How does homeopathy help the body heal itself

Homeopathic medicines don’t merely suppress the symptoms of an illness. Instead, they are thought to stimulate the body’s own natural defenses, or healing mechanisms. When our body’s natural defenses become weakened, they lose effectiveness. and this causes us to get sick. Homeopathy works by boosting the body’s power to heal itself. Okay, homeopathy is different from conventional medicine. Conventional medicine simply defines health as a lack of symptoms. but, homeopathy, defines health as a lack of disease. Not simply the lack of symptoms. For example, if you have a runny nose lets say, you might temporarily dry it up by taking a decongestant. But that doesn’t mean your cold is gone. Now Homeopathy takes a different approach. Since the symptoms provide us with information about our current state of health, by carefully observing our symptoms we can develop a kind of picture of the syndrome, or disease. That afflicts us. and by taking a Homeopathic medicine, that matches this picture, your body can act to resolve the underlying conditions. In this case the cold. and not just suppress the runny nose symptoms.

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