Homeopathic Treatment For PCOS – How To Cure PCOD Disease By Homeopathic Medicine

Homeopathic Treatment For PCOS  – How To Cure PCOD  Disease By Homeopathic Medicine

Hello friends, I am Doctor Ritu Jain, and I am a homeopathic consultant and and today I am going to talk about PCOD related to that I am going to share few informations. What is PCOS? is called as poly cystic Ovarian syndrome. syndrome means group of symptoms which you find in a disease which is called a syndrome. PCOS is Poly cysytic Ovarian Syndrome, is generally seen in females formation of cyst in female ovaries your hormones and oestrogen and progesterone level becomes high imbalancing condition and over production and there is production of cyst in the ovaries and that results in symptoms and various stages can be observed in the body which I will discuss today. And along with that I will tell you homeopathic treatment for it. and is very good it is a long term process but it is the best treatment for this. So PCOS’s in females, generally when they attain puberty at that age also it can be seen or can be found later at older age if you observe according to department of USA health if you look at the ratio, out of 10 20% are ladies are suffering from that. so I will tell you the symptoms there is irregularity of menses some people are depressed because of no menses for 4-6 months which is called AMMENORRHOEA,so sometimes they happen at the beginning during your puberty and people don’t take it seriously because there is development in the body. Ovarian so Ovarian cyst can happen any time and apart from that acne and pimples can also be seen in females along with acne and pimples obesity is also seen and sudden changes in health obesity and gain in weight so all these symptoms can be seen then along with ovarian cyst multiple cyst is also formed and many changes can be seen in your body a lot of sweating, hair fall your voice changes you suffer from diabetis and hyper tension all these diseases along with high cholestrol level so many symptoms can be seen which will only change your body because of cyst formation and hormonal imbalance. and sometimes after marriage, in females infertility can be seen It is not possible for them to give birth and there is no growth so in infertility all these changes are seen. sometimes it starts at the initial stage or after sometime after marriage and fisrt baby birth PCOS can happen and there is problem in the second child pregnancy so all these symptoms are seen heredity is also one of it’s causes. because of heredity from your mother, grand mother and they have the symptoms and that is one of the reason for the cause and there is hormonal imbalance estrogen progesterone level imbalance and along with that androgen level which is a female hormone even that level increases in your body and because of that changes occur in your body your voice becomes husky and hoarse and along with that on your face, upper lips in your under arms and hand hair growth is more because it is a male hormones and because of those changes male hormones, symptoms can also be seen and increases. Apart from that there are different medicines for each of them and I have already told you that for any homeopathic medicine varies from symptom to symptom depends on constitution and varies from person to person. There are a lot of other symptoms in this syndrome there are different types of symptoms . It is not necessary that every lady has the same symptoms because in some women there is prominency for one thing and other women prominency for other things.So every lady has different symptoms.Some people have hair growth and pimples are seen and in some people infertility is seen but in some people infertility cannot be seen and in few there are irregular menses and cause heavy discharges . So these are all different symptoms and few people have multiple cyst or few have one or two cyst on any one side of the ovary. So these are all the problems and according to that treatment happens there is no particular medicine which will cover all the symptoms but still I will tell you few medicines such as I told the first symptom,obesity people who suffer from obesity and along with that irregular menses so if they also have menstrual irregularity so for that SEPIA medicine is the best if there is suppressed menses called AMENORRHOEA which is called when there is no menses for almost 6 months for that condition PULSATILLA will work and if the female takes a lot of stress and hormonal imbalance is seen then NATRUM MUR medicine will work. And apart from that for Obesity CALCAREA CARB medicine can be used. Females who have a lot of sweating and whose body is flabby and fat accumulation is more then for them CALCAREA CARB medicine will work. If there are pimples on your face and you are suffering from POCS then for that condition and you have pimples along with it then SULPHUR and SILICEA medicine and works very well. If hair growth is more in your body on your cheeks, upper lip near your chin, under arms these all symptoms I have already told you in the video uploaded on heridism and if the hair growth is more along with PCOS then THUJA and OLEUM JACK medicine or SEPIA medicine will work. Apart from that for infertility SEPIA and AMMONIUM CARB medicine will work. You have acne and there are multiple cysts in your ovaries they cover multiple cysts MERC SOL THUJA and APIS MALLIFICA. If there is fluid and the cyst is formed which are large in size then for that ALLIUM CEPA and APIS MALLIFICA this medicine works very well according to this symptoms your medicine varies generally for irregular menses SEPIA and PULSITILLA are the best medicines for the irregularity of menses. but before you take any medicine, consult with your doctor and homeopathic is the best treatment for this because generally in allopathy they recommend you undergo an operation for cyst removal but that condition your cyst which are formed are only removed but the one which are still forming because of hormonal imbalance, those are not treated and because of that the start the formation again and therapy is given so because of hormonal therapy you might suffer from side effects and you can find different symptoms for that also so homeopathic is a long term treatment because it is a chronic disease and takes time but it is the best treatment and if you are suffering from this from PCOS then you can comment and tell me about the symptoms and I will try to solve your problem completely and you can take online consulting from me and if you like today’s information and useful then please like my channel and don’t forget to subscribe to my channel and if you continue to like it then I will continue to give you information and keep you updated because homeopathy science is also developed daily there are new medicines that are prepared and those updates will be notified to you and don’t forget to like my facebook channel because my online schedules are updates there and you can consult me online. Thank you.

