hi everyone few years ago I embarked on the quest to heal tooth decay naturally what I’ve been doing has been to some degree working for me and I have waited three root canals I’m gonna tell you all the things that I’ve been trying out and what has been working what happened first of all about can you actually heal tooth decay cavities in the enamel on the surface definitely those can heal my sign had to which we have not filled this is with the approval of our dentists we took the watchful waiting approach and his two little cavities have halted and they’ve been halted for some years now I myself also had a cavity like just in the enamel right around here you probably can’t see it it’s just a little dark there now a dentist wanted to fill this about four years ago I decided to wait and see if I could get it to halt and it has halted so far it’s no good number two I cavities that are beyond the enamel but not too deep can you heal them I think you can I think you can certainly slow them down I think this is something that you’d probably want to do while you’re waiting for your dental appointment and then go into your dentist and see if it’s working in case it’s not and you don’t want to end up with it going deeper so at this point actually I use the approach of both I’m doing the natural stuff but it’s not like I’m not seeing my dentist at all but as it’s turning out I’m not needing nearly as much dental work so it’s working number three root canals can you avoid this now look I have three teeth that probably should have been root canal and I did have fillings replaced on them but they ended up healing I mean they came back to the point of needing a root canal to not needing one what you’re probably wondering why do I have so many problems of my teeth I have a ton of filling why you ask drug yeah I did a lot of drugs and I ate a lot of ice cream and fell asleep in front of the TV without brushing my teeth this is how you ruin your teeth and why am I telling you this this is totally relevant in case you’re wondering what kind of drugs these were opiates like painkillers they cause your saliva to become more acidic which favors tooth decay course it doesn’t help that I was eating all that junk food and not taking care of my teeth but the drugs themselves affect the pH of your saliva so number one don’t do drugs I don’t do drugs anymore it’s been like almost 20 years I’m not anything track but let’s see it was a long time ago huh if you’re wondering how I quit drugs you can see my video of my testimony now if you do not quit drugs my advice to you is brush with baking soda this will rebalance the pH in your mouth this is very important even if you’re not a drug addict and whatever but you’re just taking some kind of medication like vicodin because you got a back injury whatever brush you do the baking soda or rinse with baking soda it’s going to help your k/h a lot so you’re going to have less problems on your teeth if you’re on meth no amount of baking soda is going to help you okay now assuming you’re not on Matt and you know you’re brushing with baking soda what else can you do I mentioned colloidal silver in my other video colloidal silver is antimicrobial so rinsing your mouth with it is going to reduce the bacteria in your mouth especially things like streptococcus mutants you know it’s a stress a caucus that lives in your mouth and causes tooth decay and no you are not going to turn blue I mean look at me if years later I’m still not blue well it’s not my hair colloidal silver definitely kills bacteria so you can prove it to yourself go get the smelliest man you know spray some colloidal silver under his arms and watch the odor magically disappear because the bacteria just died I made a video on how to make colloidal silver and a lot of people said you look like an idiot but my video just goes to prove that any idiot can make colloidal silver and you don’t have to pay a fortune for it you know at the health food store number four oil pulling you know the best thing you could do probably just go and watch my video that I already didn’t oil pulling and how I was headed for root canals and I did the oil pulling while waiting for my dental appointment and my teeth started to heal and when I went back this I didn’t need root canals anymore although I did have the so or please like one of my teeth the dentist that actually started to do a root canal on it and that tooth has recovered it’s been like more than six months and all three of my teeth are still okay and they don’t need root canal you need to know the truth now if you go online and you see a website that says my husband oil pulled for a week and his tooth or groove acha perfectly white this is BS and I don’t mean baking soda it’s not going to make your chief magically regrow but I think it’s the tool that you can use to help heal your teeth number five the cornerstones of healing tooth decay via diet and supplement number one a green free diet number two factor X which is something that you find in grass-fed animal products number three vitamin D you might say to yourself why should I listen to you you don’t have to listen to me the idiot who makes colloidal silver you can just go to the website of a person with a lot more credentials like this biochemist who will explain why these three things have been proven to help prevent and healed tooth decay so there’s a couple of ways to do a grain free diet one is the tooth decay diet which you can read about in Ron Ewell nagels book called cure tooth decay number two is the ketogenic diet which is also grain free and it’s basically just the tooth decay dye is same thing because both of them you’re you’re not eating sugar you’re not eating grain the difference is the ketogenic diet has fewer carbs which you would think might be harder because you would create carbs more of it actually if you go below a certain amount of carbs per day and you go into ketosis you stop craving carbs personally I found this made it easier to do however I still found it harder to do than my normal diet which is like quasi vegetarian with a lot of raw and not a lot of meat I mean that’s what usually that’s usually how I eat so changing the way I eat is always hard you know I missed the fruit so what I’m doing now is I’m just grain free and maybe a silicon ketogenic but at the limit like not under 20 the car of the day but like under fifty number two the grass-fed butter milk cheese or meat products if you can get it great it’s fun it’s apparently really good for your teeth if you can’t get it like me you can buy supplements there’s some from green pastures however I’ll tell you personally I got the butter oils and I never liked it I knew that I just didn’t like the taste so maybe get the flavored one or get capsules it just tastes like old butter to be honest alright as cod liver oil which has a lot of vitamin A is set to also help with the teeth and the bone I think this is what helped my son’s TTL we were just using the cod liver oil and and last vitamin D yeah you definitely need it of course if you live in a sunny place maybe you don’t need it or you don’t eat as much but if you live like we’re you know in a cold place you’re probably deficient so this is my update I’ve been doing this for years I tried everything out don’t check out my other videos that I have on the subject I can say without a doubt that you can do something to help your teeth I wouldn’t stay away from the dentist completely I mean if you have something and you’re trying to heal it and you’re seeing that it’s not getting better it’s getting worse at some point you’re going to have to decide am I going to just go and get it filled well sometimes you’re stuck waiting for the dentist sometimes able loose filling and that for me is a great time experiment like with the oil pulling then I noticed that the pain in the tooth as I was oil pulling more was starting to go away and then when I went to the dentist it turned out that my tooth you know I had somewhat recovered well teas can regrow new layers of dentin so it is possible and I think that’s why it might my teeth that we’re supposed to get root canal after they replace the filling without doing original I think they grew new dentin it protects the nerve and so they healed and they don’t need root canals anymore so that’s my update I hope it’s helpful to you thanks for listening to me and I’ll see you next time [Music]


