How I HEALED from STENOSIS – Naturally! – part 2

(upbeat guitar music) – Hi everyone, it’s Glory, and
I’m back for a quick, shorter version of my how I healed
my stenosis naturally video. Some people say they can’t hear
me, other people can hear me if they stick around
and listen long enough. So, let me do a quick rundown. I’ve had a lot of people reach
out to me for the article by Dr. Debra Katchen about
the homeopathic remedy that she uses with her
spinal stenosis patients. Now, I have what’s called
foraminal stenosis. Suddenly one day I had pain
in 2014, it didn’t go away, I went to the doctor, specialist, and he prescribed six weeks
of physical therapy of course, and I’ve been to this physical
therapist who’s fantastic, but I still had pain after
six weeks so they had the MRI, and that’s where I got the diagnosis. In spinal stenosis, the stenosis
is in the spinal column, and it’s usually pieces of
bony growth that are growing, that have grown, uh, inside the spine. So then the nerve runs inside of that, and it gets impinged
or partially impinged, and that’s where you get the pain. And I’ve heard spinal stenosis is even more painful than what I have. In foraminal stenosis,
think about about the spine, and then there are all kinds
of nerves coming out the sides. So on me, it’s in the
lower part of the spine on my right, with this, it’s this side. And so, some of the nerves
are slightly impinged on the side coming out, but we didn’t know if there was any bony growth in there. Because the homeopathic
treatment that a friend of mine who’s a chiropractor
sent me an article about when I was still in pain,
and about the time I was finishing going to physical therapy but just doing the exercises at home, you know at first I thought, yeah right, homeopathy, I’m not gonna do that. But then I printed out the article and I read it, and I thought, oh my gosh. This is an MD who figured
out from some other studies that had been done to help
cattle, or maybe it was cows, and she figured out what two homeopathic ingredients fit this. So, if you would like
a copy of the article, it’s not available online,
but I will e-mail it to you. And if you click the
description box below the video, at this time in YouTube
you click show more, and you open up the description
box below the video, and my e-mail address will be there. If you e-mail me and ask for the article about spinal stenosis
by Dr. Debra Katchen, I will send that to you by e-mail. And I suggest that you print it out, like I did way back then, and take notes. You can see I’ve taken
notes, and I’ve highlighted. And also, I wanna tell you
that the two products used, I’m gonna tell you about them right now, but also I have links to them
in the description box below. So hopefully those links still work by the time you see
this, ’cause sometimes, I think I found them on Amazon,
and sometimes Amazon sellers and the fulfillment come and go. So, the first thing is
something called Hekla lava. I bought it from this company, hang on, I gotta tell you the name. From Boiron, B O I R O N. And it’s the 30c. And they’re just these
little, tiny, white pellets. They look like candy. And you don’t touch them,
you actually twist this, and a little pellet falls in here, and then you open up the cap,
and then what you’re gonna do is get a jar that fits at
least six ounces of water. Now, I bought this jar at a craft store, like a Michael’s, or a
Joann’s, or Hobby Lobby. And you put in six ounces of, I use filtered water, clean water. I dump the little one pellet
into here, I put the top on, and I put in the refrigerator,
and it dissolves overnight. And I take one teaspoon of this liquid in the morning, and in the evening. So the thing is, I haven’t
had to travel for business since I’ve been doing this, which is good. Yeah, so. (laughs) The thing is, you need to
take it morning and evening, and it has to be refrigerated, so good luck getting on a plane with that. You just have to start
over and make another one wherever you’re going, I guess
if you’re taking a plane. And the thing is, I haven’t
had to replenish this, ’cause the six ounces of water, taking one teaspoon a day
lasts for a long time. When it runs out, I clean the jar, scrub it out with hot water
and soap, I rinse it out, I dry it, I put in another
six ounces of water, and another pellet, put
it in the refrigerator, and within a few hours it’ll be dissolved, and I can start all over again. So this is gonna last me a long time. I still have a lot of pellets in here. Now the second thing that
