Homeopathy the Supporting Evidence

Homeopathy the Supporting Evidence

we know that homeopathy works above and beyond the placebo effect let’s have a look at some of the evidence let’s look at what the homeopathy say what patients say what anecdotal evidence there is and what randomly controlled trials say so first of all the homeopaths there are thousands of homeopaths around the world using homeopathy today and they have been doing so for over 200 years they have first-hand experience of the patient’s response to the remedies they say that homeopathy works above and beyond the placebo effect because they see continued in positive results in their clinical practice but they also see that homeopathy works on the very young babies and even animals these types of patients wouldn’t be affected by the placebo effect homeopaths also admit that they don’t always get the right remedy first time sometimes it takes two or three consultations to get the right remedy so why in these cases would it take so many consultations to get them for the placebo effect to kick in surely if the placebo effect was going to work it would have worked first time around also many people that come to see homeopathy have been through other types of medical treatment already and received all sorts of pills and potions for their ailments why didn’t the placebo work when they went and saw these other practitioners why would it miraculously only start when they went to see a homeopathy so already we can see a number of reasons as to why homeopathy must be working above and beyond the placebo effect then there’s the patients themselves it’s estimated that around 500 million patients use homeopathy every year in the world and homeopathy is the second largest system of medicine in the world today as recognized by the World Health Organization in the UK it’s used by one in eight people in Europe that’s about one in three and in India over half the population use homeopathy every day so that’s a lot of people why would all these people keep using homeopathy if it wasn’t effective I don’t think they would five hundred million people is one in 12 people one in 12 people on the planet using homeopathy every day it must be working above and beyond the placebo effect and what’s more they wouldn’t refer it to their friends and family and to others if it wasn’t successful for them and they wouldn’t keep coming back so I think clearly the patients feel that homeopathy is working above and beyond placebo for them if we look at the evidence we can see that there are the many patient trials asking them about the effects and their experience of homeopathy there was a fantastic study done the Bristol homeopathic Hospital here in the UK it was conducted in 2006 it lasted for six and a half years and they looked at over 6000 patients that were coming back for follow-up treatment over 70% of those patients reported an improvement and over 50% said that it was a significant improvement in health and to their well-being and lifestyle these sorts of results can’t be ignored it shows that homeopathy truly has a good effect on patient’s well-being randomized control trials or RCTs are considered the gold standard in medicine up to the end of 2013 there are a hundred and eighty eight randomized controlled studies in homeopathic medicine covering over a hundred different conditions of those that were conclusive just under half of the studies ninety percent that’s nine out of ten showed that homeopathy works above and beyond a placebo effect also in 2014 dr. Robert Murphy a renowned researcher conducted some further meta-analysis of the randomly controlled trials we had to date he focused in on those that used individualized homeopathy where the remedy is matched to the patient but still using the conditions of randomly controlled trial double-blind placebo-controlled now his meta-analysis clearly showed that those people that received homeopathy it was twice as effective as those that had received the dummy or placebo pill this is another great study that shows that homeopathy works above and beyond the placebo effect clearly we would like more research of this type in homeopathy but sadly the budgets and funds just aren’t there the pharmaceutical industries are only interested in researching conventional medicine and if you look at the amount of money that they spend on conventional medicine compared to the money spent on complementary and alternative medicine it’s I’m sad to say that it’s only naught point naught naught eight five percent we would all like to see a lot more research done and I think that the results that they’re so far clearly demonstrate that it would be worthwhile if you want to know more about homeopathy you can go to the school of homeopathy x’ website and look at the about homeopathy section if you want to know more about research and evidence in homeopathy and indeed the placebo effect then why not visit the homeopathic research institutes website and look at their section under sources thanks

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  1. C30 method: 1 'working' molecule in every (2000 billion) liters of water. If placebo really works so well. Please use it on your mental brain diseases you showed by making this video….

  2. I also wanna point out that the placebo effect has also been seen to work in babies and animals that look for cues in the behaviour of their carer.

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