  1. Dear friends don't worry, don't panic, if you really need a high quality and affordable dental treatment.. I can help you in getting it done.. root canal treatment in less than 100 dollars per tooth in India. And ignore what she says because she is here for views and subscriptions.

  2. Thank you for the good information, no you don't look like an idiot, colloidal silver is great please make sure your machine breaks it down small enough to assimilate though.

  3. Stay strong sis.  Thank you for talking candidly and honestly about your journey. I know many who have lost their teeth altogether because of drugs and they did not explore other options as you did.

  4. Hello, I watched the video… I am curious if its okay to do oil pulling while taking antibiotics for an infection in my mouth in order to avoid a root canal or tooth extraction? I also wonder if it is beneficial to consume coconut oil while taking the antibiotic amoxicillin? The swelling from the infection is going to my ear, back of the head and above the eyebrow. Who knew that tooth pain can be so bad?

  5. I totally get ya. I have had no teeth problems for about 4yrs now. We LOVE you here in toledo ohio! Big SHOUT OUT TO YOU!

  6. I use to smoke crack and meth, and if you drink bleach you will have great health. Drink 750ml bottle a day. It helps

  7. Good for being sober. I stopped using about 5 years ago. But I'm on suboxone so this was great to watch. And ur so funny

  8. awesome video 🙂 I just made one too a on how to make your own toothpaste with natural superfood ingredients 🙂 pls check it out if u want to heal your teeth and re grown ur gums love your content !! keep up the good work

  9. ???? I’m dying !!!!! Please please people don’t follow this women’s advice. Recovery from a root canal started ? your already into the pulp? omg people !! I’ve been in Dentistry for over 20+ years. I’ve seen this “holistic” approach and yikes their Oral health is anything but health. Are those her Dental X-rays she has mercury fillings still? Heal those replace !! And there was significant decay on those films ?

  10. Don't get root canals. Call HEALERS WHO SHARE in Denver Colorado. Order : Dental Abcess and Dental Dynamite. These are two homeopathic remedies.Get 2 day shipment. Your Abcess will be gone fast. My abcess blew out within 2 days. No pain. I asked the Dr. To PLEASE just fill it and if I had to come back later for the dreaded R.C. I would. Needless to say , this took some convincing but finally I got the filling and that was that. Their is a lot of up selling. That was 15 years ago. My tooth is just fine with NO ROOT CANAL. THANK YOU HEALERS WHO SHARE.

