How Can Acupuncture Help IVF?

How Can Acupuncture Help IVF?

(relaxed music) – At the Center for Integrative Medicine we have a collaborative
approach to fertility. We work alongside the Western physicians that specialize in fertility treatments along with women’s health specialists. We wanna bring the best
combination of treatments to have the best success for our patients. Women’s health is a major condition that we treat with acupuncture
and oriental medicine. We treat people from menses to menopause. We know that with acupuncture,
herbs and nutrition, we can increase the chances
of IVF being successful. When women are trying to get pregnant, acupuncture can help to balance the body and balance the hormones, as well as regulate their
cycle and ovulation. We look at things like
basal body temperature, how long their cycle is, when they are ovulating,
and we try to adjust, using both acupuncture,
herbs and nutrition. Often, IVF patients are
very, very stressed out, so we’re gonna be looking
at the way they exercise, and how they’re managing stress, and may make recommendations
around karma exercises such as tai chi or yoga,
and also meditation to bring on the relaxation, because we know stress can affect all the hormones in the body, and so if we can manage
their stress level, we may be able to be more successful in their treatment, overall.

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