Homeopathy – Answer to Critics

Homeopathy – Answer to Critics

if I have to say something to the critics I can only tell them that I have such grateful patients that come every single day to my practice I have seen children who get coffin cold every two weeks they take antibiotics and then after six months one year two years of homeopathy they just come with so much gratitude they say now everything is all right not only am i complaint but I feel better as a person my energy has come back so my suggestion to them just right do not bother about whether homeopathy is logical whether it is within the tenets of science as we know it today whether it is making sense or no sense simply watch the results our founder Hanuman the one who discovered homeopathy he wrote a book and the very first words of the book are as follows homeopathy appeals to the proof of its action just you practice this and publish your failures to the world everything comes later all my explanation almighty erisa all my great ideas of this or that or this theory that theory no once you see its effect then we will talk further don’t criticise it on the basis of this or that what is science exactly science is not what you can understand there are many many things you can’t understand so science is not based upon what is understandable science is based upon what actually happens it is based on experimentation and observation your explanation can follow later apples fell to the ground even before Newton discovered the law of gravity so there are many things that happen which we do not understand today but that does not dismiss it as a fact simply you do not understand it does not mean it does not exist this concept should go look at it see the patients healed by see the studies that have been done and then let science try to explain it try to come to a point where it can be understood whatever we speak about it does not make any sense till the person has seen how it works and the one who has seen how it works would have the curiosity to learn further I will give you a very simple example in the old days there was a doctor called Mahindra Lal circa he practiced in Calcutta and he was the vice president of the British Medical Association of Calcutta branch tho so the British days there and at that time from England homeopathy was seeping into India and it was being practiced by a few lay people and the Association wanted to put an end to this nonsense before it grew further so they appointed circa to give a lecture on the subject homeopathy is quackery now in order for giving this lecture he went to the clinic of a lay homeopathy called Raja Dutta and he said let me observe what nonsense you are doing here after three months of just sitting with that and observing the effects of homeopathy this very learned and talented medical doctor he gave a lecture called homeopathy is the medicine of the future for which he was removed from the British Medical Association and he became the first Indian homeopathy with a medical qualification so the basic idea before we even start thinking of what homeopathy is is to know that it works and then the curio city comes how does it work how is it possible because there are you know the potencies of homeopathy are so dilute that you can’t trace anything substance in it but yet it works now if we talk about the principle see people who have seen the effect now are curious how does it work and the very simple explanation is as follows that there are two views of Health and of disease one is that disease is something that affects the parts of the body you have an asthma so it is a disease of your lungs you have a colitis it is a disease of your colon and so you treat it locally just like you treat a car whose one part of the other has gone out of order but the human body is not like that the human body is conceived as one develops as one lives as one and dies as one everything is interrelated and that the reason why asthma or colitis or arthritis or hypertension or diabetes or name it any chronic disease does not have a long term solution in modern medicine because you cannot treat the part and think that it has nothing to do with the whole everybody now recognizes asthma is a disease where the immune system becomes hyperactive it is an allergic disease colitis is something that is affected by the mind one part is affected by the other part and the basic problem is not with the parts but with the central controlling mechanisms with the whole with the immune system with the nervous system with the endocrine system which are all related also to the psyche or the mind so the first idea of homeopathy is you cannot get a long term solution till you address the basic problem which is in the whole organism this is called the idea of holism and the second one is that not only disease affects the whole but each individual has his own specific state of disease and therefore we need to study who the individual is how does he react to heat and cold what does he like in food and drink how does he think how does he perceive how does he react and then we need to select the exact remedy based on our assessment of who the individual person is and that medicine can stimulate his own healing mechanism to produce a long-term solution to the problem we talk in modern medicine they say 70% of diseases are either produced or aggravated by stress factors they call it psychosomatic the question is what is stress what is the answer to stress and modern medicine says ok stop worrying go to yoga do meditation do not worry does not help because stress again is extremely individual stress is not coming from how the situation is but how each individual perceives and reacts to reality and that is extremely individualistic and when a homeopathy tries to understand tres he goes into the individual’s perception of reality try to understand how does he perceive how does he sense it how does he experience stress and then you see there’s so much difference between one and the other and when you come to that point and you can address that and not remove the stress but change the perception of the individual into a more healthy perception then everything gets better

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  1. "Just watch if it works." That's exactly what the scientific process aims to do. And when the scientific process is applied to homeopathy (read: when careful eyes "just watch if it works"), homeopathy fails to deliver even at the most basic level, efficacy.

  2. He keeps bring up this idea that illnesses are of the mind. He's so close! It is precisely the mind that gives rise to any semblance of efficacy of homeopathic medicine. It's called the placebo effect! Why does he accept the mind's power in one instance, but then ignore its influence when it would be inconvenient?

