Homeopathy – The Consultation by David Mundy

Homeopathy – The Consultation by David Mundy

the beauty of homeopathy is a holistic system and when you come to a homeopath he’s not just interested in one or two symptoms that you’re suffering from and give you a remedy for those symptoms he’s interested in if you like the whole of you the whole person so that’s why initial homeopathic consultation can take around two hours where we go into the person’s all their symptoms or their past medical history we go into their family background and a sort of diseases that run in their family we take into account their character their personality we take into account this on what could patient they chose to to do and we even take into account people’s interests and hobbies and this enables us to build up if you’d like a complete picture that we can then match with a remedy being a homeopath is is rather like being a general practitioner because would treat such a wide variety of different complaints some people come with physical complaints like skin problems or they may come with arthritis or migraines these sort of things but usually when you go into the case of it will be deeper we find that everybody has some form of problems or stress in their life and the way they deal with a problems and stress is in a sense a mirror of their character and personality the procedure question is I comes up a lot in the homeopathy and people often say that homeopathy only works via the placebo effect the thing is that we know that it works on children we know that it works on animals because there are veterinary homeopathy and a patient may come and see me and the first three prescription so I give them may have no effect because I haven’t found the correct remedy from them for them there being about 3,000 possibilities in homeopathy sometimes it takes a short while to find the perfect remedy for that patient so two or three visits the patient says no no nothing’s happening I’m not any better and then you find that patients remedy and they come back and say yes now I’m feeling better that’s fantastic so if it was placebo one would naturally think that the perceiver effect would occur more in the beginning of treatment not four or five sessions down the road so they suddenly get the placebo effect I can suddenly feel better it’s not really logical from my perspective I mean basically I suppose three types of people those that will believe in homeopathy and those who think well does it work or doesn’t it I want to investigate I want to find out whether it’s true or not and there are those who right from the beginning say it can’t work because the word prejudice actually means to prejudge and a lot of people prejudge homeopathy because at first first hearing about it they assume that it can’t possibly work simply because we’re not giving enough of the medicine we’re giving two small doses so therefore it can’t work and that is the depth of their investigation into homeopathy but I would say if you want to know if homeopathy works the best thing to do is to try it and I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the results of homeopathy so don’t prejudge it try it

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  1. This is a great video 🙂 Thank you ! One question can homeopathy treat and heal completely seborrehic dermatitis? 🙂

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