Homeopathic treatment of Kidney Failure with high creatinine

Homeopathic treatment of Kidney Failure with high creatinine

Doc to Patient: now you tell me in what ways do you feel better? There is now no breathing problem. .. and better in appetite I can walk now that was not possible earlier due to breathing problem Doc: respiration was difficult even in bed earlier
Patient and her mother: ya ya, at any time, we had to go to hospital at 2, 2.30am Doc: but it did not happen in last month after starting our treatment? No not happened after that Doc: means one month has passed without such suffering Sister: really it was a big problem, sleep of all housemates disturbed at 2.30 am Brother roused, father roused to carry her to hospital for nebulisation .. it was a very big problem that has solved Doc: saved!! Patient: ya! All because of you Her mother is telling … how could have they reached us… Sister: this all is destiny, we were not aware of it Papa also is very happy; papa wept for her;
He used to say what will happen as she was getting down day by day Now papa says that .. now he is satisfied! Mother: at that time she could not eat anything except such little piece of roti Doc: now?
Now she eats 2 roties with vegetable, etc. . .now she is able to eat…. .. she eats dal roti, rice; sometimes she asks for khichadi Sister and mother: now she likes to eat, now she tells what she wants to eat …earlier she was forced to eat even so little
.. she wept on looking at food and refused to eat Now she eats even a little amount with fear Doc: she can eat without fear, she do not need to suppress her desires Blood reports …. on 29th creatinine was 10.14 now it is 7.38 They have reduced her dialysis two per week to one per week.

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  1. S.creatinine came down to 7.38 from 10.14 just within 20 days. Now she has planned for one dialysis per week. Now she had not faced any more breathing trouble in last one month while she had to go for nebulization every night.

  2. yes, homeopathic medicines are not too costly. Its proper and wisely use can only produce marvelous results. An expert of each and every system charge for his experiences and expertise. So why should not we?

  3. sir
    my mom is now undergoing dialysis, her right kidney was damage on 2004 as said by the dr. , now her left kindey is also not functioning under this alopathy treatment, by which she have to go to dialysis every 3 days in a week. she have also urinary fribosis. can homeopathy would help her to recover soon?

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