  3. People become homeopaths bcoz they didn't work hard enough to become real doctors. You people didn't have in you to become a real doctor so you chose to become frauds. Homeopathy is bullshit

  4. Homeopathy is not a plausible system of treatment, as its dogmas about how drugs, illness, the human body, liquids and solutions operate are contradicted by a wide range of discoveries across biology, psychology, physics and chemistry made in the two centuries since its invention.[7][13][14][15][16][17] Although some clinical trials produce positive results,[18][19] multiple systematic reviews have indicated that this is because of chance, flawed research methods, and reporting bias. Homeopathic practice has been criticized as unethical because it discourages the use of effective treatments,[20] with the World Health Organization warning against using homeopathy to try to treat severe diseases such as HIV and malaria.[21] The continued practice of homeopathy, despite a lack of evidence of efficacy,[6][7][22] has led to it being characterized within the scientific and medical communities as nonsense,[23] quackery,[4][24] and a sham.[25]
    – Wikipedia

  5. All about Homeopathy
    Homeopathy is fairly common in some countries while being uncommon in others. In some countries, there are no specific legal regulations concerning the use of homeopathy, while in others, licenses or degrees in conventional medicine from accredited universities are required. Homeopathic preparations are not effective for treating any condition.[1][2][3][4] Outside of the alternative medicine community, scientists have long considered homeopathy a sham[5] or a pseudoscience,[1][2][3][4] and the mainstream medical community regards it as quackery.[3] The progress of our scientific understanding of biology, chemistry, and physics has failed to confirm any of the core beliefs of homeopathy. Like does not cure like (this is a form of superstition known as sympathetic magic, with no basis in science). Diluting substances does not make them stronger – a notion that violates the chemical law of mass action and the laws of thermodynamics. And countless clinical studies have shown that homeopathic preparations are nothing more than placebos. That homeopathy cannot work and does not work is settled science, as much as it is possible for science to be settled.

    World Health Organization Warned Against Use of Homeopathy: In response to open letter from scientists and researchers, the World Health Organization (WHO) has issued a unequivocal statement that it does not support the use of homeopathy for HIV, tuberculosis, malaria, influenza and infant diarrhea. Status of Homeopathy in Germany In the UK The House of Commons Science and Technology Committee (STC) released a report, Evidence Check 2: Homeopathy, in which they conclude that homeopathy is failed science and should be completely abandoned – no further support in the NHS and no further research. Following that the British Medical Association has openly called for an NHS ban on homeopathy, calling the practice “witchcraft.” Now German politicians are starting to echo the same sentiments. It is worthwhile mention that Homeopathy originated in Germany.

  6. In thousands of cases, handwriting has shown its homeopathic efficiency as a confirmatory symptom, or it pointed directly to the correct diagnosis of a remedy. Personality and character expresses itself in handwriting. Graphology is a study of handwriting and tells the minutest detail of one’s personality, which even the person himself is most times unaware of. For further details visit www.hai.in (official website of Handwriting Analysts International)

  7. sir my son while getting homeopathy treatment for asthma allergy (3 years) he got worst condition eczema.still he is suffering worst condition of eczema .if u go for asthma treatment u will get 100% skin decease.

  8. https://www.hri-research.org/hri-research/how-do-homeopathic-medicines-work/physico-chemical-properties-of-high-dilutions/

  9. Dear school of homeopathic does placebo in the hair fall and regroth or thick hair please persued me in the comments messages box I'll waiting for your comments.just to minutes.

  10. Conventional science has the tendency to be quite conservative in accepting novel ideas, particularly those that break with long and well-founded theories, insisting (not unreasonably) that extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof. But …

    It taxes one's credulity to think that for nearly 200 years every practitioner and patient of homeopathy has, as its opponents expressly and repeatedly point out, been consistently either wrong in their reporting of methods and results, intentionally lying, stupid, or delusional.

    Indeed, would it not be more rational to assume that in homeopathy, we have met a phenomenon that we neither understand nor can explain given our present state of scientific knowledge?

    Perhaps it may be that as yet we lack the technology to assess it accurately: perhaps our instruments of measurement are insufficiently sophisticated.

    It is certainly true that to date, the field of homeopathy has failed to provide an explanation for its mechanism. The hypotheses for the mechanism of action are naturally often thought by proponents to be biophysical rather than pharmacological because the substance is diluted beyond Avogadro’s number, but this failure to elaborate an underlying mechanism seems to bear no relationship to its success in practice.

