Homeopathy – The Theory of Primordial Essence by Dr Mirjana Živanov – Introductory Lecture

Homeopathy – The Theory of Primordial Essence by Dr Mirjana Živanov – Introductory Lecture

My name is dr Mirjana Zivanov. Today I will talk about polarities in homeopathy. The whole world, everything that surrounds us is a result of a never ending dynamism between polarities, pairs of opposites that complete one another creating Oneness. One of the greatest achievements of our civilization is the awareness that all human beings are equal regardless of their race, gender or any other differences, but not the same. We are all different, but also we are all One. Awareness and acceptance that we are all One is getting free from the world of duality. When someone is growing in spiritual wisdom his consciousness is expanding until the entire universe becomes his residence and the whole mankind his family. The pairs of opposites, polarities is what makes and moves the nature from the atomic level, where positively charged proton and negatively charged electron in their endless dance of attraction and rejection, love and hate symbolically speaking, creates the foundation of all the matter, throughout the entire universe. The very nature of the elements may give us life and nourishment, but also death and destruction, so which of the opposite qualities is going to be is a question of quantity, as Paracelsus once said “The dose makes the poison”. Every community and every individual is faced with an endless line of reactions to challenges of all kinds, and each one of these is a new pair of polarities in life. Some of these challenges and our reactions change us a great deal and we may say that such polarities define us, while others have small or minute influence, so a certain combination of great polarities and the small ones is what makes the individual. People who share a combination of polarities can be quite similar in their essence. Every human being has faced the first defining influence, an event or a genetic variation, and it’s reaction that leaves the first deepest mark on the unconscious. This first deepest mark influences every event and decision in later life, sometimes in a good and other times in a bad way, so we may call this pair of opposites the Primes. Knowing your Primes, your very essence is the ultimate goal to this day, just as it was in antiquity. It was written at the entrance of the temple of Apollo in Delphi: “Nosce te ipsum – Know Thyself”. For a person who gains this knowledge, all the key moments and situations experienced in the past become crystal clear, like huge burden has been lifted. Homeopathy observes a person as a whole and during the treatment a wide range of polarities emerges, with more or less influence on a patient as a whole. As a homeopath digs deeper something in common for all those polarities starts appearing, that connects them one way or another. The pair of opposites that gives sense and in that way connects all the polarities in a patient are the Primes that mark the patients very essence. When a homeopath is looking for the Simillimum for a patient he has to recognize just that, his very essence marked by the Primes, in order to give a remedy with a most similar essence – the one that shares the same Primes with the patient. Looking for polarities is a process rooted very deeply in homeopathy, because two completely opposite symptoms or modalities often lead to the same remedy, for incidence either if a patient loves or hates sweet it may lead to the same remedy, for the important thing is the strong reaction of the patient to the sweet, the pair of opposites – the polarity, not just one of them. After the Simillimum all the modalities on mental, emotional and physical level become One. Nowadays it may be even more difficult to find a Simillimum for a patient than ever before, because there are so many trends and lifestyles that people often repress their own self’s, their own nature, to be fashionable. That is why today it is quite possible that following just the patients mental, emotional and physical symptoms may be misleading, so finding the Primes in the patient’s deep unconscious may be the most certain way to find his Simillimum. There are no polarities in the glorious silence of the Lord’s Kingdom, no pain or pleasure, no light or darkness, no east or west, no differences – everything is One. Homeopathic Simillimum also leads the man to a state of Oneness, a state in which the opposites unite and we get closer to the Divine. The state of Oneness can not be understood, it can only be felt, and Simillimum gives us a chance to feel the Divine state of Oneness.

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  1. super prva osoba koja   nesto objasnjava po pitanju homeopatije    mislim da treba   da bude sve vise i vise ovakvih stvari  na you tube edukacija

  2. I have written many times that dr.Mirjana is the jem of Homoeopathy and I proudly follow her in my practice.I am very thankful to dr.Mirjana to share these beutiful thoughts.

  3.  Its a new insight in Homeopathy. You are great Dr. Very useful information and theory thanks for sharing…..

  4. This spiritual approach to homeopathy is very much impressive. Heartfelt congrats to Dr Mirjana Zivanov. I request her to analyse Homeopathy in relation to present day modern diet which lacks most of the essential nutrients the body needs. For the last 20 -30 years unhealthy diet is contributing to so many chronic diseases, so how Homeopathy can balance this without proper diet advice/ supplement support, as most of the Homeopathy doctors are reluctant to advice proper diet/ supplement. 

  5. This new revolution will bring a hope to many people in the world . Diet and corect diagnose can faster bring good healt. New diagnose with faster diagnose can bring better and faster simmiliar. So it is great step in revolution of homeopaty. Many types of cancer. limfon, blastic anemy will be better treated! Congratulation Dr. Mirjana!

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