Homeopathic Negativity : Glastonbury

So what are you doing to today? Going in Glastonbury High street, selling negativity. Setting up me wares, homeopathic negativity. I think we can get this gone by the end of the day. So i’m a tourist, I don’t know why … Hatey Glastonbury. We’ve got a lot of homeopathy. There’s a lot of love in Glastonbury. So we’re just dropping a bit of hate in there. Dropping a bit of hate in. Push them over the boundary into ultimate love so they can be fully connected with the unified field, perpetually. What’s this? That’s fools tiger’s eye an’all. Fool’s tiger’s eye, actual genuine fool’s Tiger’s eye. Ok, I can believe that. They’re filled with negative energy and all. Negative energy? Negative, yeah negative.
Deeply deeply hate filled negativity mate. We’ve even got clothes here. We’ve got these. A little bit stainy but you could bleach that off. We don’t need them anymore if you want
to make to make us an offer on them, that’s fine. We don’t need the yin and yang. I’m amazed actually, but the resoponse I’m having here. I’m feeling a lot of this negative
energy being drawn out in to this crystal, I’ll sell it to you for a fiver.
You won’t find anything better anywhere else in town. Hatey Glastonbury. Homeopathic negativity.
I’m just gonna…………………….. Tha’s a good idea love.
Do you think we should have made it a little bit more Jesusy? Ithink that’s alright. What
is wrong with having pictures of Jesus like that? There’s pictures of Jesus on the cross
all over the place. THATS HOW HE WAS! Interested in abit of fools quarts? If you
go round the other side of the tor you can find loads of ammentites, real fossils. Ammenites?
Yeah. We got something in this, we don’t even know what it is. Look at that, that is some
fossil innit? What that?That’s a piece of fuxking coal!
That’s some fossil aint it mate. It’s fossilised fuel yeah. I think underneath the coal bit
theres a trilodite probably. Allo! You won’t find nothing else like this
in Glastonbury, come and have a look. Come on! I’m off to work. Come on, I’ve got some
genuine lovely crystals here. You add that to the mix, brings out the happiness.
dun I? Yeah fair enough. Bit of Jesus, he’s always
getting people angry. Actual free. Tha’s imbued with, I think dependency.
And also, potentially disease. oh! Nothing bad, just like infetigo. Yeah nothing, terminal.
Where did this one come from? Oh fuck! You gone broke that sacred grid. I’m making a
new one. Interested in pre-history sir? Neolithic pottery? Is it carbon dated? She just carbon
dated it at home earlier! It’s got actual carbon on it even. And, what’s this love?
We channeled them. We don’t know where they came from. This one just materialised in the
living room the other day. Hatey Glastonbury. Get you homeopathic negativity
here. Genuine Neanderthol pottery. Neanderthol pottery? Yeah. £20 go. This is
made by our brothers our evolutionary brothers gone made this. Neanderthol pottery? you want
to go to the British museum. Neanderthol popperty. We got Triclosan, Slapis slagualai. Hang on.
I’ll imbue you right now! Not with tinnertus! What is homeopathic hate may Iask? Homeopathic
negativity!! What are you about though I still don’t understand what you’re about.
When you add a bit of…….In a happy town like this, you add more happiness when you
add a bit of hate. This one’s got a bit of sacred geometry on
it. I think, you’re not putting across what you’re doing very well Ihave to say. Exactly
what are you trying to promote, or trying to dissaprove of?
We’re just trying to shift a bit of merchandise on the street. We, got. It’s what we do! A
few Jesus’s here, and erm what’s this one? What’s that got to do with homeopathy? Erm.
Homeopathic negativity. This is the only bit of negativity that you’ll find in this town.
No it’s not. We’re just dropping a little bit in. Who else
is doing this? There’s other people doing this in the town? Well let’s just say, people
are dealing with their private pain. Well, whatever you’re doing, it’s different,
and goodluck. We’re doing our bit to help. Well I don’t
think you’re helping anything. We’ve got some tights here. We don’t need
them anymorre. Are you just selling stuff basically? One
£5. One 5. Are you just selling stuff is that all it is? just a gimick? We’re going
to make a grid later. It’s just a gimick. Well Idon’t know if a
neolithic lucky dip is a gimick. It’s got an actual spear head in it, made
by a neanderthol, probably. Neanderthol pottery. Still don’t get it. Found it in the garden!
Neanderthol lump of coal. Do you know what? I’ve seen it all before
love. Neanderthol pottery. seen neaderthol pottery before? thought we was different to
this town!

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