  11. I must mention that I had 3 yes, 3 oral surgeons who said that I needed a root canal. That turned out to be not true. Lots of up selling going on.

  12. You have great insight. Love your presentation. But can you give advice to whiten sclera of eyes? I don't do drugs nor drink alcohol and I eat healthy. Visine etc are temporary fixes I'm not interested in them. I heard about castor oil for eyes but there's not much information about it. What do you recommend??

  13. Proof it . Please do not give falls hope to the masses .Do not portray dentists as some 1 out there to rip u off .

  14. Slowing a cavity down is not “healing” it ??‍♂️ you can maintain the size of the cavity so that it doesn’t grow, but it’s still there..

  15. Uncle Harry's has a line of products for teeth. The Miracle Mouthwash is strong and pretty amazing. I use the tooth powder. Best stuff I've ever used. Salty tasting but you get used to it.

  16. I was drinking ginger tea 3 times a day and it healed my decay and cavities ? I was so happy with my results and I no longer have to go to the dentist ?

  17. Lol great! My teeth are horrible!!! 13 years of pure heroin addiction took precedence over brushing. Clean from drugs, forgiven for sin, & now time to get my teef sum love before its just a toof…

  18. Is amaizing but in "first word" country are idiot people talking stupid things without any scientific base like if know something about oral health.

  19. Tooth #29 did not need root canal therapy before you did oil pulling. The decay was not even half way through the dentin, that’s why you were able to place a restoration.

  20. look folks first you should have your mouth and cavities evaluated by a dentist before following any oil pulling etc advice.

  21. I’m a dentist. You made two accurate claims: The first is that very early enamel decalcification can remineralize if the conditions are perfect. Second is that a vital and healthy pulp can lay down new dentin. Teeth are acellular. Once the decay has moved into the dentin, the tooth has ZERO capacity to heal itself. You MAY be able to slow it down by avoiding sugar and starches as well as religious oral hygiene, but eventually it WILL cause trouble.
    As for the root canal issue, if the pulp dies, you WILL get an abscess. It may not hurt for a year or more, but the abscess will slowly get worse until you have to treat it.
    Bottom line is prevention. Once the damage is done, it’s done.

  22. Ok lady! Clearly you’re STILL on drugs! Painkillers dry your mouth, there’s NO saliva !
    Second , if your dentist started your root canal, means he removed the nerve which is the source of pain! ITS NOT THAT YOUR GLORIOUS BODY HEALED BC YOURE FEEDING YOIRSEL WITH OILS OR WHAT YOU CONSEDR A HEALTHY DIET!
    Pain will go away, but at some point you’ll wake up with a swollen face due to an abscess .
    Instead of MISINFORMING people, stop doing drugs, and properly research this topic! Don’t confuse a dentists education with your own assumptions

  23. Thank you for sharing this video… I've been having issues with an infection/bacteria in my gum and had a DNA test done and I was borderline on some of the bad bacteria in my gum.. on my left side near my rear molar. Despite brushing and flossing and mouth washing frequently * 2 times a day , it hasn't subsided. I will try the colloidal silver and hope that helps wipe out this bacteria in my gums once and for all. My dentist wants to pull the tooth and give me an implant… I don't want to do this. I don't trust implants and feel its not necessary and feel I can beat this thing naturally.. I hope. Peace and Love!

  24. My assistants husband is the Porsche dealer in the region I live .
    He told me that 80% of his customers are dentists or doctors…no doubt a coincidence I am sure. Not.

  25. Your teeth roots have a pump and electrical currents that send blood and mesgs to other parts of your body – they are like acupressure points and Leigh lines you need to not deaden the roots. Most ppl w root canals or infected teeth get macular degeneration later after root canals on the same side , that's what I heard and it makes sense your body is like a grid of energy and connections

  26. ppl in the comments that are dental professionals we don’t care. they dont train u to HEAL. they teach u to fill n pull shit out prescribe drugs n push fluoride there are ppl everywhere that are healing their teeth n many holistic dental professionals that will agree with that she’s saying diet, phosphorus, vit D and calcium make a world of a difference and colloidal silver n oil pulling works wonders. Do your research ppl don’t walk blindly into the shit they push.

