Homeveda – Natural Home Remedies For You!

Homeveda – Natural Home Remedies For You!

long lustrous and smooth hair are almost every girl’s desire all of these quick steps and watches skin look radiant like never before home remedies which can help your child get relief from allergy related symptoms Ayurveda there are some easy home remedies to cure indigestion without to stay updated with a new videos and to join our nature loving user community I will see you again soon till then take care

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  1. can u PLS do a video about removing body hear naturally without any side effect, what do u do for ur arms n legs, No sugar waxing or Waxing in general pls

  2. Mam may I know how to remove tan and to get glowing skin on face, and am having one doubt we have to wash the face with soap or else just with water after applying this paste on face……?

  3. is there any remedy for a 1 year old kid having outie belly button? it is not becoz of umbilical hernia. plz reply for curing outie belly button?

  4. please give a home remedy for outie umbilicus? it is just happened by entering water to it when bathing. it is for a one year old child

  5. Hello there
    actually I had a question
    my question was will it be of any benefit if I drink raw egg mixed in milk ?

  6. Simple hairfall and male pattern baldness (MPB) are different. So far I have done a lot of search and have found Dutasteride, minoxidil and Saw Palmetto to be the only medicines which can slow MPB down. MPB is caused by genetic sensitivity to DHT. Is there anything in Ayurveda which can cure this sensitivity and stop MPB? Can you please create a video on this? Thank you.

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