she has us take is something, I gotta tell you the, ’cause they always go by this short name. Uh, it’s called, oh, I’m
gonna butcher the name. Calcarea fluorica 6X, but it goes by Calc Fluor, again, listed in the
description box below. I buy this brand from Hyland’s, and it’s the number one,
as you can see on here. So Calc Fluor 6X, the number
one, and I take four of these. They’re tiny little pellets. And they look like this,
that’s how small they are. And you put them under your tongue, and they dissolve within ten seconds. And because I take some other
supplements every morning, I use a pillbox, a weekly pillbox. I put all my supplements in here, including the four Calc Fluor. And it’s the last supplement I take out of all of them I take. Like I said, put ’em under your tongue, they’re tasteless or sweet. I don’t know what they are,
but they’re not bitter. They dissolve. So let me tell you the timeframe so you can have some hope. (laughs) Plus, like I said, we didn’t
know if this would work, and I e-mailed Dr. Katchen,
’cause her e-mail address was available, and she didn’t reply. But then my friend Dr. Denise
Shostak who’s also into homeopathy called her and
Dr. Katchen called her back. And Denise said, I have this patient, she has foraminal stenosis,
not spinal stenosis, do you think this treatment
will work for her. And Dr. Katchen said, mmm, I don’t know, it depends on if she has the bony growth. But when you read this article, she’s gonna tell ’bout
several of her patients who at the time she had
written this article had spinal stenosis,
they did this treatment. Some of them were immobile,
they couldn’t even leave the house because
they were in so much pain, and the treatment worked for them. So let me tell you the timeframe of mine. So the pain started in June,
I went to the doctor mid-July, I started physical therapy
in July, late July. This is all in 2014. By October, I was gonna
be finishing up going to physical therapy, but I’d
do the exercises everyday. I still do, I have to do them for the rest of my life, and that’s okay. But I was still in quite a bit of pain. I mean, to the point where it would just, it would be my turn to talk somewhere in a meeting or something,
and I would just go, like that, because I would have the nerves going down my leg, and ugh. So, that was still happening in October, and this is when I started
the homeopathic treatment, these two ingredients, October 2014. Okay, so keep that in your mind, it was toward the end of the month. And it was so cheap, which you’ll see when you check the prices
of these two products. I thought, I have nothing to lose except a few dollars,
so I’m just gonna do it. And I’m not even gonna
judge it ’til April, so I’m get about a minimum of six months. And I will tell you, by February, so October to February,
I was feeling better. Not 100%, but I was having
days where I didn’t have pain. Maybe had a little
pressure, but not the pain. And by April, I was
feeling so much better, and by that time, that was into 2015, I would say I had no pain. Sometimes I get the pressure. Even yesterday, a little bit of pressure in my lower back where
the foraminal stenosis is. But it’s just pressure, it’s not pain. So between the exercise, exercises, and this homeopathic treatment,
it really worked for me. And I think if you have spinal stenosis, and you ask me for this article, and you print it out and
read it, and you go over it, you’re gonna realize
you have nothing to lose by trying this, other than a few dollars. And I would say give it
a minimum of six months, and see where you do. Now I still take this,
I asked Dr. Shostak, you know, should I still keep taking ’em. I’m afraid to stop, because we don’t know, you know, the people
with the spinal stenosis in Dr. Katchen’s article stop taking it, ’cause the bony growth went away. But on me, we don’t
know, so someday I might experiment with that, but I’m afraid. So it doesn’t cost me that
much to keep taking it, and the only thing I’ve
had to repurchase was this. I buy the bottle with 500,
’cause I’m taking four a day. All right, so send me an
e-mail if you want the article. Give it a try. Now, the other thing I
wanna tell you is that I was measured recently for height, and I gained a half inch in height, which is unheard of at my age. So if you’d like to check that out, click the image on the
right side of your screen to check out that video,
and I also have one on the four pelvic correction exercises that I was given by my physical therapist. Thanks for watching, bye.