    It is simply untrue, as its opponents repeatedly claim, that there is a lack of quality research documenting its clinical efficiency.
    One very recent study showed a statistically significant alteration of gene expression by a homeopathic dilution of Gelsemium sempervirens, a medicinal plant employed as an anxiolytic. Another study which was a prospective randomized double-blind, placebo-controlled study in adults showing homeopathic potassium dichromate decreased tenacious tracheal secretions and resulted in earlier extubation in intubated COPD patients compared to controls.
    A more recent prospective, observational, longitudinal study of individualized homeopathic medicines used adjunctively in 30 children with asthma showed statistically significant improvement in severity, frequency of nocturnal asthma attacks or awakenings, use of inhalers and oral corticosteroids, as well as pulmonary function test parameters at 3 and 6 months.

    A current review article on homeopathic research in the treatment of respiratory allergies and asthma reviewed evidence from controlled trials that were deemed to be of high quality. The authors concluded that homeopathy may offer possible options to conventional treatment of respiratory allergies and asthma.

    There were 288 randomized controlled trials (RCTs) of homeopathy published as of 2013, of which 45% were positive, 45% inconclusive, and less than 10% negative.

    To dismiss homeopathy out of hand because we cannot grasp it's mechanics – to assume that all of the scientific discoveries to be made have been made – seems not only irrational and unscientific, but expressly anti-scientific.

  11. And, finally, after years of investigation and offering some support for homeopathy the NHS has pulled the plug on this pernicious nonsense. No more public money for these nonsense spouting con artists.

  12. Homeopathy itself is not exact science however I feel the reason people move towards homeopathy is because of the fact that people want better assurance from health providers on a more emotional range at an inexpensive cost. I guess you could say that people are unsatisfied by modern medicine. I've always noticed homeopaths to listen longer to a person, and gives better mental strength to the people. Scientifically speaking homeopathy should not work even after taking into account the placebo effect & yet here it is. As a medical student, I'm confused as to the complete world of homeopathy.
    In any case, allopathy is tested & proven science. So, in regards to logic & evidence allopathy is superior to homeopathy.

  13. much of allopathy is usually Ivory tower elitists…that dont like the unknown..but think they know everything…fearing what they cant understand….

  14. all the critics of homeopathy are ignorant so how can they feel the relief of a patient who RUINED his health with so call ALLOPATHIC medicine….no science is complete and by the way who we are to define science….think before you leap…

  15. You should be ashamed of yourself sir… you are nothing more than a modern day "Snake Oil Salesman". Homeopathy should be labeled as "This is only water. If you want effective treatment, please see a real doctor." TLDR: Check CoolHardLogic's channel for videos on Homeopathy. He does have other funny videos, like 'Sky Demons' and 'Fake Planets'.

    Your 'magic water' has already been thoroughly tested and has found to be bullocks! Oh… you want real evidence and not just an appeal to emotions like you do to your willfully ignorant flock of sheep? OK… here is a link to a series of videos (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6dFYfeADX7g&list=PLmWeueTF8l80Hu9sxMDr9rpht2ghePFWqthat) that explains AND provides the scientific evidence to back up what is being said. I notice you don't provide any real evidence to back up your claims, odd that don't you think. It's kind of like you know there isn't any? You only beg and plead and make an appeal to emotions to be recognized to be genuine in your hollow claims of 'magical water' that actually works. So in other words, you back up your claims with a series of logical fallacies. By the way, a link to a non scientific publication that itself doesn't provide any evidence is not scientific evidence and it does not constitute actual evidence to back up your silly childish claims. Magic water? Really?

    If you or any of your fellow 'magic water' / alternative medicine followers actually watched the whole video series and still think your 'magic water' works like you claim it does, then by all means… please do reply with the evidence that does not contain any logical fallacies and would indeed pass the scientific communities peer review process.
    I will make a public apology right here with my comment. Will you do the same in your videos or remove them? I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that you or any of your shills won't. You don't have the courage to say that you are wrong.

  16. I'm sorry, but this is just nuts… Who in the world gives antibiotics to someone with a cold? No one!
    Homeopathic treatment doesn't work. It's all placebo. That's it. Accept it.

  17. He isnt à real doctor! The school he went to is Homeopathic Medical College! Imo hr is scamming people in best case deliberately misinforms them letting them think he is MD

  18. Perhaps you can provide a link to the clinical studies of the homeopathic remedies you are talking about, if they even exist. Otherwise, quit trying to con people.

  19. Indians believe in two biggest pseudoscience in the world ….Astrology and Homeopathy …….both doesn't work……….we don't understand that there's a word called coincidence and we take whatever has happened is because of them …..come out of it

  20. what makes this better than conventional medicine. has this made diseases that have rendered extremely rich countries like the US crippled, harmless like conventional medicine or is it actually useful.

