Homeopathic Treatment For Thyroid- थाईराइड के उपचार और बचाव के उपाय

Homeopathic Treatment For Thyroid- थाईराइड के उपचार और बचाव के उपाय

Hello friends, welcome to my channel.I am doctor Ritu Jain. I am a homeopathic consultant and I have already uploaded video for thyroid. and in that video I have discussed about the symptoms and along with that I told you the problems you deal with. and you won’t understand the condition and all these things I have already discussed. but in today’s video I will tell you the solution and treatment specially the homeopathic treatment. In thyroid, as I said there is hyper and hypo are two different thyroids which show different symptoms. generally fatigue, weakness.depression are seen in both but there are some differences such as in hypo you gain weight and in hyper there is weight loss and along with that constipation is seen in hypo and bowel movements are increased your skin dries in hypo and in hyper skin is moist or there is sweating. so there are different symptoms in both but main symptoms such as nervousness and you also suffer from other diseases like diabetes may happen, so all these diseases happen because of hormonal imbalance and also because it is an auto-immune disease. So the auto-immune diseases act against your own body there are a lot of diseases that have similar symptoms like the auto-immune diseases. there is a increase in heart rate or you suffer from diabetes or Grave’s disease also occurs, mentally and physically you feel weak the main symptoms that I told you that there is vitamin-d and calcium deficiency and because of that you suffer from joint pain muscle pain, or you are tired very soon you cannot concentrate on anything so these symptoms can be seen beacuse of it generally there is a hair fall symptom also hair fall increases and generally other symptoms are not taken seriously like weakness,tiredness but there are patients who only talk about hair fall after doing there case study we conclude that they are suffering from thyroid from many years so all the symptoms that they are co-realting to their routine are all thyroid symptoms. so all these things are seen because they are undiagnosed.so all that pimple,acne hormonal imbalance,irregular menses happens to everybody you might have taken any medicine due to which there is hair fall. we do everything to protect our hair give it sufficient amount of protein but still there is hair fall. There are cases where after complete case study that they have thyroid and i suggest them tests and the tests show the exact results . so thyroid can be seen in the person Today I am going to discuss about it’s treatment First I told you that deficiency of vitamin D and calcium occurs so if you improve your diet then it is a good thing or for that there are homeopathic medicines homeopathic calcium such as calci boost along with that simple CALCAREA PHOS can also be taken.There are other medicines also but I will not tell you the particular medicine for hair fall because until your thyroid if your thyroid regulation improves due to medicine then you will see that all the symptoms will give you relief and for that medicine is required but main important is your thyroid regulation. So if there is regulation of thyroid hormone then all the symptoms are subsided. now I will tell you about irregular menses because generally hormones of the body are disturbed and if hormones are disturbed then in females menstrual disturbance can be seen. generally there is SEPIA or PULSATILLA these medicines are generally taken for your mensrual regulation and it is also very good for obesity there is also CALCAREA CARB or GRAFFITIS if you observe skin diseases like dryness then you can take GRAFFITIS medicine. It is the best medicine GRAFFITIS and CALCAREA CARB and also APIS MELLIFICA, if you have puffiness, there is swelling in your body or your body is changing into flabery type then APIS MELLIFICA can be taken and also CALCAREA CARB and GRAFFITIS can be taken. but there are females who over thing about small things and go into depression and along with that if you have hormonal imbalance and there is hair fall also and specially your hormonal imbalance happens after delivery after delivery along with hormonal imbalance thyroid happens and all other things are seen then for that the medicine is NATRUM MUR It works on the women who are depressed or who over think or there is lot of hormonal imbalance then this medicine is used. Then apart from this your thyroid disturbance is present then a new medicine called THYROIDNUM in homeopathy which is given to thyroid patient it is important to take that because it regulates your thyroid gland because it is necessary to know that your thyroid has been to what changes.Sometimes there are inflamation and it increases and grow and nodules are formed so it is important to know that condition so according to that medicine is given for that there are medicines like THUJA or MEDORRHINUM. so there are a lot of medicines. Like I said, all the symptoms varies from person to person and causes also according to your symptoms so all these things vary so for that it is very important that you talk to me comment and tell me about your problems about the symptoms and if already know that you have thyroid then what medicines you are taking and also abot the results of the medicine you can tell all that to me by commenting and if you are in an undiagnosed condition but the symptoms that I told you are happening then diagnose it and you can tell me also by commenting about the sy,ptoms and I will tell you the solution for it you can consult me online also and if you like today’s informationn then don’t forget to like and subscribe to my channel and if you continue to subscribe to my channel then I will keep you updated if you have any problem then comment and tell me and I will make a video on it and along with that like my facebook page also because my live clinical schedules are updated there and you will also know the timing. Thank you.

