Hi, and welcome to The Imaginarium. Homeopathy is a teaching that to cure an illness, you need to treat the patient with a substance that produces the same symptom as the illness itself. So the whole magic behind homeopathy has to do with dilutions and water memory. To make a more potent solution, you need to dilute it. We take one milliliter of this, you put it into 100 milliliter solution, you shake it, magic, magic, magic. Now that is stronger than that. Smells really strong. So 6x or 30c is the most common homeopathic concentrations. To get a 40c solution, you take one molecule in the whole of the observable universe. To actually achieve the concentration of the oscillococcinum 200c, you need another very, very, very, very, very many observable universes. Many homeopaths, they claim that the memory water is a mystery, and that is wrong. Edit: Sorry about the misspelled “Prize” Many homeopaths and homeopathy believers claim that homeopathy has never been tested properly by science. That is also wrong, because I made a quick search on the web of science. I found 2,467 results on the first search. That would be quite a few studies. Homeopathy brings in $150 billion bloody dollars per year. How can you not call this an industry? Seriously, like what planet do you live? This is a brilliant industry. I wish I could have thought of something like this. Selling water and sugar. Selling nothing to people for $150 billion dollars. Okay, it is Friday evening, and well, I’m gonna start out here with my with my homeopathic drink. Wish you a pleasant evening. Science safely!
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10 Replies to “HOMEOPATHY – the CRAZY craze!”

  1. Homeopathy is ultimately the clinical observance that less is more and has its benefits. Seems like your keep the same philosophy for your eyebrows. There's barely any trace of them!

  2. So if water can "remember" the arsenic, or pollen, or whatever; why doesn't it remember being pee'd by a dinosaur? Does water get Alzheimer's?

  3. Might I recommend a dose of pustilla 200x? Given your Adams apple I will note that it is useful for gender identity crisis…

  4. Here in the Netherlands and a growning number of homeopaths have taken it a step further into woo, as if homeopathy wasnt crazy enough. They do this thing called CEASE therapy, created by the Dutch Tinus Smits, where they detox the patient from the substance that caused them harm(acourding to them of course) which of course are vaccines, by which they de-autistify the children.. But they take the woo even further, if that doesn't work they start on other things..such as pregnancy sonograms, pacifyers, pitocin and formula.d And even MECONIUM.. by giving homeopatic dilutions of these.. diluted new born Poo and pacifyers.
    That and they completely overdose young children on vitamin C. The entire Dutch antivax moment eats this shit up, it's tragic really..i just dont get how people can believe this and pay these people so much for it. I saw one homeopath even claiming that the german wings suicide crash was due to possibile vaccine damage in his past..which of course he wouldve been able to cure np.. :-O

  5. This is not a good homeopathy demonstration. According to Hahnemann it only works if you shake it 10 times each in each primary direction by bumping it against a bible. No joke, it's really that retarded!

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