1. I could barely hear you. Sorry. The sound from your microphone is intermittent & doesn't capture your voice consistently. The background sounds conflict with your voice. Thanks for listing the products that worked, as it was futile to continue watching. Great info.

  2. Cannot watch/listen, it is unclear. I hope you can re-make this video inside a quiet room with how you healed from stenosis naturally.

  3. I appreciate your effort to reach out to anyone who suffers from Spinal Stenosis…thank you for sharing this!!!

  4. I would like the article by Dr. Captions about the homeopathic treatment for stenosis but can't figure out how to get it.

  5. Too much noise in the background and could not hear very well. Glad to know homeopathic treatment worked. I have both spinal canal stenosis and severe right foraminal stenosis. The pain the keg from the thigh is unbearable .

  6. Well I'm deaf and I used the CC LOL. I'm going to try this. Not a 100% sure I have this form of sciatic but yes I have ask the symptoms. I also can't walk far and the pain is well breath taking! Thank you for sharing.

  7. i healed from spinal stenosis/arthritis after having it for 6 months with devil's claw (anti- inflammatory, for back pain) and omega 3. I took 10 rounds of antibiotics and had a laparoscopy. nothing helped. then I started these two pills- gone within 3 weeks.

  8. You misunderstood my question I'm not talking about heka lava I have bought calcarea fluorica 30c if you called for 4 tabs of 6x how many tabs would I take of 30c strength of calcarea fluorica all the health store had was 30c so I bought that until 6x strength came in

  9. What you're talking about is symptom control of pain. I have spinal stenosis to the point where I'm bent over and side bending left due to massive muscle spasm. I don't think there's any pill that can solve my problem for that.

  10. Wi would have like to hear your thoughts but the noise from the wind in your mike makes it impossible. Very disappointing!

  11. Here is the link to the article online.

  12. How long do you need to take this for? Is it permanent? I have been in pain for 2 months and have seen my doctor 3 times, had one x-ray, and now I am seeing a Chiropractor and not much helping.

  13. It never ceases to amaze me how people can be rude to the very person they need help from. Thank you for sharing your information. Video was fine. 🙂

  14. Yep you dont need pain meds. You dont even have spinal stenosis. Try working a 12 hr shift with pain and you cant get disability because your not losing bladder function yet or using a Walker. What if sitting too long hurts? You still have to work. I'm glad your pain went away. But if you didnt have spinal stenosis why share? I have tried all the remedies and still do with tramadol. I take turmeric, drink water go to the chiropractor. Yep I still get pain early in the morning. 3am. I take 4 ibuprofen because I cant take more than two tramadol a day. I refuse injection. It will really cripple you fast. Steroids are poison to any human.

  15. Spinal stenosis is essentially a degeneration of the spinal cord and the only effective way to cure it is via surgery to widen the area of the spine affected, to release pressure on the compressed nerve. Supplements and creams can only relieve the discomfort, but not cure the problem.

  16. I am suffering from lumbar spinal stenosis for some time now. I even had surgery done in Dec 2017. End of last year, a week after Thanksgiving, I have had a major relapse. I am going through the conventional approach to manage my pain now. After seeing your video couple of weeks ago, I bought the hekla lava by Boiron and Hyland's Calc fluor 6X from Amazon. When I put the Kekla lava in the water, it would not dissolve when I kept stirring it. I finally took out the tiny tablet and pressed it down in between 2 spoons. Is this ok to do?

  17. God d…, anyone notice the guy spraying and spreading either fertilizer or some kind of herbicide or pesticide in the background? These people have absolutely no respect for the health of others. Jeeeeeezzz

  18. You can get spinal stenosis in the hip nerve channel(s), where the nerves go down into the legs. Trust me. I know. Eight years worth. One surgery. Joke. Four more years. MRI is a torture chamber, especially an hour's worth. Lady, you just need to get to the point. We've all been through all this that you are going through! We already know this stuff! Injections are a joke. My ears ring constantly! Ice on the hurting muscles is helpful.
    Thank you for taking your time to do this! And God bless. Silver and gold have I none; but I have the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Repent. Ask Jesus to forgive your sins, believing that He is the perfect, crucified, resurrected Son of God and Lord of the universe!. Time is running out. Choose Life. Choose Jesus, if you haven't done so already! Cheers!

  19. Thank you so much for this information. I plan on buying both products as soon as I can. God bless you.

  20. This is a fake video. People will be paralyzed if they will follow it. It has pure commercial interest.

  21. Well I'm here to tell you you didn't have spinal stenosis it is only cured by surgery you cant make bone growth in Scar Tissue disappear without surgery and I think you need a better doctor and insurance company

  22. she did not say if she has other health conditions…… NOR the type of food diet or what kind of foods she takes or other vitamins and such she normally takes….. all these things also play a role in healing too. If one is not on a healthy diet but eats much in raw foods, that also plays a big part……. Still other than wind messing up part of the video… i just put capture so i could read it also while you spoke and no problem with sound that way! 🙂 great job and let us know more. I have had a few surgeries and looking for a natural treatment for more serious type. I know they work because I have rid myself naturally of fibromyalgia, colitis, and cancer. So, i know they work. Stay away from pain killers! Stay away from extra RX! try to go to as much raw natural foods as possible. makes a big difference too! have to get lots of raw fiber food in for arthritis or any curing capabilities, along with 2-3 drops of oral purest "ingested approved" frankincense essential oil. I know that much for best results. I will have to try what you have done too and see if this helps.

  23. I missed the connection for receiving the copy of the letter. Please someone, share that with me. My pain is severe like hers – spinal stenosis.

  24. I watched the video again and still not sure that I got the missing information. Please send me a copy of the article by Dr. S. (I think it started with S, but I missed the name. I have very painful spinal stenosis, waiting to have an MRI but really want to try the natural method.

  25. I clicked on the link to the exercises but it only played for a few seconds. I turned my phone off and on and still couldn't view it. Any suggestions?

  26. Walking cane and moderation is the solution in my country with most of these cases. Medically speaking you don’t ‘heal’ stenosis, you just manage it or it was never true stenosis.

  27. I think to many of the "no cure for this" comments are from people who are only relying on what the medical profession is telling them I don't doubt they have done plenty of research but they are not doing enough. Go listen to some of Dr. Wallachs You Tube videos on healing illness… or Ben Fuchs. These are just a couple examples….. there is so much more information out there that might change what you think is impossible to change. Thank you for your video and I didn't have that hard a time hearing you.

  28. Thanks for the information. I would like to read the article you mentioned. I am also a bit surprised you would only advise 1 tiny tablet of Hekia Lava in 6 oz of water. Am I correct on this. Most other advise 4 tabs like 3 times a day. It just seems 1 pill would be a very weak concoction. That said I will try you recommended dose. Thanks again.

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