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  1. Mam meri right eye ke uper halki si swelling aa gai thi jo kuch Dino me Thik ho jati thi lekin fhir se Ho jati thi

  2. Hello mam my mother suffering from hypothyroidism like mota hona, kaamjor mehesus, depression, constipation
    Iske liya kiya medicine le
    Please batayen

  3. Hello mam
    Mujhe hypothyroidism hai mera tsh 6.8 aya hai mai abi subah khali pet thyronorm 50mg ki goli 2 month se le rahi hu. Qa ap mujhe bta skte ho k ye treatment mujhe kbtk lena pdega.

  4. Hello mam Mujhe weight loss h aur Mera tsh 6.47 h Mai allopathic ki Medicine thyrox 25 mg le raha hu…. 3 mahine ho gye dawa khate age 25 h kya Mai homeopathic treatment Suru kr sakta hu aur kon si Medicine leni hogi Plz suggest mam…. I think Mujhe hyperthyroidism h

  5. Hello Madam,My mother suffering from thyroid problems TSH is 8.46 and weight is 57 kg.It is hypo or hyper . suggest medicine pls.And we checked sugar two time in two back to back days first time it show 201 & Second time 138.is it for thyroid problem?

  6. my mother's age is 55 years. she is suffering from thyroid. her TSH is 22. t3 and t4 is normal. TSH very high. which kind of medicine is effective for her. please inform me …my email id …[email protected]

  7. mam. Mai 100 mg. ki tablat. Calrhi. hai. Mari. galha. bhut zidha. sukhta hai pin. piya. bad pir. sukhta hai 3 year. sa thared. hai maku

  8. piles. kuch. bolayana. khat. khai. to bhi awaz. karab hojat. thanda. Pani. bhi. piya. to galha. karab. hojata

  9. mam muje 15 salsi thyroid hai mera operation hogaya phir bi problem horahi hi shadi hoke 3saal hogaya abhi koi baby nahi hi our mera monthly periods 3mahineku ek baar hotahai mera wazan zada horaha hi please muje bataei konsi davai leni hi please

  10. Madam mere Ghar me 4 patient thyroid ke Hai sab female. Meri ma ko throid 3-4yr se Hai, hat per rat me sote time tharthrate Hai, sath hi sweat jab Jada ho jata Hai to or tharthrate Hai body, kamzori under se lagta, garmi me Jada problem hoti Hai, or jis din kam Jada ho jata us din bhi,

  11. Mam thanks… mujhy hair fall ka problem ha .. aur bahot taizi se bal gir rahe han.. isk elawa mujhy pasina bahot ata ha .. social anexity b ha .. aur main bol b sahi se nahi pata .. kia yea thyroid ka masla hosakta ha?

  12. Hello mam mara hair fall bahot ziyad ho giya hai aur Jo ap na syptoms bataya hai WO muj ma hai tu pleazz batu ma abi is kai Kay treatment t karo

  13. Mam I am make 23 yr after taking thyroxin 100 mg for about 2 months my t3 is 1.18 t4 is 12.40 and tsh 0.71. I have hair fall problem constipation sometime pain in shoulder weakness in lower legs doctor said t4 is at boundary level. Suggest me the homeopathic medicine I have taken homeopathic treatment for allergy and sciatica but I don't have prescription with me

  14. maim mujhe hypothyroidism 4 year se pr Mari wajan bhut kam hai Kitna v khati hu to wajan badhta hi Nhi h kuch upaaye btaye

  15. mam mughe thairaid 12. kuch h or mera wait bhi Bhad raha h iske liy kon si tab late lena chahiy or skin problam bhi ho rahi h

  16. Mam mny thoyraid profile kraya usmy baki dono mere normal aye but TSH 4.5 aya hai m kon si Medicen lu plz suggest nd my weight is 82 nd age is 33 ..2years ki daughter hai meri… Plz reply