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  1. Okay, I can now officially say that this worked for me! I started the Hekla Lava & Calc. Fluor. on March 1, 2017. It took about 4 months till I could confidently say, It works!" Yes, I am still taking it because I do still have twinges of pain, but nothing like before. Glory, thank you so much for sharing this!!

  2. serrapeptase is an anti-inflammatory supplement that is called "the miracle enzyme" and has helped so many minimize their pain levels. So many utube testimonies and awesome reviews on amazon, iherb and other vitamin sites. Right now I'm taking it for MS pain and also my lower back pain. I feel after about a month that my quality of life is returning. Seriously a miracle.

  3. Spinal stenosis is not only about bone narrowing. Sometimes the ligamentum flavum has an hypertrophy episode, which makes the space at the spinal canal worse than bone spinal stenosis. I am only 23 and had the ligamentum flavum removed due to a massive hypertrophy. Way better. I don't get it why people are afraid of simple surgery.

  4. Hello there,

    Thanks for being helpful for the people who really need it, it would be really great if you can share the article with me i have sent you an email on the mentioned email address, lots of love from INDIA

  5. Thank you. I really like your presentations. I hope it will work for me, too.
    I can not figure out where to send for the article. Could you please help me with that?
    Thank you, Jinjer.

  6. hi linda, … 3 months ago I was diagnosed with stenosis and I have suffered a lot of pain. My email is,… and I am very interested in your information to start my treatment because I am not a candidate for surgery, … please I ask you to help me. Thank you.

  7. Well I’m about to try this out thank u for posting this video seems I have herniated disks & spinal stenosis but just recently found out due to insurance not wanting to cover the mri …. had been struggling for years they kept telling me proper body mechanics & wanted to give me pain meds which I declined I tried homeopathic remedies which helped some better than a cortisone shot I got at the ER in June that left me limp.. seems health care prefers pain management instead of finding out what was wrong left after the mri months later & a change in prescription with too many side effects back in physical therapy.. all could have been avoided & less guess work with a simple mri ??‍♀️at least now I know what’s wrong instead of guessing I refuse the surgery or more shots especially in my spine.. last one in arm left my leg numb to this day ?? this helps the homeopathic remedies I took before turmeric etc did help some but not completely I need to get back to work & take care of my youngest boys with less pain & hassle ? this is limiting my mobility

  8. Thank you for this. I too suffer from severe neural foraminal stenosis. I do honestly wished you cut out some of the less relevant portion of your video and maybe offered some explanation as to how it works. Because after watching all 10:32 of your video, I have no idea at all: does it widen vertebrae or increase disc height? Or does it remove or trim actual bone spurs? Does it reduce inflammation of the ligamenta flava or strengthen the health of discs? I don't know. And if it does, how does it do it? I know water molecules are important but people suffering pain need a bit more than "it's so cheap, so just try it."

  9. I wonder why your homeopathic practitioner doesn't use Boiron for the Calc. Flor? And why not use 6c? I know it's a little stronger. But wonder if it would work faster?

  10. I would like to thank you for this life saving video, I am much much better now. Thank God. Mine took a bit longer, But i continue since it was showing improvement. I would say the pain , numbness and tingling, those funny feeling are getting much much lesser. I would say that at time i hardly notice the pain at all. I will continue, maybe mine is more serious so it take time. Anyway i can said the worse is over for me. Thank for sharing, ever grateful to you.

  11. Hi Glory, can you tell me what is the strongest strength of Hekla lava? I just bought the 6 c, is that stronger than 30 c??

  12. Here is the link to the article online.

  13. Hi there,
    I can't seem to find the link for your email in your video. Would you mind posting your email address here so I can send you a message and get the article? Thank you 🙂

  14. Looking forward to trying the protocol – The article that Glory is referring to can be found here

  15. Thanks for the video and the info you shared. I recently was diagnosed with severe spinal stenosis is my neck which affects the right side of my upper body. Arm, shoulders and fingers. Would you recommend the same treatment for stenosis in the neck as well as the back? Looking into all options other than neck surgery. Thanks again for the video.

  16. Dr. Debra Katchen , Aging Spines Feel Young Again! google and find this article written by Katchen. She talks about using the Helka Lava and Calcarea fluorica 6X,

  17. Hello, I read the article in the link and she says she prescribed the Hekla Lava twice a day and on the bottle it says nothing about dissolving it in water and taking just a teaspoon. It says 5 pellets 3 times a day. Where did you get the information on dissolving 1 in water? Thanks

  18. I've had chronic back pain for 24 years and the x Ray showed calcification of one of the discs. I'm looking for something to dissolve it so I'm just wondering if this would work.

  19. It is mind boggling about the doubts I read about in the comment section below.

    I know you have to be shaking your head (nearly off)!

    To the people who watched this video and criticized especially without giving it a shot,
    WHAT IN THE H-E- "Double hockey sticks" DO YOU HAVE TO LOSE???!!!
    It's inexpensive and easy.
    If it doesn't work, it doesn't work!
    But wasting precious time wondering if it does or doesn't is nuts.

    If it doesn't, you've lost nothing.
    Some may argue, "Well, I've lost hope!"
    Well if hope brought you this far, you have more hope than you give yourself credit for.
    Thanx for both videos on this remedy.
    You're a GODsend.

    For those that dismiss this info given by a woman who is giving of her own free time.
    Not to get too Biblical
    2Kings 5:9-14

  20. Did any one experienced side effects after taking those 2 products. Im a big believer in alternative med . i research the treatment and the use of the 2 products online and i found many articles supporting this treatment using the two products. So I immediately order them I started using them as Gloria described, but a few days later my blood pressure was extremely high and my heart rate was above 105 resting, keep in mind that my blood pressure is always normal. I stopped using the two products and my blood pressure
    and heart rate dropped to normal.
    I really had high hopes this treatment as I am in great pain from spinal stenosis.
    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

  21. I will start this as soon as I receive the article . I just emailed you . Thank you so much !!!!! ❤️ both of my parents have Spinal . I believe this is my problem also.