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  1. Ma'am I do have pcod and currently I am taking metital bt the progress is very slow.. I request u to suggest me what I do now.

  2. Mujhe period ki problem pehele hoti thi but av 1salse period regular horha h pr ab koi 6 month pehele aur is month me jyda tym tk horha ha ..koi homeopathic medicine suggest kijiye mri pcod h..

  3. Ma'am i have irregular period issue due to pcos..can I take pulsatilla 200 and sepia 200 together along with bio combination 15 for irregular periods… It's been 3 months i don't get my periods…kindly reply me plz..

  4. Mam I am suffering from adenomyosis and ovarian cyst.. Heavy bleeding hoti hai and painful too.please suggest medicine.

  5. Hii mam..i m satya from delhi..6 yrs complete for marriage but koi pregnancy nh hui…mam muje Pcos hai…periods mephrat tablet se hi aaate hai.. mam..mai kon si medicine lu..Plz help

  6. Hi ive been suffering from PCOS for over 10 years. My main symptoms are hormone imbalance which gives me acne on my back and hyper pigment on my face and underarms. Please can you advise what treatment for this? Thanks in advance x

  7. Mam mujhe pcod h .or face p bahot jyada hair growth h and Meri period irregular h ..and pregnancy m v problem aa rahi h plz mam mujhe medicine bataye

  8. Hello mam… I have pcod since 5 years but it recognized last year.. i m 22, i have excessive hairfall prblm from last 5 years and too much sweating .. and weight is decreasing continuously .. mam i m very worried about my hairfall plzz suggest something..

  9. Hello mam mera pcos ka opration ho chuka hai or 11 month ho chuke h pr mane avi jo ultrasound krbaya to usme 20×30 cm ka cyst btaya h to kya wo thik ho skta h

  10. Can we have sex after acupuncture,,, am cd 5 & having pcos & trying for baby can try to get pregnant after doing acupuncture on the same day

  11. Mam mujhe cyst and fibroids dono hai mera weight v kafi badh gaya hai maine allopathic ilaaz v Karaya usse aur bad gaya mere period month me 2 se 3 baar ane lage heavy bleeding k saath last 6month se mai homeopathic dawaiyan use kar rahi hoon..But abhi tak koi fark nahi pada hai please suggest ke mujhe kya dawa leni chahiye?

  12. Mem mujhe ye sare symptn h.or 5 sal ho gye.baby b nhi h.mra homeopathy se hi chl rha h trtmnt 7 mnth ho gy.koi frk ni h.multipl cyst h

  13. Good morning mam ..I have problem irregular period ..2-3 month Daley ..blooding very low..facial growth cheen & upper lips ..hair fall may be cholesterol level increase ..