  18. Hloo mam Mujhe hyperthyroid h since 4 year's but Mujhe pta 1 year phle hi chala h or mne homeopathic treatment bhi kraya h bt itna relief ni mila or bp bhi low rhta h pls koi solution btaye

  19. मैम मेरा बच्चा डेढ़ साल का है और उसका वजन बढ़ नहीं रहा और वह चल नहीं पाता इसी वजह से हमने थायराइड का टेस्ट किया और 30 रिपोर्ट में टीएसएच लेवल 11 पॉइंट फोटो आया तो और मुझे कौन-कौन से टेस्ट करवाने होंगे और इनका उपचार में कैसे करो होम्योपैथी से करवाओ

  20. Hlo mam mera thyroid normal hai but mere ko neck mai goiter hai or mai ah pregnant hu kya mai pregnancy mai homeopathic medicines lay sakti hu . Koi harmful to nahi ohga mere baby ko

  21. Mam mujhe 1 yr se hypothyroidism hai mera tsh 18 tha 75 mg ki thyronine medicine lene pr 1.0 hogaiya tha pr weight bikul km nhi ho raha diet and exercise k baad bhi plz suggest some homeopathic medicine for my weight problem

  22. Hlo mam mujhe thyroid hai or reports control mein aati hai…75mg tablet leti hoon……kya iska prmnt solution nhi ho skta by homopethic treatment??

  23. Mam mera thriod report TSH 12:60 aaya hai Mai kya Kru aur kya is bimari ki dwa pure life khani pregi kbhi kisi condition me gap ho jaye to koi presani to nhi hogi

  24. mam mujhe 5 saal pehle thyroid hua tha tsh 85 aaya tha medicine lene ke baad mere tsh normal chal raha hai lekin heirfall bahut hota hai or joint pen hota hai

  25. I have hypothyroid last 14 years . Age 50years. Now my tsh,t1,t2t3,t4 are normal. Tsh 2.3.taking thyronorm 75 mcg. But l have hair fall, tried ness,musclepain,head ache,memmory loss,jointpain, depression.please prescribe homeopathymedicine effective for me.

  26. Mam I am Rajni Agarwal lam thhroid patient I am taking homeopathic medicine but don't ķniw what he is gìving. My problem that I am very weak I have hair fall and we walk I am afraid of falling down that is my main couz

  27. Hello mam mera t3 27 aur tsh150 hai aur mai l.p.100 mcg ki tablet le rahi hoon lekin mera hair fall nahi ruk raha aur perieds bhi nahi aate please bataiye mujhe kaun si medicine leni chahiye

  28. Thyroid Ki vajah se hair fall kharis low blood pressure headache low metabolism Harmon disbalance aur bhi Bahut Sari problems create ho gai h pls mam solution bataye

  29. Hlo mam m having hypothyroidism from last 10 yrs after delivery ..now it comes to its normal value of 2.19 m taking thyronorm on n off .. but from last one year m having severe hairfall , depression , stress, n a lot of fatigue . N not having interest in any work ..mam please suggest m some medicines for these things ..m too much worried abt this thing .. mind stays over stressed n a lot of lethargic .. please suggest me.. gaining weight also

  30. Hello man
    Mujhe hair fall obesity weight gain, light period (only one day),tshlevel 7.2, left leg ki heel me bahut pain ho raha raha last 2-3 months se.plz suggest me medicine. My age 35yrs

  31. Hi mam, l m taking medicine for thyroid from last 6 years now I want switch to homeopathy. Please tell me how can I consult you


  33. Hli mam .mam mujhe2017 mai throid pregnancy mai hua tha tb mera tsh 6aya tha test mai tb se medi le rhi hu .ab meri dwa 50mg kr di hai .but mujhe tb heat beat jyada lgti thi fr saans lene mai bhi dikt hoti thi thkan jaise lgta tha .aftr dlivry ab beta 1yr ka ho gya c-sec se but meri heart beat wali problm thik nahi hua kabhi kabhi hoti rehti hai plz suges me.ab mera tsh 3.48 hai

  34. मुझे भी थाराईड टी.एस.एच बढा है शरीर में सूजन और गले में सूजन है उम्र 42 साल नींद नहीं आती है दवा बात दे 🙏🙏🙏🙇🙇🙇

  35. mko mam hair fall Bht hta h or thyroid h phle 12.5 mcg ki medicine chl ri thi Phir dwai lete hue bhi or thyroid Bdh gya 25 mcg ki dawai Leni pdd ri h mko hair fall hne se bht dar lgta h m 22 year ki hu or bal Bache hi ni h

  36. Ritu Ji mujhe 3 year se thyroid problem hai and 75 mcg ki goli be le rhi PR mujhe ek week se swelling se ho rhi face pe or neck pe and thoda sa chlne PR thakawt ho rhi thyroid ka test krwaya but normal aaya plz btaye ki mujhe kya prob hai and suggest medicine.

