Homeopathy Shamanic Journey about Colostrum – Journeys From Substance Book One

Hi, I’m Sally Moore and I’m the Author and the Illustrator of the book Colostrum This is the first book in the Journeys From Substance Series. I’m a Homeopath and this story came from the shamanic journey that occurred when I was making a Homeopathic Remedy from the substance Colostrum Human Colostrum is the first mother’s milk that she has when her baby is born I wrote and illustrated this book because when I experienced the journey I felt compelled to share it The characters in this book .. are …the wilds of the landscape the earth, the stars, the moon, the women the women that are now, the women that are from the past the mothers, the grandmother earth the great grandmothers the sun the moon and the stars and the daughters, the daughters that are part of the continuum moving forward the daughters and their daughters and their daughters This book would be a lovely gift for a woman that’s going through her pregnancy, about to birth breast feeding and at the other end of a woman’s life where she’s moving towards menopause To get your special offer for all three books click the link below and it will give you a twenty per cent discount and free postage within Australia overseas orders please email [email protected] overseas orders please email [email protected]

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