  14. hello maam …..mujhe periods irregular hai n obesity hai ..ultrasound mai multiple follicles aye hai…..meri age 29 hai……mai kon si medicines recommend Karu?…..please help.

  15. Hello mam… Muje pcod last 1 Yr se hai… Me jo dawai le rhi hu muje koi fark nhi lagta… Me bht thaka hua feel krti hu… Har tym body me pain rehta h… Hair growth bad gai h..motapa bht badta Ja rha hai Jis ki wajh se aur bi prob. H… Please help me

  16. mam mera pahla baccha 18 month ka tha us samay meri Bibi phir se pregnant ho gayi thi 45day ka pregnant thi us samay main pill khila Diya tha Jo clear hoke uska ab aur period thi se aa nahi aa Raha hai aur pimple bahut jyada aa raha hai kipya medicine ke kuch help karein main paresan Hoo

  17. Maine subcribe kiya hain acha news hain..dr. maire wife ko multi yug ban rahe hain…ak tube block hain…plz kya kare ?

  18. Mam Hamari wife ka bhi period samay se nahi aata h homempath ka dava teen mahina se chal raha hai lekin Abhi tak period nahi aaya mai aap hame davao ka name Bata de jisase mai Dr. Se bol ke achchhi dava chalaa saku jisase mere wife ka achcha treatment ho sake isake liye mai aap ka dada abhari rahuga.

  19. Hello maam,
    Thank you for your video.its very helpful I have PCOD problem multiple cyst in overy, with irregular menstrual cycle-3months gap, unwanted hair growth on body parts, hair thinning, also I get lot of sweat , I am obsessed,fat most likely on abdomen. no acne , but my skin has become oily this days. Please help me I am dealing with this problem from 2012.afyer taking treatment from two allopathy dr still my meanses are not regular please suggest which medicine should I take .
    I will be really very helpful.
    Thank you again

  20. Hello mam.. m 24 yr old and suffering from pcod… Nd Mera cyst 46×44×41 Ka h… Mere prds 3rd day end ho jte h.. weigh b gain hua h.. pimples and facial hair b h.. plz suggest me mdcn.. plzz

  21. Hi mam, I am 14 year old but my weight is 67 kg .,I am having hairfall and pimples. …and I am suffering from PCOD ….I took many doctors but still my stage is not improved. …..can you please help me by suggesting any kind of medicine …

  22. Mam mai allopathy medicine lai rhi hu 1 saal se. Bht bht jada stress hai. Mai ab homeopathy treatmnt lenw ja rhi hu. Bt maine estrogn testrone vgera test nhi kraya hai. Scan mei multipl follicls thi aur mujhe jb se period hone lge ese hi hai . 8 saal pehle scan krayi tb bhi multifollicles the. Thyroid bhi hai high tsh tha eltroxin 50 le rhi hu. Kya mai estrogn vgera test kraye bina treatmnt le skti hu. Aur kya wrk krega muj pr m in depression

  23. Mam mujhe periods Ki problem to koyi bhi nhi hai,
    Phir bhi mere face or body pe hairs jada hard grow ho rehe hai or Abi tk Maine koyi test ya koyi bhi treatment nhi liya hai to please btayie mujhe kis doctor Ke pass jana chahiye or kya test krnwane chahiye ?????

  24. hi mam thank u for this information i hve suffered pcod me bahut pareshan hu pls give me ur num n meet me pls

  25. Mam mere periods regular nai h suru se hi, meri age 24 h or ye problem meri mammi ko v thi. Mere overy me syst h but mujhe pata nai kitni h or mujhe jame huye blood type bleeding v hoti, mere upper lips or chin par hair h or sir k baal bahut gir ray h,weigt v bahut badh gaya h or kuch v kar lu kam nai hota or badh jata h bahut jaldi pls help mam pls reply kijiyega

  26. di mujey pcos h meri cyst to thik ho chuki h lekin peroid kafi km aata h aur painfull hota h saath he face Brest aur peat per hair aana nehi ruk rehey chin per hair kaafi hard bhi ho jatey h aur main conceeve bhi nehi ker pa rehi hu please male Harmon's ko kashey km kiya jay please koi medicine btay thanks