  37. Plz help me fr blood clots
    I hv varicose vein
    Bt one day my finger was swollen Nd bluish horrible pain
    M terrified
    Guide me
    Wht should I do
    Hope you reply

  38. mam, what is the permenent aid for it . when a person stop taking pills after a long time taking them then the thyroid is raised frequently

  39. Now a days Thyroid problem is face by the so many people. people are using different types of medicines, But not get proper result. Try Homeopathy remedies for Thyroid problem, it gives best results. For Better homeopathy treatment visit Homeocare International.

  40. Hi , I am taking 37.5 mcg and having tsh 1.36. I am facing pain in head at right side and its regular..I am also taking rauvofia serpentina in mother tincture. But perblem is also with concentration and it never let me study, if started it starts paining my head…

  41. Mam ji namaskar
    Mam meri sister in law ka tsh5 bada hua jis se unka weight bhi bahut bad gaya hai bahut c medicine li par koi farak nahi pada mam koi achi c meficine bata do please.

  42. Ha mujhe ye sab symptoms mil reh hai aur mujhe just last month pata chala hai mujhe thyroid hua hai hyporthyroid that is 11.03 Kya aap plzz mujhe solution de sakte ho re relief paane ke liye plzz becoz mai bahot tensed plzz help me I am just 21 years old only😭😭🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏aur ye bhi boli ye Kya homoeopathy effective aur health ke liye good hota hai plzzzzzzz🙏🙏🙏🙏

  43. i m mithu.mera hypotyroid h.mai 62.5 le rha tha.10 din se me thyroxin 50 le raha hu.sarir mera pufy ho geya h wait v gain hua 18 kg kuch medcin batae obes k li a.

  44. Weight gen.. Drayness… hipper active…hair foil… madicen 25mg li alopehtic devastating chal rahi plz homeopathic ki best pataye plz 9311223608

  45. Madam namaskar mere ko padam thyroid hai hi Abhi 75 mg ke goli le raha hoon aur mere ko Mata Mein Dard rehta hai Neend nahin aata hai Sharir ko Dard kar raha hai all toilet saaf nahi ho raha hai madam please thoda madam medicine bataiye

  46. I do have tyriod ..i get tensed a lot,think a lot,frustrated, i can feel blotted so worstly all over my body, fluffy, gastric, pigmentation. Tired ,vit D problem..tell me what to do…im taking thyronorm 25mg… plz suggest me maam ..

  47. mera tsh 1.34 aur t4 1.16 ,,,,,hainn konsi thyroid hain meraa,,,apka symptoms me wase hyper milra hain,,,,,lekin wahan pee normal kiu dekhara hainn,,,,

  48. Hi Doctor, Thanks a lot . my TSh level is 13.10, doctor prescribe me thyronorm 50, which actually i dont want to take, becoz after some time it vl give side effects, can I used Throdium (homeopathic) medicine, which is without side effect.

  49. Hlo mam im having hyperthyroidism with exopthalamus

    How i can recover im taking homeopathic medicine also ..ex Thyromax1 .2.3

  50. Mam mera t3 level low h or sare symptoms wohi h jo apne btaye h depression stress hairfall menstural disturbance and weakness …

  51. Since 4 months I develop hyperthyroidism witht4 700. T3. 30. Tsh 0.01 iam on homeo medicine hyd plz advice will it go completely from life .,with homeopath y medicines

  52. Madam nice information mam mane Abhi complete body check up keraya hai jisne mrea TSH Thora jayada Aya hai mera hair fall bahut hota hai please suggest me appropriate medicine because other symptoms nahi hai aur TSH-6.24,T3_83,T4_5.7 Aya hai aur Sath hi vitamin D ki dificiency bhi aye hai please doctor help mr

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