  13. Hii mam
    Maine homeopathic treatment bhi liya hai 1 Saal tak lekin koi improvement nhi hai kam to nhi hui or jayda ho gye hai to mujhe kya treatment krna chaheye

  14. Total 32 h. Mei jb 17 ka tha tb se h muje. Abhi mei 27 ka hu. To konsa medicine muje lena hoga. Pls medicine ka nam suggest kijiye

  15. Mam mara vi hand,body pe kafi sare chote chote ha one year hogaya.mara age 24years.mam please help ???mam apka contract number chaiya?please help me mam???

  16. ? namaste Mam mere neck Mai tumor Hai uska [F.N.A.C] test karane pr blood aa jata Hai 3 baar karwa chuka Hu….ab doctor keh rahe ki shayad lypoma ho sakta Hai

  17. Aoa madem ap kasy ha.madem meri sister ki condition thek nai ha usy yeh problem ha ap koi achy say drops or tablets btya thanks madem. yeh problm ha siter ko ( Non Hogkings b-Cell LYMPHOMA.)

  18. Hi. Dr. Mara ko nerofibromatosis ha pora jism per or warts ha. Or path ka problem ha hpylori. Plz medicine. Reply

  19. Mam,
    Mere forehead pr lipoma hai iske treatment k liye kaun si medicine lu.
    So please tell me the medicine for lipoma and how i use it

  20. hello mam, mam mere forehead par lipoma hai mujhe konsi Dawson lenient chahiye mujhe lipoma 8 ,10, daal se hai sirf ek hai forehead

  21. Lipoma ka koi ilaj nhi isse ghbraye nhi ye chrbi ki ganth hoti or gadod hote chote bhi hote or bade ho jate badme isko dabane se dukhte nhi to pata bhi nhi chlta iska ilaj ke bare mi humse call par bat kare 9758361655

  22. Hello mam.. hi there. Plz help me mam. Meri body me kamar se upar near about 30 lipoma h or ye badhti ja rhi hai. Dono biceps me. Chest pe kamar pe toh bahut jyada h. Meri family b isko leke bahut preshaan rhti h mam. Sb doctors ne operate hi btaya h. Par vohi baat h ki main kahan kahan se operate krvaaunga. Plz mam help me.. Mera poora body lipoma se bhrta ja rha h. Aap plz. Total homeopathy treatment bta dijiye plz mam.

  23. Mam kya aap mujhe suggest krenge…
    Actually mere father ko neck k left side me internal lipoma (rasoli) type hua h. And hmne doctors se check bhi krwaya.. To reports me 1.13 cm aaya h.. Nd unka kehna hai ki operation krwana prhega.. So plzz help me.

  24. Mam maine aapke channel ko subscribe kar liya hai…..because i am a lipoma patient i have 3 nots in my left arm ….2 above middle joint and 1 below arm joint… Plz guide me best homeopathic doctor like u.. because i am from rural area near me i dont find such doctor. I will be very thankful for this if u reply me. My contact 8059005866. Plz mam if u free plz call me i am in very typical confition.?

  25. hi mam ..I am pramod and I hv five cysts or lipoma on my head .four are small pea like…but 1 is larger then others……I my taking Homopathy medicine R-17 since 10 days with believe to cure them..but mam I HV seen a vedio by MD of life force he was saying that there is no cure for lipoma in Homopathy…..plz wt is truth…should I continue to take Homopathy medicine..plz mam I need help.

  26. hi mam mary right side waly arm main gilti hy lakin jab mqin us ko press karta hun tu halki c pain hoti hain butt meri skin main koi swelling ( sujan) nahi hy or na hi skin ka color red hy bas jab mqin press karta hun to chuban c mehsoos hoti hy or yeh bohat purani tqreeban 15 ya 20 saal purani hy… or meri age 36 hy . .. app kaya kehti hain is k bary main please must reply

  27. ma'am, i have a stiff particle like lupoma in the middle of my chest. I have tested my blood recently. cholesterol a little high and triglycerides as well. Is the lupoma affecting the cholesterol?

  28. Madam, mere body me 30-35 lipoma hai….mere liye nodules 70 repl le saktha hu kya aur dosage kya hai ….Maine test karwaya Hun ek Baar mujhe chelestrol level bahuth zyada hai….aur mujhe stress bhi zyada hai…please suggest

  29. Meri thighs par ek bada sa lipoma ho gaya tha aur cheast aur hath me chote chote ban gae the .. Me 15 days se thujha 1 m , calceria flurica 6x aur nodules 70 le raha hu .. chote lipoma to bilkul kam ho gae hai aur sath me jo bade lipoma the unka size kam ho gaya … Merko doc ne kaha tha ki garam kapde se iski sikai karun bt me iski jagah rat me lipoma pr balm laga ke sota hu rat me.. mere lipoma thik ho rahe hain .

  30. mam meri body me shotey shotey multi lipomas hae lekin dard nhi hae please mujey batayie mae kounsi medicine use karu…?

  31. Mam mujhe multiple lipoma hai. Mere arms, thighs, stomach and back mai lipoma hai. Kindly tell me the treatment.

  32. Hello doctor, thanks for sharing this. My 10 year old has a lipoma, don’t know which kind. Doctors only advice is surgery. I don’t want that.

  33. Meri maa ko right side neck mein 2gland tha ….. to calcera fluorica 12x dia gya tha..to kuch din baad uo abcess ka tarah ban k fat gya…or fluid nikla kuch din.. or gland ka size bhi bohut kam ho gya hein..or bhi soft and movable..lekin pura kam nahi hua.. lekin koi or taqlif nahi deta… but or ek gland ho chuka hein chota sa..developing mein hein.. kya kiya jay???

  34. Maim mere body ke kae part me hai jo 10 ya 12 sal se hai jo hemopathy se dik hi nhi ho pa rha hai kya solution hoga ?

  35. Yes it's true I have lipoma from last 2 years Maine or Kai DR KO dikhaya but wo logon kuch nhi bola sirf non veg khane ko Mana Kiya but main recently ek homophetic ke pas Gaya or finally mujhe jad se khatam karne ki dawa di DR be or mujhe 2 week se different dikh Raha thanks homophetic

  36. Doctor, jab v mein haato ko aage kar joorne ki kosish karti hu to mera right hand mere left hand se lamba maalum parta hai aur right shoulder mein pain hota hai. Mein kya kru??

  37. Many many thanks madam for the information about neurofibroma.
    Madam .mera body mae aye 5 -7 hai. Mae kiya medicaly pura fit hu? ?? Ais k baje sae medical unfit hoga. . Government ka jo exam k bad medical hota hai? ???? Please madam aye doubt clear kar denge tao bahut acha hoga. .Ais k baje see mae bahut jada tensed hu. .
    Please madam reply. …..????????

  38. Hello doctor, kya lipoma medicine sey weight loose ho jata hei kya~ fat sara skin ka loose ho jata hei? Plz tell, for how long we have to eat it ,like neck lipoma..

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