How does it feel to be hypnotized? Hypnotist Bernie’s Exposition 193 #hypnosis #NLP

How does it feel to be hypnotized? Hypnotist Bernie’s Exposition 193 #hypnosis #NLP

all right we after the show here with
Katrina. how are you doing? great all right so um tell us how does it feel as
you were going into hypnosis do you remember your hands getting closer
together okay okay yeah did you feel your hands getting closer or do you
remember that part I do do you how hard is it for you if you can describe how
your hands become magnetized then and I said this is like a natural feeling okay
yeah and do you remember going in to hypnosis yeah I do
you feel a very fast process or was it like a slowly developing process I feel
like it was a little slow like when you’re talking about the beach I started
like hearing the way is before he even said that and okay I was envision myself
at first it was weird it was almost like a beach I’ve never been to like the sand
was so soft and the water was so clear and this guy was pink and then it was
just do you remember anything before the beach do you remember when me shaking
your hand or your arm do you feel how does it feel when I do that okay
safe okay a little skeptical you know it just it came naturally it felt okay
calming yeah black sitting and could you describe how
do you remember waking up and then going back into hypnosis I woke up and just
felt like really energized and then just right back and then it was a little
weird yeah a little bit like that do you feel how does it feel as you go back and
have gnosis after waking up early briefly just feeling calm again I mean I
felt calm waking up to but it felt nice yeah okay and how do you feel right now and and as you were coming here today is
this what you have been expecting a hypnosis session to be a surprise so
yeah but but do you feel but it’s just what you expect to feel as you I guess I
watch the video kind of escaping for a minute do you feel more relaxed and the
people that you saw on the video do you feel as you were looking at them do you
feel the same do you think you’re feeling this anything okay well would
you recommend us to your friend that’s great that’s great oh this is Katrina
hopefully we can see you back in a few weeks I’m sure you

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