Horrors of Alcohol- An Ayurvedic Perspective !

Horrors of Alcohol- An Ayurvedic Perspective !

As we saw in the previous videos on Ayurveda,
Acharya Charaka doesn’t take a moral stance on alcohol. He lists down both positive and negative effects
of alcohol on the body. For our purposes of exploration, let me start
by covering all the cautionary warnings, and terrible effects of alcohol, mentioned in
charaka samhita, before revealing tips on how to enjoy intoxication without a hangover. Consider subscribing to the Sanskrit Channel,
where we explore the hidden secrets of Sanskrit Literature, across a wide variety of topics,
with references to their actual Sanskrit Sources. Also, check out our patreon page, if you wish
to support this effort, and access special patron benefits. vishasya yE guNah drushtAh sannipAtaprakOpakAh
ta Eva madyE drushyantE vishE tu balavattarAh | This is shloka 98 from madaatyaya, the 24th
chapter from Charaka Samhita, called intoxication. Thi says, the properties, that affect the
human body, are exactly the same in alcohol, and venom. Both of these affect vata, pitta and kapha,
in the same way. The only difference, is that the effects of
venom are much more potent, than alcohol. Acharya charaka says alcohol has 10 attributes,
out of overall 20, which are used to tag all things in ayurveda. Incidentally, Ojas, or aura which is the final
and most refined, form of Energy that is produced from the food we consume, also has 10 attributes. Not only that, each of the 10 attributes of
alcohol, counteract, each of the 10 attributes of Ojas ! This is mentioned in shloka 30, as follows
: laghu ushNa tIkshNa sUkshma Amla vyavAyyAshugamEva
cha rUksham vikAshi vishadam madyam dasha guNam
smrutam guru shItam mrudu shlakshNam bahalam madhuram
sthiram | prasannam picchalam snigdham OjOdashaguNam
smrutam | The 10 qualities of alcohol, are
lightness, heat generation,
sourness sharpness,
quick action, roughness,
absorbability depressiveness,
non-sliminess subtleness,
. On the other hand, the 10 qualities, of Ojas,
are Heaviness,
Coolness, sweetness,
softness, clarity,
unctuousness(or oiliness),, stability
smoothness, sliminess and
viscosity You can see by this table, how alcohol, undoes
all the hard work the body has put, into digestion, and assimilation of food into energy. Not just that, acharya charaka, goes on to
describe the horrible physical effects, that can be caused by alcohol, if it is not handled
properly. Here’s shloka 101: sharIradukham balavat sammOhO hrudayavyathA
aruchih pratatA trushNA jvarah shItOshNalakshaNah which means, devere physical distress, mental
confusion, cardiac pain, anorexia, continued thirst, and constant bouts of fever and chills. shloka 102: shirahpArshvAsthisandhInAm vidyuttulyA ca
vEdanA jAyatEtibalA jrumbhA sphuraNam vEpanam shramah
| this means, pains like electric shocks, in
the head, sides, and joints, severe yawning, twitching, tremors, and exhaustion. shloka 103 : urOvibandhah kasascha hikkA shvAsah prajAgarah
sharIrakampah karNakshimukharOgastrikagrahah Chest pains, hiccups, disorders in the eye,
ear, mouth and stiffness in the sacrum… these shlokas go on and on into vomiting,
diarrhoea, nausea and hallucinations. So, here are the horrors of alcohol, as mentioned
by acharya Charaka. But he doesn’t say these just to put one off
of alcohol. He also goes on to praise alcohol for it’s
tremendous positive qualities. He calls it bhagavatI or a goddess. In further videos, let’s look at what those
positive qualities are and Acharya Charaka’s guidelines on how to consume alcohol, based
on one’s body type. I’m making this into a playlist of videos,
so that you get a complete picture of chapter 24, of charaka samhita, at one place. Do check it out in the description below. I hope you liked this video. Thank you for all your valuable comments and
feedback. I really appreciate you spending your valuable
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  1. Great content, seriously nice work out there. waiting to watch your videos every morning.
    Not able to understanding much of sanskrit, trusting is hard now-a-days.

  2. Lightness and subtleness are usually considered as positive qualities especially for spiritual aspirants. Can you please give an insight on what context it is taken here ?

  3. Bro , all those you mentioned are 100% correct, most people who use alcohol the main reason is their job stress, because it helps them sleep peacefully.
    Some how people should understand the bad affect of consuming alcohol and atleast control it to using it 3 or 4 times a month.