  27. Garlic mouth wash. Open capsule empty powder into the mouth swish it around for 5 minutes. Good for toothache and canker sore. Better then salt water, Yet salt water good rinse.

  28. If you have pain and need a root canal-go to Walmart and purchase a 300 Watt Chicken Coup light, also purchase a 250 Watt Red infrared light. These lights you purchase at Walmart are considered near-infrared light in the correct wavelengths for healing. Put the light in the area of your face where your gum or tooth is hurting. It will kill all bacteria in your gums and roots of teeth. I use it daily on my gumline daily and never have any problems with my gums or my teeth anymore. Be sure to use the protector on the light so that you don't burn your skin. Google Near Infrared Lamp and it will give you other ideas as to how Infrared lamps can help you in your overall health. Hope this helps. 🙂

  29. I have good info for you today since i have the proof you can avoid root canal and keep your tooth with simple oregano oil, i went to the dentist today and they took radiography of the tooth that have abscess and no more abscess completely gone so yes it's work but you have to repeat the oregano application twice weekly but it's a lot better than losing it or to get rob of 500$ for a root canal.

  30. Is inflamed toot dead tooth as they say? Or are there inflamed tooth that are only just started to inflame and are reversible if acted upon immediately (hygiene, oil pulling, essential oils, minerals and no sugar, carbonated beverages, hot drinks). Is there a possibility to halt the progress if it has just started (with tooth pain being the most obvious symptom and low tolerance for hot drinks). This tooth has no cavities.

  31. Confirmation bias will always be lucrative, while bullshit always remains free. You are personally responsible for every soul that winds up with a life-threatening canine space infection because they took medical advice from a Youtube personality.

  32. KEEP UR BODY'S PH ALKALINE! i have so many holes for many years cause no money, and old holes as well+ lots of ercuray fillings. Keeping body alkaline= no pain and no progress of decays. When i eat anything sugarys or acidic(fruit too, almost half of us are fructose intolerant and its the major cause for our acidic PH and stomach problems!) i get instant tooth pains. If i dont, i can go jsut fine with no problems. Also MILK IS NOT HEALTHY. It makes ur body insanely acidic and its the main cause for all pains, arthritis, stiffness, stomach and intestines problems, as well as cancer causing. Milk is for babies, of the same species, end of story.

  33. Mexicans eat corn and other grains with almost every meal….and they have been eating grains for thousands of years. Almost every Mexican person i know that is older than 100 have almost all their teeth.

  34. Hello guys, I would like to add my two cents!
    If you have wisdom teeth growing in, this may be the cause of your tooth decaying to the point of needing a root canal.
    I went to the dentist a year plus ago, and they said my wisdom teeth were coming in crooked. They didn't tell me what this could cause though. I guess they expected me to come back. But I didn't because I had no money. I was in college facing lots of debt and I put being financially straight over my health.
    Anyways, I reasoned that I could heal it naturally after all the videos and info I found on the internet. Sadly that didn't happen, and a year and two months later, my tooth started hurting everyday, and swishing with oil and salt water wasn't helping anymore. Calcium and Vitamin D supplements didn't help. Why? Because the wisdom teeth was sitting on top of my molar and making it very hard to clean over there. So I had to go to the dentist. And they told me that I need a root canal AND wisdom teeth extraction.
    I agree wholeheartedly with this smart lady when she says still go to the dentist. After all, a scan and consultation is free! (At some places) I stopped going for over a year and that's why I need a root canal instead of filling. 🙁
    The sad part is that it had already happened to the other side of my mouth, but the connection was not made by me or the dentist. Maybe because my mom switched dentists due to financial reasons. Back then I thought it was because of my vegan diet and not taking care of my teeth well enough.

  35. Yikes! I take pain killers but not extremely frequently that scares me! My stupid dentist said baking soda is bad for my teeth.

  36. I need quick advice I been told RC but I feel pain only if I take cold drinks . How can I stop further decay of teeth ?

  37. I love the humor in your video!! I laughed so hard when you said you quit drugs 20 years ago and suddenly a mans voice of doubt chimed in ?

  38. I live in Norway ?? here the dentist told my daughter that the teeth can heal itself. As long as you are good with oral Norway the dental care is free as long as you are under 18

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