  27. PLS PLS PLS HELP MAM…Mam muje pcos hai. Periods regular hai par normal se kam aa rahe hai aur woh bhi sirft 2 days. Third day to jaise kuch bhi nahi. And muje pimples aur obesity nhi hai but facial hair growth bahot dark hair chin area mein to every 2 days mein threading karna padta hai wahan to bhot thick n coarse hair aate hai. Aur bhi chest n stomach areas pe aate hai. Hair fall bhot zyada ho rahe hai aur white hair to mere scalp mein 60 percent se zyada white hair ho gye hai. Bahot pareshan hoon hair problem se. Aur kuch symptoms nahi hai. Aur jaan na chahti hoon ki kya homeopathy se pcos 100 percent cure ho sakta hai permanently ? Aur jo medicine apne hair problem k liye batayi woh kitne din leni hai…. Pls help. I m 30 yrs old

  28. Hello im suffering from pcod , my period flow is decreasing mouth by mouth nd im suffering from pimples from 2 yrs , i have taken medicines but after I dropped my medicine again my mensuration flow start decreasing, im not gaining weight , its just my flow is decreasing nd im getting lot of pimples on my face , please do suggest me a good medicine nd also tell me how log i have to take them

  29. mam I suffer from overian cyst size 18 cm ,50 mm resp. can you treat this type of cyst by homeopaty medicine, please help me 7340880103. l am from Punjab

  30. Mam meri age 24 h mi 3 months se 2 din period ho rhi hu wo bhi bleeding bhi bahut km weight bhi bd rha h Kya kru plz reply

  31. Mam muze 2 month se period nahi aye hai , skin oily hoti hai aur pimples ka problem hai maine doc ko dikhaya to doc ne pcod bola aur wait kam karneko bola hai, aur kuch savai nahi di hai muze plz hel me period bhi nahi aye hai abhi

  32. Mam mri ovary ma pani ki thalian hn chain pa hairs hn frackles hn face pa ..period monthly aty hn Lkn bleeding km hoti thi. Mri age 30 Sal ha unmarried hon height 4feet 6inches ha. Please tell me what I do for this. Mjy ya msla 4 sal sy ha

  33. Dr.jain- Good Afternoon
    My daughter is taking yr suggested medicines like sepia,pulse and thuja for PCOD problem.
    These medicines can be taken during Periods also or not. Pl. Advise.

  34. Mujhe pcod h pahle cyst bdi thi ab choti h kuch khatam bhi ho gai h but concive n ho rha .mai pulstilla sepia asoka q aur ovatosta 3x le rhi hu period bhi normal h but concive n ho rha plz help me

  35. Hii Mam
    M from delhi and I need your construction but I cant come raipur please suggest how would you consult me

  36. Homeopathy remedies gives you good results for PCOS problem. Visit Homeocare International for the best Homeopathy remedies.

  37. I m the patient of pcos… m suffering from swear hair fall… Bt I ve normal menstrual cycle …tell Me what can I do..

  38. Hlw mam….mujy pcod ki problm hy periods b irregular aaty hn aur mere face nd puri body pe hair growth kr rhy hn…… plz koi medicine batayein

  39. Mam mujhe pcod he mere chehere pe bahat ball he or period problem he plz plz plz plz plz solution botaye bahat medicine khaihe

  40. Hi Dr I have overian cysts in my left overy and multiple cyst in my right one however I wanted to know how long homeopathy does take to cure it completely so that I can consive naturally

  41. I have pcos and am currently untreated. I get facial hair, and suffering from obesity (despite diet and exercise), have hypertension and abnormally long, heavy cycles. I would greatly appreciate any advice you can give!

  42. My wife also pcos problem.
    Two gynecologist Doctors (Dr.suma from india in oman and Dr.shazia majid khan from pakistan) tell us for leproscopic.
    Main point are,
    Face hair growth
    Over Weight
    Ovulation problem
    Plz recommend me homeopathic medicine which available in pakistan

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