Homeopathy & Antibiotics – Geoff Johnson MA VetMB MRCVS VetMFHom RSHom PCH

Homeopathy & Antibiotics – Geoff Johnson MA VetMB MRCVS VetMFHom RSHom PCH

it is strange but true but the health of a herd of cows is intimately related to the health of the farmer and there’s a number of vets in Europe and a couple of us in the UK who will actually approach a herd of cows and they’ll include the health of the farmer in the working out of which is the best remedy to give to the whole heard people say that homeopathy is placebo I could understand why they say that but it can’t possibly be placebo when you’re working with a herd of cows you can’t imagine that they’re going to sense from 200 yards away across a field that you’re going to put something into their water to improve their mastitis or stop them aborting or get rid of their ringworm or whatever it’s going to be so I think veterinary homeopathy demonstrates the fact that homeopathy is not just perceiver I recently went onto a farm in West Wales where the farmer hasn’t used meth about it for five years and he only uses homeopathy all the time now of course antibiotics are life-saving and it’s very important that they are used when needed but I think they could potentially be used much much less a major disease of cattle is leptospirosis and there’s been a huge trial performed in Cuba on over 2 million people where homeopathy was hugely successful in preventing leptospirosis I mean trial is maybe one of the biggest trials that has taken place this century as a homeopathic trial and it was 1/10 the cost of vaccinations and it was massively effective it is much more sustainable in conventional medicine it doesn’t damage the environment it has no side effects to speak of and it has no residues that affect our countryside or our rivers and so it really is a it’s a medicine of the future and I think the future is coming soon

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  1. If you have the courage of your convictions, you would meet the challenge you presented, and that I have accepted. Instead, you are retreating.

  2. Still not willing to stand up to your challenge I see. Perhaps your faith is not as strong as you originally thought?
    It's a pity your courage extends only to words and not actions, sir.

  3. I think you should credit farmers with a lot more sense than you do. I am no farmer but I imagine that the health of a herd of cattle lies with a lot more than observer bias or indeed wishful thinking.

  4. Please see and promote this petition, in support of homeopathy and against any ban on use of homeopathy by BVS (July 2016):


    Skeptics are trying to ban vets from using homeopathy as well as from use in the NHS (please keep an eye on what your local NHS CCG clinical commissioning group is doing; many are being threatenend by skeptic groups such as the Orwellian-sounding Good Thinking Society) .

    These pharma-sponsored skeptics are very scared of course that homeopathy can be seen to work for domestic and farm animals, because this cannot be apportioned to placebo effect. The placebo hypothesis is one of their many false propaganda points.

  5. I have studied Homeopathy medicine since my grand mother was a midwife she taught me the medicinal measures of excellence for health and wealth cure the body soul and mind with Regenerative cell solutions natural ingredients

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