  21. "Oh, it works. Just believe it does! Here, lemme sell you some remedies"
    …yeah, that doesn't sound like a scam at all.

  22. By your standards faith healing is also legitimate. Your standards suck balls. But it's ok, balls have a memory…

  23. It works for me and that is enough. It does not matter what the prejudice academia thinks. If it's a placebo effect, why does it work on my dog? Medicine is supposed to heal and not exploit the vulnerable.

  24. Critique: Homeopathy has been proven to not work anymore than common placebo effect.

    Indian homeopathic seller: Oh, forget it doesn't make sense… just give me your mon…, I mean, just try it!

  25. interestingly one of a friend of mine had a persistent condition of verucca, which was cured within a month using homeopathy

  26. Can any body explain how non communicable diseases attack our body . Then there is an answer to homeopathy.

  27. Show me a homeopathic solution to male pattern baldness. Currently there is finasteride, it stops the conversion of testosterone to dht which mainly contributes to male hair loss. It is a very visual medicine in its effect, it works fairly quick. Please show a homeopathic solution for baldness.
    Please tell me how water is able to acts on the specialized cells in receptors. Because that’s what homeopathic medicine is, it’s just diluted water.
    Oh and show me a cure for rabies. How about this, make a homeopathic remedy for rabies and then infect yourself with rabies and then cure it with this remedy. Even a better example to show that homeopathy just works. Go ahead, infect yourself with rabies and cure yourself.

  28. So many problems whit this video first you don't take antibiotics for a viral infection second you are contradicting the word science and general science it exists to purely to understand are world so science is something you understand. What do you think clinical trials are they exist to prove that a treatment dos work and its safe for humans your are playing with people's lives here stop trying to make a profit using lies and fake experiments to lure in people and we do now what homeopathy is, you and anti-vaccines are extremely idiotic check ms stick and in a nutshell for more information and don't trust non proven, relejaos ore magical treatments please cuestión there logic don't blindly follow people for what they say make shore you don't turn into a victim

  29. I request all homepathy Dr practiceners start ICU hospitals avoid allopathy Hospitals from head to toe homeopathy work with tremendous result

  30. We need to have an open mind about homeopathy…6 years ago my best friend's husband is so weak with fatty liver, dabetes, hypertension, hyperlipedemia, he is 42 years old, weighs 437 lbs…I am a nurse by profession and I have been reading about homeopathy for years…out of desperation…watching him slowly die before our eyes…with the help of my Homeopathic doctor friend I gave him via iv push of Acidum fumaricum, Acidum cis aconiticum, Acidum Ketoglutaricum, Acidum DL Malicum, Baryum oxalsuccicum, Natrum oxalaceticum etc…the following day he is energetic and happy…from that day onwards for 6 years we give those homeopathic medicines plus Glutathione shot (monthly) and Vitamin E Tocorienol 400 mg supplement (once daily) …We judge homeopathy by result…yes it is amazing…it is beyond logic!

  31. Homeopathy is proof of the efficacy of the placebo effect. Same goes for other 'alternative' medicine such as acupuncture.

  32. Homeopathy does work. I am taking homeopathy since childhood for small to big problems. My mom use to give me when I had no idea about difference between allopathy & homeopathy so there is definitely no placebo involved.
    Chronic disease takes very long time (though with patience it completely ends) but cold, flu, fever, constipation, diarrhoea or new newly formed disease
    get recovered within a day or two

  33. Well my father broke is ankle and heel and doctor told him he will never walk again like before or without support… he took homeopathy and now he walks like nothing happened

  34. ofcourse homeopathy works, it's called the placebo effect and it is known in science that a suger pill will work, homeopathy has been proven to work aswell as this and no more. He just said mediation and yoga doesn't work!… well thats certainly wrong. Mediation and yoga are proven to work even more so than a placebo and do have healing effects.

  35. maybe the children that use antibiotics for common colds, get better because they stop using bacteria destroying drug against viruses

  36. Homeopathy is based on a very real phenomenon: placebo effect. Does it mean homeopathy is real medicine? No. It is the same as prayers or superstitious rituals.

  37. If, Yesterday was of Ayurveda
    And Today is of Allopathy
    Then Tomorrow is of Homeopathy~
    Nadoja Dr.B.T.Rudresh

  38. People failing to clear the Medical Entrance Exams but are fascinated by the word “Dr.” as a prefix in their names go for Homeopathy. It is their “Complementary” way of calling themselves a Doctor (just as their “COMPLIMENTARY” medicines).

    Please stop scamming people.

  39. I have taken 18 years alopathy and my allergy never cured,,,,,but now after taking 1 month of homeopathy I feel better and better by each week

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