  4. Namaskaram. This is Very much needed for non-habitual consumers to abstain.

    Choices is left to individual but the life value of each material has to be explained in as much detail as possible.

    Sanskrit tradition has that quality and your channel is following the same.

  5. Thanks bro, could you also research on ancient methods of water purification and put a video on that. I think there are some verses in Shushrut samhita.

  6. Thanks brother really enjoyed. And thank you so much to share valuable information.
    It's in this generations hand how to use technology, in ancient time people don't have social media to share, but still they sharing information.

  7. we are the ones who should be thanking you for taking the time to share all of this amazing knowledge with us. Truly Thank you. If I can be of any assistance to you, please let me know. I can give you my contact information and I will be honored to be of any help to you.

  8. Iam an ayurvedic doctor….i salute u…for ur efforts…to revive our devabhasha….and ayurvedic knowledge…..

  9. I feel very lucky as well as great that this kind of channel is present on youtube. I am a loyal viewer of yours.

  10. I am poor I don't have money to support but I support this channel by subscription like & comments. If you continue giving true original knowledge

  11. Really this channel and you are amazing…. You are providing so genuine information and knowledge…that we are blessed.

  12. Really this channel and you are amazing…. You are providing so genuine information and knowledge…that we are blessed.

  13. Sir your vedios are amazing and also very informative . There is 1 request can you please write all those shlokas in sanskrit language because writing in english they loose originality and also it is difficult to read … 🙂

  14. I find alcohol lowers your vibrations and makes you less sensitive to the subtle energies. I would not recommend it, except maybe in small ceremony quantities.

  15. well said…new and very recent studies have also concluded that alcohol is detrimental to health and potentially fatal…

  16. totally missed the good points? that's what I was watching for. Seriously though, I think you speak too fast, please slow down a little, you have an international audience and different Countries like mine struggle with your accent, a tad slower would be better.

  17. You are very knowledgeable, but I have some suggestions. Can you, along with sanskrit shloks in roman script, display them in devnagri also? Also, kindly pronounce the अ ending words as such, not आ ending, like चरका is wrong, it's चरक. We as indians have the duty of spreading our language correctly.

  18. Thank you for the powerful insights you are providing through your channel. Keep up the good work and keep them coming.!!!

  19. Too much of ANYTHING is unhealthy. Learn to "act" then "counteract" Times to feed higher chakras and times to feed lower chakras (know when the time is right). You have to know and be conscious of your body"s internal vibrations. Don't just listen and do what others tell you.✌

  20. I love your work, and am really enjoying you point of view and knowledge.
    One variable I have noticed in the time since these books were written vs now, is that generally in and i'll use the term "white" because of the gross consumption of alcohol in white culture a lot of people have developed a enormous defense against the negative effects of alcohol.
    When i was 16 to 24 years of age, Most weekends I would drink until I would pass out or get sick, which was the "normal" thing to do in a small farming community in Australia.
    And alot of indigenous people would exhibit these exact traits. yet "white culture DNA" had built a resistance to alcohol abuse.
    So it's really interesting to me that ancient indian culture revered high soma content herbs, and recorded these traits of alcohol abuse, because it shows 100% these guys are the real spiritual deal, and never came from a ancestral line that commonly abused alcohol, as noted no tolerance to the venom itself developed.
    So i noted 1 simple fact… the drunk on alcohol i got, the less spiritual i became, I believe it is marketed for this exact reason. to keep "white" culture at a low vibration, and use the dis empowered population for what ever means, as they are easy to control.
    Tank you for allowing me to come up with this train of thought. i enjoyed

  21. Your videos are interesting. Thank you. However, personally, I think you put a lot of emphasis on seeking financial support. It may not be necessary to emphasize this request at both beginning and end of every single video you put up on YouTube. Just a humble request to soften the 'money' aspect of what would otherwise be very educational material. Hope you will understand.

  22. Nice work?..but a man in ignorance mode would spread this as if everyone should drink alcohol it doesn't cause any problems..he would pretend as if he is taking alcohol limited but actually truth is reverse of that..Thanks for the video ?..and letting us know the facts about it .. surely man in mode of goodness would have gain perfect knowledge from this video?

  23. I would greatly like a series of lessons in a continuous sequence so that those interested in learning this great language are benefitted. Also some popular स्तुति (s) and स्त्रोत (s) should संधि विच्छेद (ed) and explained so that we understand what we are changing.

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