  22. Hi, Thanks so much for the info.My recent MRI showed cervical stenosis. I do have a question but am confused on how the Heckla solves the issue when it caused so many issues with the animals so its confusing how it works.

  23. I'm just finding this, after EIGHT years of misery! I will give it a try, stepping out in faith. And I will thank you, even before I start the treatment!!
    Best things I can do for YOU, is to tell you these things: Lecithin caps, 1200mgX6/day to clean out your arteries. See Lynncapehartwellness blog #6 on heart attacks. Also, the amino acid L-Lysine will keep colds and flu and herpanges (cold sores) away if taken EVERYDAY, forever.
    Best of all: Jesus saves. Repent and believe on him and ask him to forgive you and save you. You will be SO glad!!

  24. Glad I found here video did some more work to help explain the process , I was just diagnosed today wish me luck as I recover

  25. thank you very much for sharing this to the world, i just suffered for Lumbar spinal ( foramina ) Stenosis since Feb 19, i have started to used Hekla lava and Ccalcarea Fluorica as per your suggestion since about 1 of April 2019 , i will report back the results.

  26. I was Dx'd with a debilitating central cervical stenosis, likely from trauma I received 30 yrs prior. I watched the video and thought, "what do I have to lose?". I started the homeopathic protocol Aug/Sept 2018. The healing I have received is nothing short of miraculous. I plan on getting a follow-up MRI this fall to confirm what I already know… I am so very grateful to you – thank you for sharing this remarkable homeopathic cure. I am pain free, physically able and grateful beyond words. 🙂

  27. Do you think it can interferes with other medications? Can it be taken with other prescribes medicines? Other thing, I think all medication should be stopped after 21 days of taken, because the body regenerates itself after 21 days. If you keep taking the medicine, the body could get used to and then the medicine will not do its job as the first time. And this is for all medicines including vitamins.

  28. I have lateral spinal stenosis since 2012 with numbness in left leg. MRI shows narrowing in L5/S1 on my lumber spine. Can anyone tell me where I can order these ingredients? I am from Australia. Thanks a lot!

  29. @ Mohammad Sabir – yes, I am speaking the truth. I am pain free and physically able. I feel a little arthritic when I over exert, but I rest/stretch, use my LaserTouch One and I am fine. I also use a denneroll to help maintain my cervical curve. I will be getting a follow up MRI in the fall (this will be just over a year since starting the homeopathic remedy). I have no problem sharing my results – stay tuned.

  30. I have L4/L5 Foraminal Stenosis, which means the nerves into the legs are being impinged, making walking both weak and painful. When nerves are impinged, the leg muscles do not get enough electrical stimulation and tend to knot up, and that is where most if not all of my pain comes from. I am finding that using TheraWorx during the treatment period is quite helpful for me in reducing that leg muscle pain. I also have a sneaking suspicion that taking bone broth along with Dr. Axe's multi-collagen with 1/2 teaspoon or so of diatomaceous earth, SMALL amounts of manganese (2.5mg), large amounts of vitamin C (3k+, if able) to help build collagen. These are all from Internet essays; but easily accomplished.

  31. i have both….. arthritis from the neck has 4 bad, middle of the back is pretty serious, one bulging, lower which i had surgery for 5 of them, and then the serious debilitating lower, worst kind of stenosis when its so bad now, i can barely sit and standing is so much pressure! trying to treat CANCER too! cancer almost gone naturally now. yea! but lost at spinal arthritis killing me more than cancer ever was. I hate having to do surgery although the last one was successful… like to try to do it by healing it, not surgery that does not heal. Will for sure try this first. will keep updated…………….. wish she would talk of her diet, what she eats, and other vitamins,, cause all these things to play a role as well.

  32. found these in different amounts too. Plus, some LOOK like these, yet are totally different things, so read carefully what you're buying to make sure its same thing.

  33. forgot, like many herbals and enemies, are not always meant for those pregnant or breastfeeding, ask a healthcare practitioner before use if that's the case too.. Keep out of reach of children.  🙂 I just ordered…. Also spine has a very hard getting its nutrients. I have learned that much. Movement helps to get blood to the spine. I am sure that doing the exercises with this makes a big difference too, assisting these to get to the spinal area.

  34. GloryB-TV thank you for sharing this! Because the products are so cheap, would higher doses produce results faster? Hekla Lava 200c and Calc Fluor 30x and say 10 pellets of the Hekla Lava and more of the Calc Fluor, for example.

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